HEART DESIRE … (18+) … Part 15




***I couldn’t get over what happened the day I was kidnapped, I was standing in the balcony and the cold, cloudy weather matched my mood as I was lost in thoughts thinking of what happened. I was brought back from my thoughts when my phone rang and it was Veronica, I had forgotten about her then I slowly picked up

Me: hello

Veronica: where have you been? I’ve been trying to reach you for some days now, how could you go MIA on me when you know that the wedding is soon?

Me: I haven’t been feeling well for some days now but I’ll come over later this afternoon

I lied because I knew that if I told her the truth she’d insist on me leaving Thomas because he exposed me to danger and being apart from him was my worst nightmare

Veronica: oh no! What has been troubling my little munchkin?

Me: I…I had a really bad headache

Veronica: sad to hear but I hope you’re better now

Me: yeah I’m in perfect shape and will see you this afternoon

Veronica: I’ll be waiting

We wrapped up our call and I turned to find Thomas starring at me with a look I couldn’t understand he approached me and I could tell that he wanted to know what the call was all about

Me: it’s Veronica, she’s worried thinking I went off on her when her wedding is in a few days time since I’m her bridesmaid

Thomas: you’re still not in the right state to go out there

Me: yeah but I can’t disappoint her

I said in a low tone facing down and he held my shoulders making me face him

Thomas: ask her to come over instead so you’ll discuss whatever you have to here

Me: are you serious?

*I asked with so much amazement that I couldn’t hide it

Thomas: yes because I know that it’s the best for my angel

I couldn’t help but giggle then he planted wet kisses on my face

Thomas: you don’t know how much joy it brings me to see you smile, believe me I’d kill just to see you happy

I had asked Thomas how he managed to locate me and why Grace went that far then he told me that one of the men snitched on Grace by giving Thomas information and that Grace was just a desperate psycho so I believed him and worked on getting my life back on track. I called Veronica and told her to come over to the house, I could hear she was excited from the way she spoke but I couldn’t blame her coz I also felt the same way since we’d never seen each other from the time she said those hurtful things to me which was months ago.

“Has she agreed to come?”

Thomas asked just after how dropped my call with Veronica and I simply nodded my head in agreement

“Do you know why I didn’t want you going out there?”

He asked with his eyes getting smaller while he approached me

“No, I don’t”

“Because I don’t want useless boys who think they’re men drooling at what’s mine”

I kept moving backwards until I got to the wall where I was pinned


I couldn’t finish my sentence as he hungrily smashed his lips on mine, something told me to stop but my body said otherwise. He caressed my whole body and I felt things I’d never felt, the next thing he lifted me up and laid me on the bed…… there was a knock on the bedroom door and he went to get it, it was Betty who came to inform us about Justin’s arrival, I caught her giving me a nasty look as I had a throw covering my upper body and I didn’t understand what that was about. Thomas closed the door and helped me get dressed, he did the same and went out then I joined them in the lounge after some time and Justin’s smile was just heartwarming

“Our wife!”

He exclaimed and I found myself blushing

“Dawg ya ain’t gon’ make my woman blush in my presence”

He said while giving gestures and Justin laughed out loud then lifted up his hands in surrender. Thomas patted on his lap indicating that I sit there and I did then joined in their crazy conversation, there was a knock at the door and I got up

“That must be my girl”

I said to myself as I walked to the door……





***Locating a house in the area that Blessings lived in wasn’t easy since most houses were big and had high security. I got to the address she’d given me and I couldn’t believe the kind of beauty I saw when I looked around and couldn’t get the most of it. When I was inside, I saw a man dressed in black and asked if I was Veronica then I nodded and he led me to the house. I asked myself how Blessings managed to get herself such a fancy lifestyle that I so much wanted which led me to make the decision of marrying Mwelwa though he didn’t quite have the fancy lifestyle only something to sustain a junior secondary teacher. I came back to reality when I the man knocked on the door and Blessings came out shortly, her looks had changed from the last time I saw her, she now had gained some weight, the scars on her body that were caused by her grandma had faded away, her skin smooth the weave she had on did wonders on her

Blessings: my munchkin

She attacked me with a hug

Me: I missed you

Blessings: not to talk of me, come on in

She led me to a lounge where there where two handsome men seated and my palms began to sweat, God surely took his time to create them because even my husband to be Mwelwa was nothing compared to them and I swallowed hard as she led me further in and pointed at the coloured guy

Blessings: this is Thomas, my man and love, meet Veronica my best friend and sister

Thomas: nice meeting you Miss Veronica

He said while handing out his hand for a handshake

Me: the pleasure is mine

I shook his hand and Blessings turned to the dark guy whose eyes I could feel his eyes on me the whole time I was standing there

Blessings: and this is Justin, Thomas cousin. Justin meet Veronica

Justin: correction there my dear lady it’s supposed to be “meet beautiful Veronica”

I couldn’t believe that I was blushing and smiling uncontrollably then Blessings rolled her eyes and hit his shoulder playfully. We went to a room where we did some catch up and later planned my wedding, Blessings was talking about the dress to wear but I was lost in thoughts thinking about the guy back in the lounge and it seemed I was uninterested in the whole wedding thing. We were called to the dining room for lunch and I felt like I was running out of breath with the guy seated across me, I’d steal glances at him and I also caught him doing the same….

To be continued…


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