Barb wire made sure Stone and his other friend placed the raffia palm well for me so that I could lay my back on it well, I was not even given even any foreplay to turn me on, rather he wet his dick with his spit and inserted his dick forcefully into my pussy and forcefully began to fuck me, I felt his flesh rub against the inner wall of my pussy hard that I moaned out so loud that the lazy Stone turned toward me from where he sat holding barb wire’s shirt
Stone: You don dey shout now abi?
He wasn’t the one giving the inner walls of my pussy bruises but his mouth kept running like a loosed tap
Stone: Today you go hear am!
While barb wire was busy going in a back and forth motion so fast that I grabbed him by the shoulder, his other friend brought his very thick cock and knelt down close to my mouth as he gave me signal to suck his dick and Stone began to rant again
Stone: Yes suck am so that you no go dey shout too again
I hurried grabbed that masterpiece of God’s well crafted arts into my mouth, he gagged me with that I began to cough, while he squeezed my boobs and was playing with my clitoris, amongst the three of them, it was obvious that he was the one who know’s where and how to touch a woman’s body, because he expertly used the tip of his fingers to rub my clit so slow and soft and I kept groaning with his dick in my mouth.

Just like the porn movies I use to watch at home in my room, I was cumin and my legs were shaking so slow like it caught tremor, when Barb wire was about to cum, I noticed his face became so stern looking and the breeze from his breath was felt on my neck and Stone keep jeering him to victory
Stone: O boy fuck dis toto make dis girl believe you today
And he became to fuck so fast while it hung my leg in the and my pussy kept making sound “pkam! Kpam!” The lubrication was too much for Barb wire to cum as he withdrew his dick just few seconds to cum and his semen sprayed all over the raffia and some on his boxers and Stone started again
Stone: Choi! Oga Barb wire, you dey finish work!
As he stood to wipe the semen off his boxers, his other friend immediately switched places with him and slowly inserted his huge dick too, that was when I really felt that something huge enough has entered my body, the cool thing about this guy was that he didn’t need to fuck me hard because his long thick cock was going deep and hitting all corners of my pussy.
He would slowly whine his waist and then move his waist back and forth fast and then slow down a bit, I felt it right deep into the canal of my cunt, and then he would grab my boobs and then suck my nipples, flatten his tongue on it and lick it so sensual while his waist was whining like a makossa dancer, and he would bring out his dick, use the cap of his dick to flog the outer part of my cuntlips and clitoris before inserting deep again, I wished he never stopped because I was having multiple organsm and you could visibly see my cum drool out as it find its way down to my butt hole, my pussy was filled with whitish liquid as it also rubbed all over my thighs and that was all my cum.
Barb wire and Stone watched with total amazement as their friend tutored them on how to make a pussy feel good, he then began with heavy. and deep strokes, he would insert the full length of that cock into my pussy and only what is seen its the base of his groin region lapping to my pussy mound, then he would grab just my nipples, leaving my breast to juggle from his hard strokes, I covered my eyes and my hands on his ears as he then began to hit it like I have always dreamt of, I felt him deep inside me to a point I began to yell and begged him to keep on like that, he continued for almost another 3 minutes and I could my pussy wall gripping his dick tight, my clit fully erect as he kept pinching my nipples so hard, my cum was so voluminous this time that it sprayed out like it was a fountain, but this guy kept fucking me with the same precision and strength that my cum sprayed so large again and Stone went ranting again

Stone: I tell you say we dey fuck oh! You no dey see am? My guy drill dis toto for joor
And he let out a smile from the corner of his mouth as he kept driving me crazy and then he yelled
Guy: Omo I go release o! Yes I go soon release
And he withdrew his dick, I have never seen anyone in my life which such large volume of cum, those huge balls of his really poured out loads of semen that it poured like a mini pool of water right under my pussy, I laid there grasping for breath as I said
Me: Thank you for making enjoy you
And we had someone clapping and we all turned to see Mr Adewale our agric teacher as he kept saying
ADEWALE: Correct! I say very correct
Still on the ground, I noticed the huge bulge on his trouser and wished I could tell him to shut up and come join the party but since he is my teacher we have to obey him
ADEWALE: All of you should dress up and follow me to the staff room, today I’ll show you pepper..

Mr Adewale dragged us all to the staff room and knelt us down, he made Barb wire lie on the table as he flogged him with all his strength but Barb wire laid there looking up as the cane met his buttocks, he didn’t even shake an inch or rubbed his buttocks in pain.
ADEWALE: I will flog you 24 strokes and make sure you serve punishment after this.
He flogged Barb wire complete strokes he had apportioned to everyone, next to climb the table was the other guy who barely talks nor smile, he kept his fist clenched and the dust on his trousers would come out each time his strokes meets his buttock, by the time Mr Adewale counted 20, Stone who was kneeling down beside me began to cry.
Stone: Sir please o! I did not do anything, sir please I am not feeling fine..

Mr Adewale turned towards him, pointing the cane at him and said
ADEWALE: You a rolling stone that gathers no moist, your mouth keeps running loose, I will flog you today until you bleed..
And Stone cried like a baby when it was his turn to climb the table, Mr Adewale flogged him with so much anger that his strokes came with fast velocity and almost tore his trousers, by the time he was counting 20, the cane was almost shattered as pieces of the cane flew at different angles and Mr Adewale was breathing heavily and sweating, he couldn’t complete his 24 strokes as he stopped, looked at us and said
ADEWALE: Now all of you run to your classes
I stood up, used my handkerchief to wipe the dust off my feet and turned to follow the rest back to our classroom and Mr Adewale sat on his table and looked at us as we left his office
ADEWALE: Come Floxy, where do you think your going? Have I punished you yet? Will you come back here before I get angry with you
I turned back and walked back into his office as Barb wire and co left his office, he paused for a while, looked me in the face and said
ADEWALE: Who taught you how to do all I saw you display today?
I didn’t say a word as I stood still with my head down and he continued..
ADEWALE: I know you must be very tired now but immediately after school I want to see you in my office, you can go for now
In class all I could think and wish for was that Mr Adewale takes off my bra and use that huge bulge I saw in his trousers to ram me crazy! The moment the school bell rang for school over, I ran straight to his office only for me to realise that his office was locked inside, so I stood at the door waiting for him to open and attend to me, I heard moans from inside his office, I peeped through the window binds and saw our deputy senior prefect Dorida, as she laid on the table, her long skirt thrown wide open as she used her jaw to hold the tip of the skirt, Mr Adewale knelt down and was sucking her pussy, his dick out of his trousers, he used one hand to stroke it while he was sucking Snr Dorida so well that she was shaking her head from left to right, wriggling her waist and moaning and she kept touching Mr Adewale’s hair.
Sex can humble even the strongest of them villains, Mr Adewale was just so humble as Snr Dorida kept moaning and was saying
Dorida: That’s ma boy! O yes! Teacher your good
My cum was dripping of so hard, didn’t even know when my hand unbuttoned the first two buttons of my shirt and I was squeezing my nipples as I watched them, I kept squeezing my nipples and peeping through the window, I saw Mr Adewale standing up, rubbing the cap of his dick with his left hand while the other hand was playing with Snr Dorida’s clit, She almost fell out of the table as she jerked her waist faster and was shaking her head like she was convulsing.
I couldn’t believe that Snr Dorida who reads the bible everyday at morning devotion at the assembly could get down and naughty like this, I got carried away until I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned to see Uncle Martins our chemistry appear before me…




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