HEART DESIRE … (18+) … Part 20




***Minutes turned to hours, hours to days and days to a month and the treatment I was getting from Thomas was unbearable, he only spoke to me asking how the baby was then he’d leave and go for work, he’d return and lock himself up in the study and never ate from home. Each time I answered his question I’d long for him just to talk to me even if it meant yelling at me, his silence was really hurting me especially that I was used to him being all over me but he acted like I meant nothing to him.

I was in the lounge asking myself why he had left the house angry when we were in good terms just a few minutes back and the door creaked open a few minutes later, he walked in with both hands in his pockets and his facial expression, I couldn’t read. He approached me then threw my medication on the table and I instantly froze

“What’s this?”

He asked with a tone that sent shivers down my spine


That was all I managed to say and my mouth was left hanging

“Cat caught your tongue? I won’t repeat myself cos you know that I hate it”

“I….I’m sorry…..I.. didn’t….”

He exhaled loudly then took a seat and buried his head in his hands

“Blessings, are you HIV positive or not?”

“I am”

Tears streamed down my face

“Since when?”

“I was born with it”

“Then why didn’t you tell me from the beginning?”

“I…was…scared you’d leave me”

A loud sob escaped my mouth

“I am greatly disappointed in you, you’re the last person on earth I expected to do something of this type”

He left and I just sank to the floor crying, I asked myself how he managed to find my pills because I kept them in my bag. For the first time in over a year, I regretted ever taking them, I wished I would just live my life like any normal human being but Veronica had to talk me out of it…..

I was in the kitchen making myself a sandwich and Betty kept giving me nasty stares, I knew that she never liked me from the first time we saw each other but she was exposing it and I wondered if Thomas had told her as well. I ate my sandwich with a million thoughts going through my mind and when I was done, I walked to the wall where there was a portrait of Thomas

“I miss us, I wish we could go back to who we were but it’s all my fault I take all the blame and I deserve what I’m going through, I know we’ll never be the same again so I think it’s best we go our separate ways but I’ll assure you that I’ll never keep your child away from you. I love you”

I wiped my dropping tears and took a nap as I waited for Thomas to return. I had a weird dream where I was surrounded by a group of elderly women and they were gathered around a fire chatting and the place had a foul smell with human skeletons

“She’s awake”

One woman shouted and they all approached me with scary looks and I woke up sweating. I went to the bathroom and washed my face then went to the lounge where I found Thomas giving Betty some instructions so I waited till he was done

“Betty, can you please excuse us?”

She gave me one of her nasty looks and looked aside


I yelled

“I don’t work for you, boss didn’t ask me to leave so I’m going nowhere”


I said to myself and he asked her to leave, she swayed her hips from side to side in her uniform which I noticed was shorter than usual. I kept looking at her until Thomas cleared his throat

Me: umm…. I’ve been thinking

I expected him to say something but he only had his eyebrow raised

Me: I want to move out, I can’t continue leaving under such an atmosphere and it’s not good for the baby and I

Thomas: I won’t bother asking where you’ll go to coz I know that you’re going nowhere

Me: no, Thomas I’ll find a way to…….

Thomas: you’re going nowhere and that’s final

He said sternly


I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing as I looked in his eyes and they had pity written all over them

Me: I accept that I’m wrong and I’ve been selfish but I can’t take this anymore……Th

omas I can’t

The last part came out as a whisper and he lightly pushed me aside and walked out, that shut my heart into a million pieces so I sank to the floor and cried until I fell asleep……





***Mary and Kabwe were in the living room with their grandma talking about different stuff and Kabwe noticed that Mary was happier than usual

“What’s with you have you won the jackpot?”

“I was wondering the same but knowing Mary as my granddaughter very well only a man can make her this happy”

Her grandma added

“Yes grandma I did it”

She squealed

“I finally got Blessings exposed and it’s only a matter of time before he kicks her out”


Kabwe asked with her eyes popped out

“I paid their house help to search for her medication and place it where Thomas could easily find them”

“Mary you went too far this time around, hasn’t she been through a lot already please let her take a break already”

“Who’s side are you on or…….you’ve also contracted the disease, right grandma?”

Kabwe clicked her tongue and got up frustrated

“I won’t seat down and listen to this nonsense”

She stormed out and their grandma took a seat next to Mary

“Don’t worry about her, she’s just jealous”

Her grandma assured her

“She’s becoming such a bore”

She rolled her eyes which made her grandma smile, she was happy that the time for her to strike had finally arrived. She cast a spell on Blessings on the day of Veronica’s wedding which slowly killed Blessings hence her loss of weight and looking pale, she imagined just how powerful she would be when her dream finally came true until she heard Mary scream in excitement

“I’ll finally have that guy to myself, you don’t know for how long I’ve been daydreaming about him”

“Yes you will, I’m sure she’s just roaming around the streets as we speak, she won’t know what hit her”





***Thomas had just returned from Justin’s house and found Blessings on the same spot he left her and she was fast asleep so he picked her up bridal style and tucked her in bed he couldn’t help but admire her with her pouted lips. He went to his study and opened his laptop then began sending emails to his clients, he got one from his dad showing him how he wanted to expand his firm in Mexico and he couldn’t help but laugh at how his father is quite serious with his business so he poured himself a glass of whiskey and gulped it all down and the room instantly went cold making his back hair feel funny. He wondered if it was the alcohol at work since he had a couple of drinks when he was with Justin, he later heard footsteps and he snapped out of it then left his study. While in the hallway he saw a shadow approaching Blessings bedroom, he tried going there but then heard footsteps going to his study. He rushed to his study but there was no one and he went to Blessings bedroom, the atmosphere couldn’t get any better as he approached the room, he went in and she was lying on the floor. He called out her name but she couldn’t answer even after shaking her so he checked her pulse and it was weak then some shadows surrounded them before the room went back to normal. Thomas took out his phone from his pocket and found flooding missed calls from his grandma but he ignored them and picked her up rushing to his car, he drove to the hospital like a maniac…

To be continued…


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