Silver’s pov
Kelly and I didn’t say a word to each other till he left for work while I went to mom’s company to talk to her about while she’s meddling into my love life.

“Stop saying nonsense Silver. What do you know about love? “She questioned sounding sarcastic.

“I know everything about love mom and you wouldn’t know that because you’re blinded by your controlling and greedy spirit.

“I have a boyfriend mom and I love him even more than I love myself. “I said as tears gathered in my eyes.

“And you kept this from me? What do you do with this boy? Sex, drugs… Spill it Silver! “She yelled at me.

I was frustrated and annoyed.

“Yes, we have sex and we share each others company. Mom, he’s my everything… And thanks to you we’re having a bridge cause I cheated on him with Tesla… Exactly what you wanted! ”

“Don’t raise your voice at me Silver. You know what? Give me those… “She yelled snatching my car keys from my hands.

“Say good bye to your Benz sweetheart. Unless you come into your senses and dump that boy! “She lashed out.

I grit my teeth staring at her with anger.
Am beginining to hate her now.


I went to Kelly’s apartment and opened it with the spare. I wanted to suprise him with dinner so he’ll talk to me again.

I cleaned the whole place up and did one thing I never imagined I could do in my life… I cooked!

And I did it all by myself. Normally, I would cook with Kelly by my side directing me on how to do it or I go online.

I made spaghetti and meat balls. Yummy… 😋

I set the bed and fixed many other things.

I was coming out from the bedroom when I heard voices- two.

I quickly bent down and hid but I could see what was happening.

It was Kelly and that short girl, Mia.

I watched her wrap her arms around him.

She giggled as Kelly took off his shirt and pulled her close. Kissing her like nothing mattered.

It was heart breaking but I deserved this.. I cheated first didn’t I?

He lifted her legs and I took my eyes away crying.
I bent my head on my knees and covered my ears so I won’t hear them anymore. But damn… This hurts so bad.


After a while, I felt someone drag me up and it was Kelly.
I had sweats all over and my tears were stuck to my face.

I looked back at the room, Mia wasn’t there anymore.

I felt Kelly touch my face and I beat his hands off.

“Kelly. We don’t deserve each other.. It’s over. “I said with my eyes at the floor.

“Sooth yourself. “He said.

I felt my heart breaking already. It hurt so much. I couldn’t pull myself together anymore. I ran to the living room and grabbed my purse. I rushed to the door and tried to get it to open but looks like it was locked.

“Get the keys out! “I yelled at him.

I couldn’t even see him cause there was so many tears in my eyes and it was blur.

Kelly pulled me to himself and I tried to push him off but he was persistent on holding me.

“Shh. “He cooed as he patted my hair.

I calmed down a bit.

“I did nothing with Mia babe. I know you saw us. “He said.

I wiped my tears and looked at him.

“How? “I muttered.

“I saw your hair by the door and also… Your perfume. I can never forget that sweet smell. It rigs of you babe. “He said.

I took in a deep breath and exhaled.

“Am sorry I cheated on.. ”

“Enough. Forget about that. “He said looking angry.

“Now, go eat something… I want to go and have a little word with Tesla at your Penthouse. “He said.

“But… “I tried to protest.

“No buts Silver. I just want to talk to him “he said.

I nodded.
“Ugh… Mom took my Benz. “I said sadly.

“What is Benz that I can’t buy? Relax babe, I’ll get you as many Benz as you want. “He said.

I just smiled and hug him tight.

Kelly’s pov
I gathered my bodyguards and my flashy cars as we headed for Silver’s penthouse.

I want that Tesla guy to fear me.

My guards surpass his guards so we just walked past them entering the penthouse.

“Hey.. “I said.

He turned and on seeing me, he jerked up.

“How did you get in here and who the hell are you? “He asked.

“Drop the formalities aside. Am Kelly, Silver’s one and only. Am here to warn you, you cannot get on my bad side. I’ll kill you if you do. “I threatened.

He reached for his back pocket and brought out a gun pointing at me.

My guards stepped in and gave him few blows on his tummy. He fell to the floor groaning.

“I would go lodge in a hotel if I were you. “I said and left with my men.


“Oh my God! Kelly, My maid just called. She said Tesla left my penthouse and went to a hotel instead… “Silver yelled in my ear.

I was in the bathroom shaving.

“Ugh, good news then. “I said jot acting suprised.

“What did you do Kelly? Nothing but the truth! “She said staring at me from the mirror.

“I told you, we talked. “I said.

She placed her hands on her waist laughing.

“Uh.. Silver, can you help me get a glass of water? “I asked.

She nodded and left for the kitchen. 😏

Silver’s pov
I entered the kitchen and went to the cup holder. There was a cup… Filled with keys, car keys!!

Benz car keys.
I screamed and ran to Kelly.

“How did all this get here?! “I asked.

“I don’t know, I worked. ”

Kelly’s pov

She squeezed her face.
“What are you not telling me Kelly? “She asked.

I exhaled and turned to her.

“Silver Jefferson, you’re standing in front of Kelly Charles, the only heir of the sixth richest man in America. “I said sarcastically.

She batted her lashes.

She poured the keys i’m on the floor and began counting them

“9 cars?!!!! “She exclaimed.

“You get another one if you kiss me. “I said.

She pulled my head close to her and kissed me passionately.


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