HEART DESIRE … (18+) … Part 12




***I felt Thomas body tense up and rage instantly took over

Thomas: GRACE!

So that was her name


Thomas: you’re the only sick one here coz I told you to stay away from me but you wouldn’t listen, I’m not marrying you so stay the hell away from me

Grace: does she know I’m carrying your seed?

She gave me a nasty stare then chuckled lightly

Grace: this is witchcraft at it’s best and I won’t let it prevail, I mean how could you neglect your baby and I for this nobody?

Thomas: she might look like a nobody to you but she’s more of what you ever dreamed to be

She was shocked by what he told her and she opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted

Thomas: if you’ve got a hearing problem then I’ll repeat myself for the last time STAY AWAY FROM ME

He then led her out and I slammed myself on a couch, I got freaked out coz I’d never seen him that angry and he returned minutes later

Me: take me home now

The look he gave me sent shivers down my spine and I couldn’t utter another word

Thomas: we’re not fighting especially over her

Me: b…but why didn’t you tell me you were expecting a baby with her?

Thomas: I was going to tell you, believe me I was going to

Me: do you still love her?

*he looked at me like I was crazy

Thomas: no, I don’t

Me: then why is she still following you if you don’t entertain her?

Thomas: Blessings, I’m sorry for not putting her in her place but I can promise you it will never happen again

His phone rang and he told me it was his grandma so I said we could leave and we’d talk about the issue later then he kept apologizing while driving and I looked outside the window without saying anything.

We got to a big, beautiful, blue painted house and I couldn’t help but admire the outside surrounding until Thomas held my hand and led the way. We were welcomed by Justin who had already gotten there and he wore a warm smile, Thomas shouted “Granny” and an elderly turned to face us and she couldn’t hide her joy then they met halfway and shared a warm hug. I could immediately tell that they had a great relationship and I wished it was the same with my own grandma but what was I to expect when she was dad’s stepmother and she always told me to my face how much she hated him.

“Is she the one?”

A voice said and I snapped out of it and I saw Thomas smiling proudly while nodding his head and his grandma pulled me to a tight embrace that felt so good then she suddenly frowned and I felt my entire world coming to an end coz I was going to be rejected

Thomas: grandma, is everything okay?

Grandma: this is bad, this is really bad

She slowly walked to seat next to her husband

I was scared and held on to Thomas hand as we were seated then she got back to her normal state and the house was filled with joy and laughter, I still couldn’t believe that I had been accepted in their family but what Thomas grandma did still left me with questions running in my mind. There was a girl called Lillian who kept giving me nasty and bored looks each time she looked at me and even though I was used to that kind of treatment, I didn’t understand why I was getting one from her coz we just met and knew nothing about each other

Lillian: Smith, is this girl you’ve replaced my friend with?

Thomas: ohh! You’re here?

Justin laughed out loud

Justin: I also didn’t acknowledge her presence, next time don’t involve yourself in adult’s issues

Thomas: and you aren’t working

Lillian: come on I don’t have to work, you two got me that hospital so why should I strain myself working when I own the place

Justin: I think we just made a loss getting it for you

Thomas: I agree with you, and you don’t have to work anymore coz we’ll have it run by someone more responsible

Lillian: h…..

Grandma: Lillian, to your room now

She got up and left

I had a great time with his family though I still had to meet his parents and it was Thomas, his grandma and I in the living room

Grandma: please my granddaughter forgive me for how I acted earlier

Me: its..it’s fine grandma’

Thomas: but what was it about?

Grandma: I won’t tell you directly but please Blessings pray hard coz there’s a huge storm coming ahead of you. Do you mind coming over for worship on Thursdays?

Me: I don’t mind

Grandma: please do come over, pray hard and I’ll also include you in my prayers. You too Thomas

Thomas: yes grandma.

It was finally time to leave and we bid each other farewell, the family had a strong bond and I had liked them all except for the Lillian girl.

I got home and Thomas was about to start explaining the Grace issue but I was too tired to even listen so I told him we’d talk about it some other time then he told me to close my eyes which I did and he put a gold necklace around my neck making me to promise him never to take it off then he drove home. I locked the doors then stripped off my clothes and soaked myself in the tub containing eucalyptus and vanilla bath salts as I tried to keep calm, the water finally got cold and I went out then wrapped a towel around my body and walked out of the bathroom. I wanted to scream when I saw a Lady wearing a black, long leather coat, black leather boots, a black hat and gloves and she faced down while tapping her left foot which she rested in the bed then she adjusted the hat that covered her face and I almost fainted…

To be continued…


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