FREE PU$$Y, FREE PREGNANCY…..(18+)…..Part 5


I was about to Pour when I saw that she don faint true true….
Bimbo! Bimbo!! I called out…..
Guess what???
She can’t even move again but still breathing!! I quickly carry her to my reading chair then bring the drink I bought for her to drink…
After she opened her eyes, she was like ‘you didn’t tell me you wanted to kill me??’
Me: you know I never Pour?
Bimbo: yeh!!! Weyrey re o!
Me: lemme quickly release before I leave you finally!!
Bimbo: not me and you again!!
Me: (laughing and then planted a kiss on her lips)
She obliged, we then kissed till I get rock hard again….
I then put my J0yst!ck in her again on that chair with a style I developed called face me and F**K me!
She was enjoying every bit of it, as I got tired of the style, I then switched to missionary style and moved to bed..
We sexed for like 10minutes before I finally came….
As I was about to removed the condom I wore, guess what???
The condom don tear, which means I Pour in her…
Me: mogbe!!
Bimbo: kilode?
Me: (showed her the thing) hope you see this?
Bimbo: forget about that jor, when you dey F**K, u no reason say e fiit tear abi?

Me: (crying) what will we do now?
Bimbo: don’t worry, I’m a big girl!!
Me: shey big girl can’t get pregnant ni?? Wo, wetin we go do o?
Bimbo: calm down!!
Me: okay dear (kissed her) sha no let it turn pregnancy!
Bimbo: okay o… So, I need to prepare to go home o.. (She was dressing up)
As I wan stand up, I noticed I can’t even lift my leg… I was terribly weak.. She was weak too but she need to go home…
I didn’t see her off, I just lie down on my bed felling hungry and sleepy!
Not up to 5mins that she left, my door was opened by zainab again… One funny thing is that I never dress up, she didn’t even do as if she sees anything….
About Zainab
She’s a girl I love to be with, though I’m her tutor, we do s*x when I feel like
Zainab: since you’re though with your visitor, can you now help me with my assignment
Me: u sha see that I’m tired.. I’m hungry, tired and don’t even know gan sef!!!
Zainab: (drops the book and tok her leave) send it to me when you’re done….
She left as I looked up only to look up and see that the time is 6.30….
I then remembered my phones where I put them, I cried when I saw that the Bb battery is drained and the tecno is full with missed calls….
Then I saw a message from an unknown number which goes thus:
‘I was peeping at you 4 window, love the way you sexed that girl…. And pls can we talk??’
I quickly dial the number only to see that It was…..


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