FINAL: HEART DESIRE … (18+) … Part 24




***Blessings opened her eyes and was tied to a bed, she tried to move but couldn’t and she looked around for her son who was also nowhere to be seen and she kept on trying to move until one man walked in to check on her

“Please let me go, I’m begging you”

She pleaded and the man just shook his head while smiling and turned to leave

“I promise to pay you double the amount you’re being paid by whoever is behind all this”

She continued then he turned and gave it a deep thought, he just started approaching her when the door swung open and in went an enormous black man with tattoos all over his arms, three men and Mary holding the baby causing Blessings to freak out

“So that jerk Thomas has got such a beautiful wife, I could make very good use of her”

The man said in a deep and scary voice while running his fingers in Blessings hair

“Mary how could you? I always knew that you hate me but for you to do such a thing is just inhuman”


She yelled at her and one of the guys later brought them a bottle of wine and left, Mary took a seat and Thomas began to cry when she was pouring herself a glass then she frowned

“He must be hungry, poor little thing. I’m your mother from now onwards so I might as well offer you some wine”

She lifted up the glass and Blessings eyes were popped out

“STOP! please Mary don’t do it, I’ll do whatever you want just don’t hurt my baby I’m begging you”

She pleaded with tears running down her cheeks

“Of course girlie your own part is coming, when I have you for my meal and slaughter you like a useless pet”

The man said that to her face sending shivers down her spine

“Bu….but… what wrong have I done to you?”

“My part is revenge, Thomas took the most important thing that belonged to me. Grace left me for that guy and she meant the world to me, he used her while it pained me and later killed her like a stray dog so it’s exactly what I’m going to do to you I’m going to make you feel the slightest pain she ever felt until she died and I’ll have him watch it so he’ll know who to mess with next time”

He showed her the camera in his hands and tears freely fell from her eyes

“….and when you’re out of the equation I’m going to replace you and mother this little brat of yours, I’ll make sure he lives the life you did so you can turn in your grave until I see it fit to end his useless life”

She looked at little Thomas who was sucking on his thumb with the need to be breastfed and hatred was written all over her face




Thomas had a surprise for Blessings so he got home earlier than usual but she wasn’t around and was told by Betty that she went to do her shopping so he waited for her to return until a call came through from Justin and he answered casually

“You already miss me?”

He shrugged his eyebrows while smiling

“Something is not right Thomas”

“Has our merchandise been stolen?”

“I’m at grandma’s and she’s starring into space crying while calling your name and saying she’s been taking”

“Who’s been taken?”

“I don’t know, listen to this”

He approached her and put the phone on loudspeaker and he clearly heard her then he tried making sense out of what she said, he dropped the call and dialled Blessings number just to make sure everyone important to him was safe but it rang unanswered. He tried a couple of times but got the same response and he knew right then that something wasn’t right so he called his IT specialist to begin the search, he paced up and down trying to calm himself down but he failed dismally as he thought of any harm to Blessings and his son. He had just poured himself a drink when Justin came in looking like he’d run a long race

“Her car has been found in Hammarskjold street abandoned”

Justin told him getting nearer

“I swear whoever is behind all this will pay dearly”

“Thomas, you’re too calm for my liking”

He kept quiet and kept searching for nothing in particular in his study until he got up and left then passed by Betty’s bedroom but stopped on his tracks then went in to tell her to prepare Justin something light to eat. He opened the door and she was counting huge sums of money while other were scattered on her bed, she began trembling and dropped the money she was holding. Thomas approached her and couldn’t believe his eyes

“Betty where did you get all this from?”

He asked sternly

“I….I…am actually keeping it for a friend”

She said with a shaking voice

“Look at me”

She did

“Do you see a fool in me?”

“No boss not at all”


He yelled which startled her

“Its the truth”

He pulled out a gun and pointed it at her then Justin walked in right then

“You’re willing to speak now?”

“I’m sorry sir, I was paid to tip some people off on Blessings kidnap”


Thomas asked angrily then hit her cheek with the back of his gun then she fell on the bed

“Calm down Thomas, you wretched fool better pray that nothing happens to her or else you’ll pay with your life. Take her to where she is”

Justin was serious as ever then Betty got up holding her injured cheek then led the way. Justin was driving when a call came through and Thomas got it, it was his IT specialist saying they couldn’t track her….





***I pleaded with Mary to hand my baby to me since he was crying non stop but she just kept yelling at him, I found myself crying and she laughed uncontrollably. The tattooed man shortly came in shirtless with a smirk on his face and I froze, he communicated with Mary using the eyes and she smiled before leaving. He approached me and touched me in inappropriate places. I prayed that all that was happening was a dream, I tried fighting him but it was of no use so I just closed my eyes crying until I heard the door swing open and the look on Thomas’s face was indescribable





***Betty looked freaked out and led us to the place, we locked her in the car then went out and took out the men who were outside then we went in. I was disappointed that there weren’t any other guards inside, I found the girl I saw at Blessings grandma holding Thomas then I indicated for her to stay quiet while Justin took Jr. I went further in after she tipped us off due to fear and found some guy with Blessings, the rage I felt was out of this world he looked at me and I shot him on his head execution style I couldn’t control myself so I continued putting in more bullets on him until I slowly came back to my senses and heard Blessings screaming so I stopped and tightly hugged her after untying her. Justin walked in and made a sign that he’d killed the girl along with Betty because it was what we did to everyone who went against us.


*** My NGO was rated one of the best in the continent and it was because I put in everything I could, people from across the globe wanted to be a part of it and I also wanted to extend it to other parts f the world. I was having a great time with my family including Thomas’s parents, Lillian and I had made peace. It was the most important thing to me being with the people I love and Thomas was next to me and held my hands in his

“You and I have had our ups and downs, fought and made up but we’re still together because the heart wants what it wants and that’s you. You’re my heart desire and I’ll forever love you”

He looked straight in my eyes and I was about to say something when Justin interrupted me

“You’re right in that one bro the heart wants what it wants, right my love?”

He asked Veronica who was seated with him and she just nodded while blushing and everyone laughed……….








Heart Desire was inspired by Tatiana Manaois’s song entitled “Like you”. One has to bring out the best they can because they’ll be no other like you, don’t let that one thing pull you down from achieving what you can. What would have happened to Blessings if she chose to take her life? What would have happened to all the people she helped out?

So it happened that Veronica didn’t end her relationship with Justin, what happened to her afterwards?

We’ll find out in our next story that begins shortly

The next story which is the continuation of “Heart Desire” is titled “FORBIDDEN LOVE”



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