HEART DESIRE … (18+) … Part 22




***Time flies when you’re with the one person you truly love and I couldn’t believe that a year had already passed, Justin and I grew strongly attached to each other, he was all I needed and I could shamelessly say that I loved him but were things going to work out between with a jerk I called my husband standing in our way?

Ours was a forbidden love all because of Mwelwa who I thought was a real man until I married him, I was blinded by the little he earned since I was desperate for a better life and almost everyone my age was married while I did nothing in my mother’s house with a child to take care of not knowing what I was getting myself into.

I began seeing Mwelwa as an excuse of a person and wondered how Sarah managed to survive all those years stuck to him, I never enjoyed our intimacy as I’d fake orgasms since he couldn’t make me reach one and I believed that his ex wife, Sarah was a strong woman not to seek satisfaction elsewhere coz it was a different story with me since I had Justin and we’d already been intimate. He gave me mind blowing orgasms and it made me wonder what was wrong with Mwelwa.

Speaking of Justin, he wanted me so bad that he got to an extent where he got up and wanted to face Mwelwa by telling him the truth

“I can’t stand seeing you around that useless creature anymore, it’s time he maned up and faced the truth coz he’s too dumb to see it. I’m going to tell him about us”

He said looking dead serious and I had to beg him to give me time to do everything right and he calmed down just looking at me and besides that I was afraid of how society would judge me but I couldn’t help it.

My mother in law had become a pain in the neck, she’d visit the house almost everyday in the beginning I understood because Mwelwa was her only son but it was just a habit she had and it would mean for me to get stuck in the house and miss Justin terribly. She was all about me bearing them a male child while she controlled me in my kitchen.

“Ba Mayo when are we expecting a male child in this house? I really have to hold my only son’s male child in my arms before my time arrives. That woman left because she couldn’t bear children so don’t imitate her and make your stay here worth it”

That had become a song she sang to me everyday

“If only she knew how bad her son was in bed she’d keep her mouth closed”

I said to myself and flashed her a smile then she’d tell me how to and not how to prepare a dish snapping me out of my crazy thoughts before she continued preaching on the same issue.




I was on WhatsApp like any other day talking to Justin while Jane sat on the floor with her attention focused in the TV since her favourite cartoons played when Mwelwa returned from work with a bright smile on his face

Good afternoon fam’

He said with so much joy and Jane ran to him throwing herself in his arms and he lifted her up. I just shook my head and continued with what I was doing

Mwelwa: my lovely wife

Me: hey

I said focusing my attention on the phone

Mwelwa: I just got my monthly income so I suggest we go shopping

Jane: yay

I rolled my eyes because I wasn’t in the mood and tried coming up with an excuse before he spoke

Mwelwa: please don’t tell me you have stomach cramps again

I made it a habit to always make up excuses so I couldn’t go out with him because I was now ashamed of being with him for some reason especially that he was weigh older than me

Mwelwa: sweetheart?

I couldn’t come up with anything so I texted Justin saying that I had to go

“Alright my queen take care of yourself and remind your husband that you’ll be mine soon”

He replied and I found myself smiling to that until I felt Mwelwa’s eyes on me and I had to play it cool then I chuckled

Me: Blessings is so crazy, let’s get prepared

I lied and made my way to the bedroom leaving him standing there shocked. I opted for a pair of black jeans, grey shirt and a pair of white sneakers then I left my hair loose since I wasn’t going anywhere fancy to be all dressed up. I went back to the living room and found him with Jane waiting for me and he was grinning like a child who just got candy.

We got to the mall and entered some supermarket, I started asking him what time we were going back home before we even got our first item. He was talking to Jane most of the time since my mind was far away until it clicked that we’d run out of toilet cleaners

“I think we should also get toilet cleaners”

I told him and he smiled at me uncontrollably

“Yes sweetheart let’s go get them, this way princess”

He pushed the trolley with Jane…I collected what I needed and we were about to start going when our eyes landed on someone we never expected to see, it was Sarah pushing a huge trolley with a handsome decent man and the tight dress she wore exposed her baby bump. She was pregnant and I felt Mwelwa freeze while I had a dropped jaw with eyes popped out, she passed us like we never even existed and I shook Mwelwa several times who still couldn’t believe what he saw and he went to pay for the items in silence.

We were home and Mwelwa still didn’t utter a word to anyone, I tried asking what was bothering him but he just looked at me like I wasn’t in my right senses so I let him be since I wasn’t about to start nursing his ego coz I had Justin to talk to….

To be continued…


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