HEART DESIRE … (18+) … Part 18




***A busy day it had been at the office and I couldn’t wait to finally get home, I’ve been looking forward to always getting home ever since Blessings moved in with me. I packed my belongings and rushed out of the office when a call came through from mom and I quickly answered

Me: mom

Mom: my baby, how’re doing?

Me: I’m surviving I really can’t complain

I sounded low

Mom: Smith, you might be a full grown man but you’re still a baby to me now tell me what’s wrong coz I really can’t cope with my baby being stressed

Me: guess you know me best, some rival has kept us on our toes, she wants to wipe out everything I’ve built over the years for revenge

Mom breathed out loud

Mom: and I suppose that’s Carla

Me: exactly

Mom: why can’t that Spanish rascal leave our family in peace, Justin called it quits with her because she’s got loose pants and it’s all her fault so I don’t understand why she keeps tormenting us. I swear I’ll be the one to place a bullet through her thick skull

Me: I second that

Mom: has Grace given birth yet?

Me: she’s dead

I said calmly and mom gasped

Mom: did…. how….. I thought you had to protect her from your enemies especially that she was carrying your child

Me: she was the enemy and I did what I had to

Mom: I don’t get it Smith, your grandma will be very disappointed in you you know how much she liked Grace

Me: she shouldn’t worry coz I’m yet to introduce her to someone more angelic than Grace

Mom: really?

Me: yeah and you’re going to be a grandma soon

Mom: Whaaat! Tell me you’re joking

Me: no you can celebrate already but I have to go now, love you

Mom: momma loves you

I dropped the call and started off the car since I was already in, I rushed home with the need to get some rest since I hadn’t gotten any sleep for three days. A call came through from Justin and I just chuckled and ignored it because I knew that he was going to start talking Veronica, she was all he talked about whenever we were together and I thought that he was just lusting over her because that was the habit he had but his actions proved otherwise and it really surprised me since she was a married woman. Blessings tried talking to both of them but they never stopped so she gave up and I had to keep Justin’s back because it was what we always did.

I was finally home and found the woman who made my heart melt watching some Nigerian movie then she approached me with a heartwarming smile. It really got me worried that she was losing weight and looked pale, I remember a few days after Veronica’s wedding when Blessings was in the kitchen and she collapsed. I took her to see a doctor and it was when I learned that she pregnant though she didn’t look so pleased, I confronted her about it and she said that she was just nervous since it would be her first experience. She kept collapsing over the months and she would stare in space screaming for someone to let her go before it was lights out for her. The doctors found nothing wrong with her each time I took her there and grandma told me things I couldn’t make sense out of, I could tell that she underwent pain though she tried to pretend like she was fine. It was strange that I hadn’t seen Betty around from the time I had arrived so I went to shower while Blessings offered to serve my food.

I had just returned from the bathroom and got dressed when a call from Justin came through

Me: yes Veronica…..

Justin: I’ll pull out your teeth

we both laughed

Me: what has she done this time?

Justin: something sweet, I’m telling you that lady is God sent

Me: I’m listening

Justin: I’m not distributing much info, I called to tell you that I’m coming for the file you took last week

Me: I even forgot about it

Blessings walked in

Me: I gotta go, my woman needs attention

Justin: hand her the phone, I need to check on how my nephew is doing

I gave Blessings the phone and she answered with a huge smile on her face


she listened

“He’s kicking and has left his mommy craving for pizza”

she listened

“Please hurry,ohh he just kicked”

She laughed and ended the call, she told me that she was done and left the room. I began searching for the file and opened the drawer of Blessings side which I never had access to just for her own privacy and saw some pills which got my attention so I took them and I was so shocked that I almost started shaking. I wasn’t thinking straight anymore and wished it was all a dream so I took my phone and texted Justin to search for the file in my study when he got home then I shoved the pills in my pocket and grabbed my phone and car keys then went out, I got to the lounge and Blessings got up

“You’re going somewhere, why don’t you eat first coz I’ve already served your food?”

She asked with the same innocent look that made my heart melt but it was different this time around, i felt like slapping the living daylights out of her but i decided against it and just left the house. I drove to the hospital in total speed and thankfully Sandra wasn’t occupied so I told her to examine the pills for me.

“These are Anti retroviral drugs (ARVs) and their function are to……..”

I didn’t get the rest of what she said coz I went numb…..

To be continued…


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