HEART DESIRE … (18+) … Part 16




***I was delighted that my childhood friend was finally getting married but it brought me so much fear coming across grandma because it was obvious that she’d attend since she was friends with Veronica’s mother and I had a creepy feeling about the whole thing. I received a phone call from Thomas bringing me back from my thoughts and all the ladies who were in the room preparing themselves all looked at me because they were almost done and I still had a towel wrapped around my body, I excused myself to answer the call and I heard them whispering among themselves

Thomas: my sunshine

Me: good morning

I said in a low voice

Thomas: are you okay?

Me: y..yeah

Thomas: when did we start lying to each other?

Me: I’m sorry my love it’s just that……I.. I have a bad feeling about attending the wedding knowing that grandma and her granddaughters will be there and they’ll make it their mission to humiliate me

Thomas: I’ll be there to protect you, no one will harm you

Me: that means you’re coming?

I asked excitedly

Thomas: yes, Justin has been nagging me about us attending

Me: and Veronica keeps asking me about him….if you ask me I’ll say she likes him

He was in stitches before he laughed out loud and I didn’t get why

Thomas: but I thought she’d getting married

Me: enough about her, what time are you coming because I don’t want getting to the venue then stumble upon that old woman and her granddaughters

Thomas: I’ll be there before you know it coz I can’t wait to see you

Me: same here

I smiled uncontrollably before we ended the call and I went back to the room where all attention was shifted on me. I took my belongings and went to the dressing room within where I wore a coral dress that was lacy from the top, it had a golden belt and the lower part of it touched my toes then I matched it up with silver stilettos, jewelry and a purse. I was told to get myself a unique outfit from everyone else and that was my choice thanks to Thomas who showed me a couple of dresses to choose from on the internet. I walked out and the ladies looked at me like I was the bride while others threw me nasty looks and I took my seat letting the make up artist and hair stylist do their part….

We got to the venue which was a lodge and it was beautifully decorated in white with a touch of silver and I got myself busy. I hadn’t seen Veronica since i arrived and I was on my way to see her when I spotted Thomas in a navy suit and he winked at me then I found myself blushing and made my way to look for the bride until someone tapped my shoulder and it was Mary

Mary: if it’s not the infected pest trying to get to my level

Me: I think I’ll take my leave if you’ve got nothing better to say

She laughed sarcastically and I looked around, thankfully it was just the two of us and I attempted to walk away but she grabbed my hand

Mary: we’ll see if your love potion on the poor guy will still work when I tell him about your disease

I froze and she smirked

Mary: yeah that’s the man of my dreams, he’s everything I need so it’s time you left him if he also isn’t infected

She walked away and my day was ruined just like that, I knew I had to keep a close eye on her because she’s just as wicked as her grandma. Knowing that Thomas and I had been once intimate when I couldn’t help it, I could imagine how he’d feel when he learnt of my status. I walked further to one of the rooms I was told Veronica was and I went in without knocking coz I wanted to surprise her when I saw the shock of my life, Justin and Veronica were sharing a passionate kiss and it looked like they hadn’t seen me coz they didn’t stop. After what seemed like eternity Justin rubbed the tip of her nose

“I know it’s too early to be doing this and it’s wrong because you’re getting married but it feels so right, the heart wants what it wants and that’s you so not even some silly signed paper will keep you away from me and I won’t rest until you’re officially mine”

He told her and she was in the verge of shedding tears

“I doubt I’ll get through with this wedding…….”

I gasped interrupting her from completing her sentence and they were both surprised to see me then Justin called out my name as I ran out going to where everyone was. I was trying to process what I had witnessed when I saw Mary at a distance talking to Thomas and he looked annoyed, Thomas later yelled at her and all attention was shifted to them then she walked away feeling embarrassed. It was a busy occasion that I couldn’t put my mind together coz everything felt like a dream then I started feeling light headed and felt the need to puke so I found myself a room where I locked up and tried to compose myself.

I laid on the bed waiting for one to inform me that it was finally time to be driven to church but I doubted if Veronica needed it considering what she did earlier, I got up fighting the need to throw up because the aroma of the ox tripe they were preparing made the need stronger until I couldn’t take it anymore and rushed to the washroom. I rinsed my mouth when I was done and walked out, I heard one of the ladies announcing that it was departure time and the guests at church were running out of patience so I walked out and joined everyone. I saw the devil herself approaching and I couldn’t get used to her dark aura despite living with her all my life then she got to me and whispered

Grandma: Blessings can I talk to you for a moment?

Me: umm….but we’re almost leaving for church

Grandma: I won’t take most of your time

I stepped aside and she led me further from the crowd

Grandma: my granddaughter, I’m sorry for every bad thing I ever did to you, you really didn’t deserve all the treatment I made you go through. You’re truly a blessing just like your name, find it in your heart to forgive me

Maybe the bad feeling I had didn’t mean harm was coming my way, I saw grandma break down and it broke my heart coz I knew how hard it was for someone to get off their high horse and seek forgiveness

Me: it’s okay grandma I’ve forgiven you

She held my arms and looked straight in my eyes

Grandma: may you be blessed

I wanted to shout an “Amen” to that but my voice failed me and I couldn’t utter a word which I found strange coz I had to be receiving a blessing from grandma but I just sat there starring at her. When getting her grip off me she brushed the left side of my chest and I felt some sort of funny feeling and lost balance leaning against the nearest wall for support and she held me up

Grandma: thank you my grand daughter you make me proud

Thomas arrived just then and frowned when he saw her, she started fidgeting all of a sudden and looked uncomfortable around him

Grandma: I… I…have…to go…Vero’s mom is waiting for me and I don’t want to keep her waiting

She left and Thomas took my hand leading me away and I instantly had a banging headache….

To be continued…


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