HEART DESIRE … (18+) … Part 21




***Looking at his son connected to some machines Thomas couldn’t help but feel hurt, he looked at Blessings who had been out for almost two weeks and his heart ached. The doctors found nothing wrong with her but an operation had to be carried out to save the child’s life so he could grow from the outside world, Thomas grandma kept insisting on having Blessings discharged and taken to their house since she knew it was a spiritual matter but Thomas could risk leaving his son alone, he was always watching him with a smile that hid his pain and always told him that his mother would return.

“Any news?”

Justin startled him making him snap out from his thoughts

“These jerks just move around her room like they’re helping when they’re just a bunch of ignorant fools. I’m moving her out of this place”

“Just be patient and have a little hope, I’ll assure you she’ll wake up. I know she’s one tough lady considering what she went through at the hands of her wicked grandma”

“What time is grandma coming?”

He asked ignoring what Justin just said because he didn’t want to think of her painful past

“She’ll be here soon with grandpa and some people from the Church”

“I just wish my son is healthy, It doesn’t matter anymore if I’m infected or not as long as Blessings and my son are fine”

He said focusing his eyes on his son

“I’ve been thinking…”

He continued and Justin looked at him attentively

“I want to open up an NGO that supports people living with HIV/AIDS, I have a different perspective towards them thanks to this woman and now I know some truths I never even thought about”


Justin asked curiously

“Not everyone acquires it from prostitution like most people think, others are born with it, they can live normal lives by living positively, it’s possible to produce an offspring who’s free from it, if only our communities were a better place and stop stigma then it wouldn’t come in the way of them not achieving their dreams. Most people don’t understand that whatever you say to a person may either build or destroy them and they surround them with negativity which causes others to take their lives and others even suffer from depression when we can make a difference”

Thomas spoke his heart out

“I never really even put that into consideration”

“But it’s the truth bro that most of us ignore so once she’s awake we’re doing a test together”

“Others are simply ignorant about it hence the fear of knowing their status. I’m investing in this NGO”

Justin added and they did a handshake, Thomas phone rang and it was his mom so he excused himself. He returned minutes later and found Justin admiring the beauty of his child, he looked more like Thomas with Blonde hair

“That was mom, she and the entire family will fly down soon to meet her grandson and daughter in-law”

“I hope aunt won’t give us the kind of beating she did the other time”

Justin made a joke out if it and they both laughed, their grandparents walked in shortly and they both stood up. They all exchanged greetings and the people from church began praying after checking her out then everyone joined. Thomas prayed like never before until his grandma stopped them

“Stop, we should go home”

She exclaimed

“But why?”

Thomas asked

“Thomas not now, we should go home with her”

“Don’t forget that she’s a seer”

Justin whispered in his ears when he was about to say something

“Alright I’ll organize Doctor Sandra to discharge her and keep a close eye on the baby”

They all nodded and he left, he returned minuted later with the doctor and she didn’t even argue about it since Thomas was her boss.

They got to the house and laid her in one of the bedrooms. Hours passed and Thomas kept checking on her from time to time hoping he’d find her up he slowly walked to the lounge and his grandfather asked him if there was any change but his phone rang before he could answer then he excused himself. It was his mother informing him that they had arrived at the airport, he then asked Justin to fetch them because he wanted to keep an eye on Blessings he took a seat and buried his head in his hands and his grandfather approached him telling him to be strong. Grandma walked in and looked around as if expecting someone and she frowned then they all gave her a questioning look

“She’s not yet here? What’s taking her long to arrive”

Everyone looked at her surprised

“If it’s mom then she’s on her way, Justin went…….”

He was interrupted

“Was I talking about your mother?”

“Then who else are you talking about?”

She just shook her head walking away

“You need something to calm you down”

She later returned with a glass containing a mixture of water and sugar and asked him to drink it all

Thomas parents and his grandma (from his mom’s side) arrived and they all exchanged greetings. After some time his grandma led them to the room and they all watched Blessings and she began to pray with everyone else joining her.






The cult leader said angrily

“I can’t get hold her of her the light is just too strong”

Blessings grandma cried then they all began their incantations so as to bring Blessings back but none of it worked, she was surrounded by a very bright light that led her away until she was out of vicinity

“I can’t believe I kept you for this long, you’re so clumsy that you couldn’t even make a simple sacrifice. I’ll severely deal with you for putting my cult at stake”


All the members chanted then the leader indicated for all of them to take their seats and there was total silence

“Mpeza you’re going down and we’re not going down with you because of your silliness”

“I’m truly sorry for what I’ve done, please protect me from what’s coming my way”

Blessings grandma kept on crying because she knew she would encounter the worst torture

“You can as well pray to the man upstairs for protection now your only remaining daughter’s blood will be shed to clear what you’ve brought upon us then you can leave this place for good”


She was interrupted

“You have a week, the clock’s ticking and I’m sure you know what comes with going against me”

She said with an emotionless face then struck Blessings grandma the next thing she found herself dropping on the floor in her bedroom




Blessings opened her eyes and was met by a lot of people surrounding her, she scanned the room then her eyes landed on Thomas who looked at her in delight. She was about to seat up but failed because she felt sharp pains on her abdominal area and Thomas held her tight, she looked at everyone one more time before she could ask what was happening and they all wore smiles. The door creaked open and a woman walked in accompanied by their house help

“She’s finally here!”

Thomas grandma exclaimed….

To be continued…


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