Wale pulled his cock out my mouth and looked down at me, held his hand under my chin forcing me to look up at him. ”I still feel horny and need to be satisfied boy,” he said. He lifted me up and threw me over his shoulder. I was looking down at his hairy ass as he carried me to his bed. I looked up and could see Giftfollowing. His stiff cock and balls were swinging from side to side between his hairy legs, as he followed. Wale held me firmly over his shoulder stroking my firm butt as he carried me to his bed to be fucked by both of them. My face kept banging into the small of his muscular back, caramel juice was still all over my face and body. Looking down I could see the cheeks of his hairy butt tense and relax to the motion of his stride. I stroked his butt and the back of his powerful legs. Gift followed, squeezing and stroking his hard big black cock.Walking with that confident swagger that guys have and a smile on his face.

Wale slid me off his shoulder onto his bed laying me on my back. “Look at my hard cock boy that’s what effect you’re having on me”, then he pointed at Gift’s hard cock, “and him too,” he said. I could tell by the expression on their faces and the look in their eyes that they were high on adrenaline. Lust possessed them. I was theirs to fuck and I wanted their cocks to fuck me. They would have raped me anyway. But I was old enough to give my consent. He stroked my chest with his big black hands making me tremble with excitement and giving me a feeling of intense pleasure. I could see his big black cock twitching up and down, as he looked me up and down stroking my hips and legs.

Holding his cock in his hand he looked down at me. “You think I’ll get this all the way into you eh,” he said in away that he didn’t expect an answer. He then climbed onto the bed,” lift your legs up and spread your legs boy.” Gift climbed onto the bed behind me and grabbed my ankles spreading my legs wider apart and exposing my man pussy.
They were both looking at my tight hole. Wale ran his finger along the crack of my ass, making me shudder. “Damn, that’s a cute tight ass,” said Wale. He then used his fingers to stretch my hole open. He spat a mouthful of saliva in my hole and then slowly rubbed the rim of my hole, penetrating my hole slowly with his finger. My entire body shuddered with excitement. He looked up at me and smiled; “you like that boy, don’t you?” I started fucking his finger, moving my hips back and forth wanting to take his finger deeper. He put another finger in me then another until he had four fat fingers in my man pussy. He spat more saliva in my hole. Gift spat a mouthful of saliva in my hole and used two of his fingers to stretch my hole even more. They were both fingering me the same time. Making me shudder even more and scream out with pleasure.

Wale looked at me. “We have to loosen you up some, to take my big cock. Your ass is so fucking tight.” My cock was stiff and aching. “Milk him while I work on his hole,” he said to his brother. Gift squeezed and stroked my stiff cock. The sensation and excitement at being finger fucked and having my cock stroked, I soon shot my load. Gift squirted my cum juice into the palm of his hand and smeared it onto Wale’s cock. He made me lick my cum off his hand.

He ran the head of his cock up and down through my ass crack. He began to push the big mushroom head into my tight hole, stretching my hole to the limits. I screamed out and struggled pleading with him to stop. “Scream and struggle as much as you like boy no one will hear you. You ain’t felt nothing yet. . Relax as much as you can and it will not hurt so much or for very long,” he said. “Hold him still Gift,” said Wale.
The more I struggled and screamed the more excited it made Wale. Gift continued to restrain me, when I looked up I could see his hairy balls and stiff cock. The head slipped in, making me scream out some more, there were tears in my eyes. My tight ass could hardly take it’s girth I was thinking that hard shaft will split me in two. He left the head of his cock in my ass and didn’t try or go any further giving my hole time to get used to it. He must have seen I was relaxed, he slowly and gently started to push deeper into my rectum. Two, three, four inches then rested.
I did begin to relax a bit and started to want more.Five, six, seven inches. I feel like I’m stuffed to the limit but I want it all. One last push and I have the whole ten inches of his big black cock in me. I soon realized it didn’t hurt so much anymore. I lay there with my legs spread wide apart my insides stretched to the limits by his big black uncut cock.
It still hurt a bit as he pulled out a couple of inches then shoved it back in again, pounding it home. I wrapped my legs and arms around him feeling his muscular body. He used the full thrust of his hips to pound my ass. He was breathing heavily and sweating I could feel his hot breath on my face. Gift was looking on, waiting for his turn. I felt Wale’s cock throbbing as his whole body shuddered spasmodically. His natural instinct was to thrust as deep into me as possible to deliver his hot live sperm juice as far into my gut as he could. I could feel the warm live sperm juice squirting inside me.

His cock started to soften, he looked at me, ran his fingers through my hair “Next time I’ll fuck you longer and rougher,” he said. Pearl white cum juice dripped out his cock slit as he pulled his semi hard big black cock out my man pussy. Gift told me to get on my hands and knees. Cum juice was leaking out my ass and running down the inside of my legs.

He knelt down behind me and held onto my balls, so I would not pull away from him. He leaned into me pushing his cock into me on Wale’s cum juice. I could feel the friction of his cock rubbing the inside of my gut as he slid his big cock into me. I pulled away at the feel of pain as he penetrated me. He pulled on my balls which made me thrust back on his cock. He slapped my ass sending a sharp feeling of pain through my body. He leaned forward and shouted in my ear, “don’t you pull away from me again or I will rip your balls off.” They both laughed out loud. Wale knelt in front of me. “Lick my cock clean pu**y boy.” Gift’s cock was not so big and felt really comfortable and awesome as he pumped away at my ass. Cum juice was squirting out my ass as I forced my ass hard onto Gift’s cock.

He held my hips and thrust hard and deep, moaning out loud. I felt his cock throbbing and swelling in my gut, as I licked clean Wale’s cock, which was getting hard. Gift’s body convulsed, I could feel his warm juice filling my gut. He pulled out and squirted two jets of cum onto my back, then laid on my back inhaling and exhaling rapidly.

I was on my hands and knees;Gift was resting on my back his cock still dripping cum juice. Wale grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, he was holding his now hard cock. He had pulled his foreskin back, exposing the soft tissue of the glans and slit hole at the tip of his hard black veined shaft. “Boy I haven’t finished with you yet. I’m going to fuck you lots more,” he said. My ass and throat was full two brothers’ caramel sperm juice. I was a very contented boy.



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