HEART DESIRE … (18+) … Part 19




***She had just lost her husband mysteriously over a year ago, her only son was admitted in a mental institution, she didn’t spend a single dime of the money she worked so hard for upon retirement and now she was evicted from the house because she couldn’t afford to pay for rentals for the passed six months.

“How I wish I had a child to take care of me, my only son isn’t mentally fit and my husband’s death is still unknown”

She said to herself with tears running down her cheeks as she remembered what happened seventeen years ago. She was only a few months pregnant when she lost her baby and couldn’t conceive anymore which tore her apart but her husband stood by her side and supported her, she asked God why she had to go through all that. She got up one morning, did the chores which didn’t consume much of her time since she just lived in a single room and sometimes never had any dishes to wash coz she went to bed on an empty stomach. Walking to her place of work where she was in the cleaning department at a certain guest house, she felt her stomach rumble and felt a bit dizzy then she increased her pace and got to her workplace, she went straight to the kitchen and asked for leftover foods by the customers and everyone looked at her questioningly

“Who knew that a once high profile nurse would be asking for leftover food by random people”

A work mate teased her

“Don’t start with me this early morning, I’ve done nothing wrong to you”

She fought back

“Shut up! You should even be ashamed of yourself, your mates are enjoying the fruit of their labour yet you don’t even have a cent to your name and claim your were a health practitioner”

Another told her and her tears stung her eyes as they were about to drop at any time, she felt hurt by people who were young enough to be her children telling her such kind of things. She left the plate of leftover food and got to work as the ladies gave her nasty looks while others insulted her directly, getting in one of the rooms which was a mess she sank to the floor and cried asking herself why God had forsaken her until she felt someone shake her roughly then she turned only to see her most aggressive boss staring at her with an angry face

“You can pack your stuff and leave this place because this isn’t a day care centre”

She said with so much sarcasm

“I’m sorry I d…..”

She couldn’t even get to finish her sentence coz her boss had her hand raised indicating for her to stop talking then she walked out and few minutes later, two security guards walked in and dragged her out. She tried begging with them which caught people’s attention and others even gathered around her, her boss came out and told her things that tore her apart apart making the other workers happy. She sat in the streets crying and some of those who passed by recognized her as the famous nurse who worked at one big health institution.

Mrs Musonda was with her husband doing doing some shopping until they came across the woman and she suddenly felt headed not knowing what was going on, it was like something controlled her as she approached her

“There’s a reason you’re shedding those tears”

Mrs Musonda said with a hoarse voice

“Who are you?”

The woman replied with fear

“You’re responsible for the pain of an innocent soul all because of your love for money, you abused your position and now every tear she ever shed will be against you”

The woman was now shaking with a dropped jaw not believing what she was hearing, Mr Musonda knew not to disturb his wife when she was in that state and he knew what would happen next so he called Thomas sending him their location. Mrs Musonda collapsed right then and Thomas didn’t take long getting there since his place of work was just nearby and he drove his grandparents home.

The woman stood up and was lost in thoughts as she walked to her cabin, she was actually a living dead coz she paid no attention to where she was going, she caused cars to make way for her as she carelessly crossed the road. She sat on her thin mattress as the events one afternoon played in her mind……





***She just returned from having lunch with her dearest husband, she didn’t get why he loved her because she knew how greedy she was. There was a knock on the door and she allowed the person in, she was surprised to find that it was her roommate from college and they shared a hug and offered her a seat

“Wow! What’re you doing here?”

“I’m actually here for you, I’ve long been waiting for you”

“This seems important”

“Yes, I need a huge favour from you”

“Anything for you roomie”

“My young sister is HIV positive and she’ll be here with her fiancé soon, I want you to swap the results with anyone else’s coz he’ll definitely call off the wedding when he finds out”

“You know that this is risky, right?”

“Yeah I’ve got K800 in this envelope”

The nurse’s eyes glowed as she took the envelope….

An hour later there was a girl at the age of 3 who was with some elderly woman and a man, the old lady kept insisting that the child was HIV positive since it was killed both her parents and they wasted their time going for the test.

The tests were done and the nurse was surprised that the child’s results were negative so she swapped hers in form of the favour she was asked by her roommate when her fellow workers paid no attention.

The results of the three year old girl turned out positive and her grandma announced it to everyone, her grandma was told to ensure that she always took her drugs but it didn’t matter to her grandma and packed the medication she was given in a box.

The nurse later met up with her roommate and thanked her adding some more money but she didn’t really need it because her husband provided for every little thing she asked for…….





***”How do I even locate her?”

She asked herself then she thought of going to her old workplace and come out clean so they’d help her out, she didn’t care if she landed in jail for what she did as long as she was at peace. She thought locating the girl’s grandma was the best solution to finding her coz the girl was independent and she’d have challenges finding her…..

To be continued…


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