Silver’s pov cont.
I looked up at mom and smiled.
“Its nothing mom. I just remembered something funny that happened on my way here. “I said.

Mom glared at me before continuing.

“I want to let everyone know, especially YOU Silver. You all know the artist, Tesla. He’s having a concert here in the city. As a childhood friend of ours, your dad has contributed to giving him a place to stay till the end of the concert… “Mom said.

“Wow, that’s so nice of you dad. “My elder sister, Sam said.

Tesla’s family used to be our family friend during our childhood.
I barely knew him before he moved away.

Mom once said, we should have dated when we were of age and we were meant to be but looks like she’s wrong cause I found someone better.

“So which of the penthouse are you giving to him dad? “My elder brother asked.

I took a cup of juice and drank from it.

“Silver’s penthouse…. ”


I unintentionally vomited the juice in my mouth.

I dropped the glass back reaching for my handkie to clean my lip.

“My penthouse?? Why me mom??!!! “I asked flabbergasted with the whole thing .

“Stop yelling. Its Just for two weeks. “Mom said.

“But dad… “I whined like a baby.

“No buts Silver. You’ll be keeping him company as he gets inspiration to write new songs. “Dad said.

I ruffled my hair angrily.

Kelly’s pov
After the day’s work, I took a cab hone cause I didn’t come with my car. I got to my apartment hearing loud music from it.

Looks like Silver is back.

I went in and shut the door.
I met Silver on the bed with her eyes closed. She opened her eyes a little and when she saw me, she smiled.

“Hi. “She said.

I sat beside her on the bed.

“How was the boring meeting? “I asked.

She sat up.
“Not as boring as you think. “She said.
She began telling me about what her parents said.

“They want me to live with that guy in my penthouse. “She said.

“No harm in it. Just two weeks. “I said then I stopped and smiled. “Wanna cone stay here? “I asked.

She shook her head.

“He’s gonna tell mom I don’t come home at night. “She said.

I nodded and ruffled my hair.

“Okay then. “I muttered.

After having dinner and a bath, I joined Silver on the bed cuddling her.
I kissed her on her lips and she opened up.

I felt her need for me.
I felt like it too.

I turn on a song ‘yummy ‘ by Justin Bieber.

Silver opened her eyes.

“It sound weird listening to this song while we do it babe. “She said and I could tell she was shy.

I turned off the song and went for her lips. I kissed her as I came inbetween her legs and helped her get rid of my clothes which she wore.

Her moan was as quiet as a whisper and I loved it. Music to my ears.

It was so intense and we both enjoyed it.

💌Next day 💌
Candice’s pov
I couldn’t stop thinking about that cute waiter yesterday. I can’t wait to befriend him and maybe we could make something out of our friendship.

Am a new waitress and I just started yesterday.

“So, do you think he has a girlfriend? “I asked Janet, the girl behind the counter.

“I don’t know. He doesn’t talk much but he’s always with his phone, laughing or whatever… “She said Waving me off.

I have to get his attention. I really need someone like him in my life right now.

After a while, he arrived and he looked more handsome today.

I gulped as I drool over him.

Gosh! Pull yourself together Candice.

I watched as he smiled lightly to Janet and walked to the back probably to get into his uniform.

💌💌💌💌💌💌💌💌hours later.

I walked into the kitchen to see him standing Alone operating his phone. Thank God the coast was clear.

It was just both of us.

I took a knife and sliced my arm a bit. I screamed and dropped the knife.

“Oh crap!! “I said as I reached for a tissue with shaking hands.

“Are you okay? ” I heard his manly voice behind me.

I smiled inwardly cause I succeeded in getting his attention.

He took my injured arm.

“It’s fine, I can take care of it. “I muttered.

He persisted in helping me and he got a first aid kit.

We sat close to each other as he focused on my wounds bounding it up.

I couldn’t take my eyes off his face.

💌💌💌💌💌💌💌Later in the evening
Kelly’s pov
I got down from my car and went into the building.

I went into the elevator that led to the 10th floor where my apartment was.

I got to my door to see Mia standing there.
For the first tine ever, am seeing her with makeup.

“Hi Kelly. “She muttered.

“Why are you here? “I asked.

I don’t want to see her ever again. She was the first girl I ever truly loved but she threw my feelings away.

“Am.. I just wanted to talk to you. “She muttered.

I opened my door and she followed me in.
I switched on the lights.

“Be fast Mia, am too tired for this. “I said throwing my keys on the desk.

“Am sorry I dumped you Kelly. “She said and sniffed. “I want you back. ”

I scoffed.
“Too late like always Mia, I have a girlfriend and she’ll be here soon. “I said.

“I don’t care Kelly. Am not giving up on what we shared. Am not going anywhere. “She said with her arms folded. “I want to meet her – your girlfriend. ”

“Why? “I asked.

“Am going to tell her to let you go. I’ll tell her to leave you cause you’re mine alone. ” she said. “She must be dumb enough to think you really love her. ”

“Really?? “I heard Silver say standing by the door with her fist clenched.

Just in time babe.


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