Silver’s pov
Immediately I was done having my breakfast, I drove to kelly’s house. I was so impatient and guilt was eaten me alive.

He was not at home so I used my spare key in getting into his apartment to wait for him.

I couldn’t stop crying cause I had no idea of how Kelly would react when I tell him I cheated on him.

Kelly’s pov
Work was finally over and all I wanted to do was just to go home and talk to Silver, I miss her alot.

My boss left early so I had to be the person to lock up the restaurant.

When everybody had left. I closed up everywhere and activated the security cameras and many other android safe zone gadgets.

I left the restaurant and put my hands in my pocket walking down to the parking lot where I parked my car.

As I was about to open my car, I heard someone scream and shiver
I looked around and that was when I saw a lady with a hoodie and a small boy been robbed by a huge man.

I had to help.

I ran to the scene and punched the man. He had a knife.
We exchanged punches and he finally scurried off.

I looked at the two who stood there looking surprised.
The lady removed her hoodie, it was Candice and her son.

“Thank you so much Kelly. “She muttered with her palm over her lips.

“It’s not safe to be out here alone Candice. There are bad guys everywhere. Can’t your husband pick you up after work? “I asked.

She frowned immediately.

“Am divorced. “She said as tears fell from her eyes.

🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂In the car

I offered to drive Candice and his son to their house.
I just pity the fact that she’s not earning enough to fend for her and her son.

“… Am just looking for a man that i will be able to make a family with. So my son won’t have to suffer. “She said.

“You’ll find that man Candice. Someone that will cherish you and your son. “I said.

She smiled a bit.

“You can be that man Kelly. “She said.

I looked at her and she looked out the window.

“Please stop here. “She said.

I nodded and pulled over. She alit with her son.

What does she mean by that?
Does it mean she likes me?

Silver’s pov
I waited patiently before Kelly finally got home.

I let him have his bath and let him eat his dinner.

“Why’s your face like that? “He asked.

“Kelly… Something happened last night. “I murmured.

“What happened? “He asked climbing up the bed . he got under the cover and looked into my face.

“Kelly, after I tell you this you have every right to be angry with me But please, understand me. “I said.

he nodded.

“Kelly, Tesla and I had s3x. He.. I tried but… Am sorry “I said.

I couldn’t stop crying. Kelly hadn’t said a word. I wiped my tears and stood up from the bed.

“It’s okay if you can’t forgive me. Am sorry Kelly. “I said.

I wanted to leave but Kelly stopped me.

“Tell me, you’re joking Silver. “He said.

“Am not Kelly, stop making this difficult for me. “I said angry with myself.

“You hurt me Silver. “He said.

“Am sorry Kelly. I promise I won’t do it again. Forgive me. “I said.

Kelly left me and laid on the bed. I laid on the bed too but far from him.

He was awake just looking at the ceiling. I turned to my side as I waited for sleep to come cloud my eyes but it didn’t.

I couldn’t sleep.

I hope he forgives me by tomorrow.


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