FORBIDDEN LOVE … (18+) … Part 2



***I watched as my mother in law made her way to the kitchen and dropped her bag on the kitchen counter, I took my seat in the living room waiting for her to join me but she didn’t

“Ba Mayo come and make me a cup of tea”

She shouted from the kitchen and I dragged myself there as she occupied my seat in the living room and changed channels, I made her breakfast because I knew what she meant when she said she wanted “a cup of tea”. I took the tray to her and she smiled at me then I took a seat, Bana Chileshe returned from the market and greeted mother then resumed with her chores

“I was hoping to find Bashi Jane still home but guess I missed him”

She said after taking a bite of her muffin

“Yeah you did”

“Then Jane is also at school, that girl is so intelligent and I know she’ll become a nurse”

“It’s her dream”

I faked a smile

“Yes we also need a boy who’ll be an engineer and fly the family name to the top”

“Not this topic again”

I said to myself as I rolled my eyes

“We’re working on it mother”

“You’re delaying I need to see my grandson before my time’s up bec…”

I interrupted her

“Don’t worry you will see him”

“But when?”

She said with a raised tone and I just looked at her, I really didn’t have the energy to deal with her

“Finish up the tea will get cold”

“Please be fast about it”

I didn’t respond and se stopped talking then focused her attention on the TV and my mind was drifted away thinking of Justin and I asked myself so many questions in what made him go AWOL on me but I had no answer until I was brought back from my thoughts by my mother in law who cheered

“Yes she finally had a baby boy, the herbs she took really did work. Ba Mayo I think you should try it too, I got up trying to hide my frustration and locked myself up in my bedroom. I tried finding sleep but it had deserted me so I just sat and starred into space until Bana Chileshe came knocking on my door that lunch was served and I joined them in the dining room where we ate in silence and I got to start preparing what Mwelwa asked for. He later got home with Jane and like the momma’s boy he was he sat with her like his life depended on her and kept asking her if she had anything to eat, they tried to engage me in their conversation but I wasn’t interested in whatever they were saying but I had to pretend to be happy until my mother in law left.




A week had passed and I decided that I was not going to stay indoors stressing myself about Justin because his phone had even gone off, Mwelwa was taking me out that day and I didn’t turn down the offer because I thought it would help me get my mind off him, I wore a white jumpsuit, silver sandals and a grey head wrap then I took my phone and called Mwelwa informing him that I was done and he’d come to puck me up. I found myself starring at Justin’s pictures in my phone and a tear escaped my eye messing my make up, Mwelwa arrived shortly and led me outside then we drove trying to keep a light conversation. We began by checking on Jane at daycare and she was happy to see us, I suggested that she left with us but Mwelwa was against it so she stayed back and we went to some restaurant I’d never been before, it was quite fancy I knew Mwelwa wanted to spoil me rotten at times but I never put that into consideration. We were just at the entrance when he met an old friend of his and he introduced us then they began with some catch up, I got exhausted just standing there and listening to them so I whispered to Mwelwa that he’d find me inside. I was inside and was in search of a table when I couldn’t believe my eyes so I got closer to get a clearer view, Justin was with a woman all cosy and they were accompanied by my best friend Blessings who was laughing her lungs out. The woman was beautiful, biracial just like Thomas and classy, she was really Justin’s type. I felt my world coming to an end and my tears weren’t far from dropping, Blessings looked like she wished for the ground to open up and swallow her while Justin was calm as ever

“Who’s she?”

She asked in her American accent

“No one”

Blessings answered leaving me shocked then they shifted their attention from me and continued with what they were doing, I felt like a fool that moment and I was about to say something when Mwelwa appeared from behind and snaked his arms around my waist leading me away. We found a table not far from theirs and I watched them all look happy while tears burned from the corner of my eyes, Mwelwa kept talking but I didn’t get a word of what he said as I kept playing with my food then a text message came through on my phone but I ignored it. Justin kept looking at me like he wanted to say something but I took my gaze off him and he kissed the girl right in my presence, it was too much to take so I got up leaving with Mwelwa calling out my name. Blessings stood up too and followed me but didn’t bother talking to me and she took a different route when we were out and I went to seat in the car as I watched her drive away in total speed then Mwelwa got in the car shortly and we heard gunshots being fired in the restaurant and Mwelwa drove away….

To be continued…


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