Kelly’s pov
I called my boss and asked for Candice’s account number. He sent it immediately. I sent alot of money to her account.

Then I called her.

“You’re the one that sent that huge amount of money? “She gasped over the phone.

“Yes. I need to tell you something Candice.. “I said.

“What’s that? “She asked.

“I’m sorry but i can’t… Be that man. I have a girlfriend whom am willing to marry if her mom finally likes me..

“Am taken. “I said feeling so glad.

I didn’t hear her voice for a while.

“Candice, are you there? “I asked.

“Oh sorry, I was turning off the cooker and the phone fell, what were you saying? “She asked.

I went numb and didn’t have the courage to turn her down again.

“Take care. “I muttered and turned off the phone..

❄ Two months later ❄
Silver is planning endlessly about her upcoming wedding with Kelly.

Her friends were there to help. After a while, Kelly comes home looking not so excited like usual

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“What’s going on? Why do you look like a man that just lost his wife? “Silver asked sitting beside him on his bed.

Kelly smiled.

“Am not buying that sir. You’re clearly upset about something. “She said.

Kelly laid back on the bed.

“Am confused Silver. ”

“About what? “She asked.

“About this wedding… “He said.

“Is there someone else? “Silver asked as she began feeling teary.

“Its a co worker… She needs a father for her son… ”

“So, you want to marry her? ”

“Yes… I just feel like she needs me. ”

“You pity her Kel. “Silver said amused.

“… I don’t know what’s wrong with me.. “He said and buried his face on Silver’s laps.

Silver wiped off the tears.

She removed her engagement ring that Kelly had given her.
She dropped it on the bed beside Kelly.

“Marry her then. *she said and smiled wryly.

She got up and used the door.

❄ One month later. ❄
Angry Kelly stormed out of a restaurant with Candice running after him.

“Am sorry honey. I was too curious.. “She cried behind him.

“You’re too possessive. Tell me, what kind of girlfriend monitors her boyfriend 24\7?where he goes and why he’s there! “Kelly yelled.

“Am sorry I thought you were cheating.. You know you’re too important to me. “She said.

“Really?? **** off Candice!!! Am done pitying you, silver was right… “Kelly said full of regret.

Candice burst into tears begging Jelly to take her back but all of that fell on deaf ears. Kelly left.

Getting Silver would hurt now won’t it?
Tough move.


Silver has been single since and not willing to love again. Tesla tried hard to get her attention but it just looks as if she doesn’t have a heart.

Her mom indirectly sang her an ‘I told you so silver ‘ song.

She spends the evening getting a sauna then the day shopping till her hand itches from picking stuff.


A week later.

Kelly visits Silver at her penthouse. On seeing Kelly, she hugged him like he has been gone for years.

“Tell me, how did it go? “She asked laughing at him.

“.. I can’t believe you aren’t mad at me and you expected me to come back! “Kelly said amused.

“Am always right. Now, is this wedding happening or not? “She asked.

Kelly smiled and put the engagement ring in her finger.

🌜The End 🌛

Finally, hew!

So short and Romantic enough.

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