HEART DESIRE … (18+) … Part 4




***I wasn’t in the mood to work as I kept glancing at my watch hoping that it was almost lunch hour, I didn’t notice that I was starring into space lost in thoughts until Justin shook me

Justin: chill you just zoned out

Me: oh!

Justin: what’s wrong?

Me: I’m not in the mood to be seated behind this table working, I want to confirm my suspicions with Grace

Justin: bro, why bother yourself? This is our company and you don’t have to answer to anyone so why wait till lunch hour?

Me: it’s just that…….

He patted my shoulder

Justin: don’t worry, we’ve got each other’s backs and I’ll handle it in the meantime go and see Grace

I packed my stuff and left the office with Justin then I drove off and stopped by the mall where I got her a flower bouquet and her favourite Strawberry Cheesecake chocolate then I drove to the hospital we got for Lillian where Grace worked. I got there and everyone shifted their attention on me then instantly got busy with work including the ones I found just chatting, others started fidgeting probably because of fear and I caught one nurse who looked at me in admiration then I saw the long queue of patients and I knew I had to make some changes. I walked to Grace’s office and opened the door then some girl who covered her face with a jersey bumped into me, I almost dropped the flowers in my hands because something told me to hold her and her sobs were just heartbreaking. I saw Grace get up ready to kill

Grace: this is exactly what I’m talking about, stay away from my man you worthless b***h

There was something strange about the girl even though I didn’t get the chance to see her face but my heart knew it, I blocked Grace who lifted up her hand to hit her and she managed to find her way out

Grace: let me go, how could you allow that girl to throw herself at you? she’s sick yet you just stand there and entertain her

Me: is that how you treat your patients?

I walked to her desk and dropped what I got for her

Grace: does it really matter how I treat those sick people

She walked to me stamping her feet then hit the table hard

Grace: I even wonder why you let me work when you’ve got everything, it’s not like I need the money coz you treat me right

I looked at her for some time


Me: come with me

Grace: I’m not coming with you anywhere not until we talk about this, I don’t want to work, I never asked you to employ me, you don’t want to spend on me YOU’RE THE WORST FIANCÉ THERE EVER HAS BEEN

Me: thank you now come with me

She shook her head in disbelief and approached me then I held her hand and led her away, everyone thought we were the “perfect couple” not really knowing what went on between us behind closed doors. We got to one doctor I knew from grandma and I trusted her with my life

Dr: Mr Smith

Me: doc

We shook hands

Grace: are you two……..

I interrupted her

Me: doc, we’re in need of help

Dr: yes anything for you Mr Smith

Grace: no this isn’t happening…….

Me: we want to test if we’re pregnant

I said pointing at Grace and I and I could tell that she couldn’t believe what was happening, the doctor showed her the way and she followed without causing any trouble….the test was done and it happened that she was 7 weeks pregnant. We went to her office and she packed her belongings and I drove her to her house

Grace: where are we going to?

Me: to your house, I’ll find you a replacement

Grace: huh?

Me: you’ll no longer be working

Grace: yes that’s what you should have done long back

Me: I didn’t know that I was stressing you out by employing you but I thought you wouldn’t want to be locked up in the house as a housewife while you had a degree. I’m sorry but I meant well

Grace: it’s okay I understand so does that mean you’re going to take care of me?

Me: what do you mean coz I always take care of you?

Grace: I mean will you always be with me?

Me: you know that I’ve got to work but I’ll try by all means to stay with you whenever I can


She lashed out

Me: what now?

Grace: that’s the problem with you, you never have time for me and always busy with work or prostitutes if I’m not mistaken


I parked the car on the side of the road and she got out banging the door then I saw her get a taxi, I tried calming myself down then I started driving again while listening to loud music. I saw a girl walking by the side of the road dressed in a familiar outfit, a long black dress and red shoes

“The girl from the hospital!”

I said and stopped the car….


***I knew that my face was messed up from all the crying but I still didn’t get why I decided to use a very busy road, what I was told back at the hospital really hurt me coz I expected her to be all friendly and talk about living positively but she made me feel less of myself.

“My life is really a mess, I’ll be a wife to someone who was exactly twice my age and it’s obvious that his wife will kill me that’s why I can’t continue living anymore coz I just cause people pain”

I was lost in thoughts not minding the busy surrounding and my tears just flowed freely. There was a black car parked ahead of me that kept on hooting but I paid no attention to it until I got closer to it and a tall, slim man with coloured skin got out of it and called out for me

“Don’t talk to strangers Blessings”

Something inside of me said but my feet failed me as I found myself slowly walking to him until I got to where he was and I felt strange things like running out of breath and my stomach behaved in a funny and I guessed that was what they meant when they said “butterflies in my stomach”. I couldn’t help but admire the creature that was standing in front of me who looked amazing with his black curly hair and trimmed beards, I felt like I’d heard his voice and cologne from somewhere…..

Man: are you the lady from the hospital?

Me: umm…..ye….yes?

Man: oh! So you’re the mysterious lady who bumped into me?

Me: I’m really sorry Sir, I didn’t meant to

I was halfway getting on my knees but he held me

Man: No there’s absolutely no need for that….. I’m Thomas…. Thomas Musonda

He said with his British accent which left me wondering how he had a Bemba surname and I found myself sweating in my Palmer which seemed awkward

Me: Blessings Mwango

We shook hands

Thomas: you’re heading my direction?

I nodded

Thomas: I can give you a ride

Me: No thank you, I’m almost home

He looked at me questioningly because we were in town and the houses were a kilometer away and I felt ashamed for the lie I told

Thomas: don’t worry, I won’t harm you

He opened the door for me and I found myself looking all over it with a dropped jaw not believing how cosy it was in there, he later went in and drove off after I gave him the location of where I was going to and it was quiet afterwards until he broke the silence

Thomas: I’m sorry for what that lady said to you earlier

Me: oh!

Thomas: yeah I know that she might have done some hurtful things to you

Me: it’s fine I’ve forgiven her

I faked a smile

He kept on asking about me and I felt safe for some reason, he asked where he could find me the next time he wanted us to meet and I gave him the directions to where I sold fritters and he said he’d visit me there the following day……we finally had to depart and I was surprised to see him holding the packet of pills I’d folded in my jersey, I didn’t ask him to return them because I didn’t have the courage.

I walked home and found Mary and Kabwe in the living room watching TV and they both laughed when I passed but ignored them and went to my bedroom where I tried lying down until someone shook me roughly and I turned to find Kabwe patting her foot while folding her arms

Me: what is it?

Kabwe: Blessings, I’m hungry I haven’t had anything since morning

Me: and why is that coz I can see that the house is full

Kabwe: stop asking me useless questions and get me something to eat

I looked at the figure standing like it had just dropped from heaven standing there and I just shook my head coz she was my age mate and couldn’t cook then I got up and dragged myself to the kitchen. I was almost done when grandma walked in with her daughter who happened to be Mary’s mother, she hated me with passion and she was a primary school teacher, all of grandma’s children had passed away year after year leaving her with only Mary’s mother and a son who was a drunkard.

M.Mom: mom, this infected animal is still here?

Grandma:risks.she’s got nowhere to go except for when Bwalya

M.mom: I’m not staying here any longer and you even let her handle food in the kitchen, I’m taking my daughter with me I’m not taking any risks…

To be continued…


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