HEART DESIRE … (18+) … Part 14




***I couldn’t shake off the uneasy feeling I had when I dropped Blessings off from grandma’s so I took my phone and tried calling her but her phone rang unanswered which got me worried but I tried to hide it with the thought that maybe she was asleep. I went to my study and poured myself a glass of whiskey but it slipped from my hands and fell to the floor breaking in pieces. Grandma from mom’s side always told me that what just happened was a bad omen then my phone rang disturbing me from my thoughts and it was grandma so I picked up

Me: gran’

Grandma: Thomas something is not well

Me: I feel the same and can’t figure out what’s wrong

Grandma: Blessings

Me: Wh …what about her?

I started panicking but I tried my very best to keep calm coz I had to think right

Grandma: I don’t know what but I can see she’s not safe, you need to get her Musonda that girl has been a lot, you need to get her

Me: yes grandma, I will, I’m on my way

I called Justin and informed him about what happened then I rushed to my car and drove to Blessings apartment, I got there and the door was wide open which made my heart stop beating for a second, I went in and searched for her while calling out her name but I got no response and thought hard, it then clicked that I had given her a necklace with a tracker on it. I called my IT specialist and he started working on it, I got to our meeting place and found everyone busy as Justin ordered them left, right and center

Me: She’s been kidnapped

Justin: don’t worry we’re working on it

Me: I know I have enemies around but who could have tried to harm her

“We’ve spotted her”

Shouted one man and I quickly headed to his desk

We got to a house that was abandoned and seeing two people that worked for me back stab just got me angrier and I didn’t hesitate to put a bullet through one’s skull. It was a good thing that Justin insisted I put a silencer on it then I walked further and saw what looked like a dream, Grace was pointing a gun at Blessings. I knew I’d put my baby at risk when I hurt Grace but again I couldn’t afford to lose Blessings so I listened to my heart and shot Grace.




I was looking at the figure telling me about a pregnancy I was very optimistic about being a lie

Me: can I see the patient just so I’m sure it’s the same person we’re talking about

The doctor looked too drained to argue with me so we walked to the room and Grace was connected to some machine

“Just die already otherwise you’ll die in such a way that even the devil will reject you”

I said to myself with so much hatred towards her

Me: will she be okay?

I asked the doctor and he nodded his head

Doctor: don’t worry sir, she’ll be in perfect shape

He smiled at me and I just wish knew how I felt

I walked out of the room and was met by Justin

Justin: and now?

Me: it’s her

Justin: and it happens that she’s not pregnant

Me: I really don’t know what to think, I trust Doctor Sandra with my life, the fact that grandma recommended her to work for me means she’s a good person and couldn’t have connived with Grace to pull up such a stunt

I said grabbing my hair tight

Justin: I agree with you on that one but you know the kind of person Grace is, it’s possible that she could have just terminated it


Justin: calm down bro, calm down….. I….I think we should force truth out of her elder sister Leah

Me: yes…she’s the only one who can tell us the truth, let’s go

We got up and rushed out of the hospital like we were being pursued by something, we jumped in the car and Justin drove off. We got to her apartment and found her drinking and dancing to some songs.

“Birds of the same feathers”

I muttered under my breath

“Just the right partners I need”

She squealed upon seeing us then she started grinding on me, I pushed her off me and she landed on the couch while Justin turned off the music that was playing and she gave us a bored look

Me: what happened to my baby?

Leah: I wanna dance with you

She was really wasted making me angry so I slapped her and she just held her cheek, I could tell that she instantly became sober

Me: what happened to my child?

Leah: she’s dead

Me: and how come I don’t know about it?

Leah: I’m really sorry for not telling you earlier

Me: no, you’re not yet sorry NOW TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED

Leah: she….she lost the baby when you called off the engagement due to stress

Me: and she didn’t bother telling me about it despite following me around, right?

Leah: she was scared you wouldn’t want anything to do with her

I just shook my head trying to process everything

Leah: please don’t hurt my sister, Thomas

Me: i won’t be the one to hurt her coz she got involved with sine really bad people who’ve shot her so she’s in the hospital fighting for her life as we speak but those bad people don’t want her alive because she got something that belongs to them……

I smirked and left her on the floor looking both puzzled and scared

“To the hospital”

I told Justin….

To be continued…


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