Silver’s pov Cont.
I went to my room and freshened up for the night.
I called Kelly and we video chatted.

After that, I slept off.
I woke up when I heard a loud sound of cars probably driving out if the penthouse. It must be Tesla, he’s going out.

I went to the kitchen to meet his maid.

“Morning ma’am. “She said.

“Morning.. “I murmured and yawned loudly.

I looked at the kitchen table seeing all the delectable the maid prepared. There was bread toast, pancakes, omelette, bacon.. All looked yummy and mouth watering.

“Wow, all this for Tesla? “I asked taking a pancake and stuffing it into my mouth.

“I made them for you two.. But mostly him. “She said backing me.

I saw a plate with three slices of bread which was half bitten.

“Did he eat at all? “I asked.

“No. Just a bite and a gulp of coffee. “She replied.

I went to my room to have a bath. I wore my favorite outfit – a top and black fitted pants.

I dried my hair before going downstairs. I had breakfast before going to the drive way. My car was there, the guard must have brought it home .

I hoped in driving to my friend’s house.

Kelly’s pov
I was listening to some music with my headphone when the new waiter, Candice walked in.

She smiled and sat beside me.

“How are you? “She asked.

“Judge from my looks. “I said.

She chuckled.
“Can I keep you company? “She asked.

I shrugged.
“What are you listening to? “She asked.

“Rump shaker. “I said.

She smiled. “May I? ”

I nodded and passed the headphone to her.

She put around her head. I looked away.
This is getting awkward. She’s always on to me.

I turned to her.
“I have works to do. “I said and took my headphone leaving…

Mia’s pov
I laid on my bed crying.

“I’ve lost him Maddie, stop picking on me… “I cried.

“Shame on you! “She yelled at me.

I stood to my feet and went to my wardrobe. I brought out all my clothes.

“It’s better I stay with grandma than stay here facing humiliations from you and mom! “I said angrily.

“You’re weak. ”

“What else do you want me to do? “I asked wiping my tears.

“Give it to him one last time and if he resists you, you can give up. “She said.

I nodded slowly.
“I have to get him to f*ck me again.. ”

Kelly’s pov
I was wiping a table when the door opened ajar and a little boy ran in running towards Candice.

“Mommy! Mommy!! “He sang.

I stopped what I was doing and focused on both of them as they embraced.

Candice has a son?
She must be married to..
But where’s her wedding ring?

Candice’s pov
I was angry my son, Victor came here unannounced. The teacher should have dropped him off at my neighbors house… Now everyone at work knows i have a son.. How humiliating.

I had to pretend and hug him but deep inside, I felt like giving him a tight slap on his cheeks.

Kelly might look at me differently now. A single mom with a 4 years old son.

Silver’s pov
I came home late from my friends house. We really had alot to catch up on.

I walked into my radiant penthouse and headed for my room. Tesla was back cause his cars were outside.

I had a bath and put on my nighties which we’re short but that was what I got in my house.

After a while, I heard a knock at the door. I responded to the knock and the person came in.

I was backing the door but when I turned.. It was Tesla wearing just shorts.

What’s he doing here, and with what am wearing…


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