HEART DESIRE … (18+) … Part 10




***Seated in her bedroom, Blessings was looking forward to her next meeting with Thomas. She always made excuses of visiting Veronica whenever she went to see him. They say time heals wounds but what Veronica said to her still hurt her and they were not in talking terms but it got her surprised that each time her grandma went to confirm if she really went to see Veronica, she’d cover up for her. She remembered two months ago when she went out with Thomas to some beautiful park and he had set up a picnic, something which she loved and he couldn’t stop looking at her glowing eyes and priceless smile she wore

Blessings: what?

she asked shyly

Thomas: I’m only admiring God’s perfect creation, is it wrong?

She giggled while shaking her head which made Thomas smile

Thomas: you’re beautiful, you know that?

She blushed

Thomas: Blessings, please let me be a part of your life, let me be your protector, let me be the one who puts that precious smile on your face…….

She immediately zoned out and thought of all her previous relationships which ended when her partner would leave her when she told him of her status and she had fallen for Thomas and couldn’t stomach the fact of him walking out of her life when he found out that she was HIV positive but she couldn’t fight the strong feelings she had towards him so she found herself nodding and Thomas couldn’t hide his happiness

Thomas: please say it

Blessings: yes, I allow you to be that man who makes me his first priority, who always looks out for me and puts a smile on my face

He got up and spun her around while planting soft, wet kisses on her face which made her to giggle……




Grandma was taking a nap in her bedroom when the room suddenly went cold and her back hair felt funny before she heard a creepy voice calling out her name and she instantly got up because she knew who it was

Grandma: great one, to what do I owe this visit?

Cult leader: SHE HAS MET HIM

Grandma: I’m confused here, who has met who?

Cult leader: the girl’s blood we’ve long been awaiting, our prey

Grandma: bu… ho…how did she because her soon to be husband has already paid for her dowry without her knowledge and the wedding is in a month’s time

Cult leader: you’ve been fooled and I won’t let the consequences affect my cult so I’ll be the one to deal with you if you fail

Grandma: bu…..

She had gone and grandma sat thinking of how she’d been deceived by Blessings which got her angry because she knew that she’d pay so dearly if she couldn’t complete her task. She went to her daughter’s bedroom and took out one of her belts and a cooking stick then she compared which one would hurt the most and she settled for the belt and ninja walked to Blessings’ bedroom which was locked so she knocked while calling out her name.

Blessings was enjoying her beauty sleep when she heard a loud knock on the door and her grandma calling out her name so she dragged herself to open the door wondering what the old lady wanted. She opened the door and was welcomed by a sound of a swinging belt which landed in her arm and she screamed in pain then grandma pushed her inside and beat her up mercilessly, she didn’t care where she was beating her because her anger was brewing by the minute. Grandma kept asking Blessings who the man was so she’d deal with him but something within Blessings told her to endure the torture without mentioning Thomas name, grandma was expecting to hear a name out her mouth each time she swung the belt but all she heard were her loud cries which got her annoyed. Blood was now gushing out of the cuts she had obtained and her swollen bottom lip did her no justice. She was dragged outside the house and was told to spend the night in the cold until she was ready to tell her grandma about the man she was seeing, she curled herself up in a ball as the cold breeze hit her bare skin and she was ready to tell her grandma about Thomas but again she debated against it because she knew that her grandma would go about announcing her disease to him…


***I talked to grandma and pointed out to her the reasons I couldn’t be with Grace anymore so we went to inform her family and clearly stated why I’d called off the engagement but took responsibility of supporting my baby financially, I was glad that they understood but Grace clearly told me to my face in the presence of everyone that she wasn’t going to stay away from me and she kept coming to my house like she owned the place.

I was found with Justin mostly as we came up with ways to get to Blessings grandma after how she assaulted her which made me want to take her in right then but I had to do things right, the old woman never stopped torturing her because she had new scars everyday so I decided she had undergone enough of suffering. I had introduced Justin to her and I was glad that they had a good relationship going on so the ill treatment she received also got to him

Justin: I was just informed that she has a surviving son who means everything to her

Me: really

I said thinking of a plan

Justin: yeah but he is one useless drunkard who lives in the shanty compounds

We sat in silence for some time until a smile crept on my face and Justin shook his head countless times

Justin: no, no, no…I know that smile, you’re possibly thinking of the unthinkable

Me: you know me too well

Justin: say it already

Me: we’ll plant cocaine in his house and call the authorities on him and I’ll take it from there

Justin: Musonda at it again

He cheered

Me: yeah I really can’t have peace knowing that Blessings is in that witch’s house

Justin: but the idiot is too broke to afford cocaine so how about we use something cheap like cannabis?

Me: great idea, tell the boys to get to it

We drove to his place to execute our plan and the place itself made me sick, he lived in a one roomed cabin which was very nasty and even dropped a gun then we locked up and went to wait for him at a distance in the car…….. After what seemed like forever, we finally saw someone staggering and shouting insults at the top of his voice so we watched carefully. He unlocked the door and went in then I called one of the authorities we worked with who took over.




I was woken up by my ringing phone the following day and it was grandma who emphasized on Justin and I praying before we went to Blessings house and I wasn’t even going to argue with her because she’s a seer so I told Justin about it and we both managed to say the short prayers we could before leaving.

We got to the place and saw some girl who was sweeping the outside surrounding and she behaved clumsily when she saw us, I doubted her normality and Justin was annoyed on the other side. The grandma came out of the house and I immediately wanted to pounce on her but had to keep my cool, she welcomed us in the house where she offered us seats and I looked around hoping to see my heartbeat walk in but was startled by the old lady speaking

Grandma: yes fine gentlemen, to what do I owe this visit?

Me: we’re…….

Grandma: oh! Excuse me please

She called out for Blessings to serve us some drinks, she looked too innocent to even kill a fly but I wasn’t going to fall for her deceiving looks, we sat in silence awaiting Blessings who walked in wearing a wrapper, vest, scarf and a head wrap then I immediately got suspicious. An involuntary smile appeared on her face upon seeing me then she walked to the table to place the tray of food she held in her hands, she bent and I saw marks on her neck they weren’t ordinary marks but those that showed that someone was cut. I wanted to get up but Justin held me to my seat and the look the old woman gave me was creepy

Grandma: who are you and what do you want?

I waited for Blessings to leave

Me: I suppose Mukosa is your son

Grandma: what about him?

The old woman was too arrogant for my liking

Justin: he killed a person


Me: yeah he can’t do such a thing because he’s a saint but he was found in possession of a gun and drugs and he’s the prime suspect for all the criminal activities that have been going on in his area

Justin: and is in police custody as we speak

the fear on her face was visible and it was exactly where I wanted her

Grandma: m…my…son….no he can’t do that

Me: you should be asking for ways of freeing him because there’s a lot of evidence that points out to him

Grandma: yes…yes my son, I’ll do anything to have him set free

Me: alright, you’ll trade your son’s freedom for the young lady who just left here

Grandma: WHICH ONE!!!

Me: Blessings


Me: then forget about your son, bro looks like we’re done here let’s go

We were about to leave when she called for us to stop and called Blessings

Grandma: after everything I’ve done for you for the past 17 years make your choice as to who you’ll go with

She’d glance at me and look down playing with her fingers

Grandma: so you’re the one I’ve been looking for all along

Justin: no you’re the one we’ve been looking for all along

She eyed him

Grandma: Blessings, think of the thick and thin we’ve been through together despite the fact that you’re H…….

Blessings faced up and she had tears running down her face

Blessings: I………

To be continued…


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