Kelly’s pov
Silver walked in and shut the door and walked in fully.

“Repeat what you said b****… “She told Mia.

If I leave this two, Silver will surely reconstruct Mia’s face with slaps. I went to Silver and held her on her shoulders.

“She doesn’t mean it Babe. “I said.

“No, calm down Kel. Am not gonna fight with her. She looks like a stupid bipolar highschool cheerleading 15 year old who’s definitely at the wrong house. “Silver said at once glaring at Mia.

“What did you just call me?! How dare you, huh?? “Mia asked.

“Get out if you still value your cute face. “Silver said to her.

Mia looked at me with anger and walked out slamming the door.

“Who is she? “Silver asked going to the kitchen.

I walked after her and stood by the door watching her.

“My ex. “I said hoping she won’t get mad.

She smirked.
“Do you still like her? “She asked.

“I don’t have room in my heart anymore silver. You took the whole space. “I said.

She blushed looking down at the floor.

I came close to her and kissed her.

“Tesla is coming tomorrow. Dad got my penthouse renovated just to soothe that d*ckhead. “She said.

I chuckled.
“Be nice to him Silver. He was once your friend right? “I asked holding her by her waist.

“Friends that never spoke to each other. We were both quiet to each other. It was mom doing all the pushing. Thank God they moved away before I turned 15 if not, mom would have made me date him. “She said opening the cupboard.

She was backing me now.
The tin she took fell off her hand and it fell on the floor. She bent to take it and her backside pressed on mine.

i felt it and my d*ck did too.

“Move back a bit pervert. “She said as she stood to her feet.

I chuckled and left the kitchen.

💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌Next day
Silver’s pov
I drove to the family house hoping to get there on time. Tesla is arriving today and mom says we are gonna hold a special dinner for him.

if am late, she’ll freeze my account. Crazy things mom does to me.

I was putting on a big but pretty dress for the dinner.
I arrived and alit handing my car key to the guard.

I walked in seeing huge men on black standing by the door. They used a metal detector pro to check if I was with any weapon before I was let in.

Guess Tesla is already here.

I walked to the dinning to see everyone including Tesla. Thank God they’re just starting.

Like my mom planned it, there was an empty seat beside Tesla.

I sat on it with a frown.

Tesla was looking smoking hot. His curly darkish brown hair, the abs. I only see his pix on Instagram, seeing him Here is much improved.

He smiled at me a little before facing his meal.

I dung my fork in my spaghetti judging if I should eat or not.

💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌two hours later
Tesla and I said bye to my family before we got into his limo driving to my penthouse were he’ll be staying for two weeks till the concert is over.

I didn’t want to talk to him at all so I kept my distance.

We arrived at my penthouse and we all alit with the guards walking after us.

I showed Tesla he’s room and he just walked in. His personal maid carried his probably heavy luggage into the room.

She dropped it at a corner of the room.

“Leave. “Tesla said facing the window.

I wondered if he was referring to the maid or me.

I turned to go.

“.. Not you Silver. “He said and I froze.

The maid stuttered out closing the door.

“Come here… “He said.

I gulped before coming close to him.
He turned looking at me with his blue eyes.

He’s super handsome and at that a good singer too.

“How many years silv? “He asked.

He’s the only one that calls me ‘Silv’

“8 years.. “I muttered.

He sent his hand to my cheek cupping it. He drew close to me slowly looking deep into my eyes.

I feared he might kiss me with the way he was looking at my lips and then back at me.

He took me by suprise as he left me and walked to the bed sitting on the bed.

“Get me my maid on your way out. “He said.

Hmm, bossy.

I nodded feeling relieved at heart.
I walked out of the room… Hew!


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