I was a teen boy still going through puberty, masturbating without reason or motivation it would just come to my mind and provided that I am not seen by anyone I would just masturbate. In my last year of school sitting in the last row at the back of the classroom, girl was sitting at the opposite table there was narrow passage in between the rows. I would put my hand in my pocket and play with my cock until I cum in my pant. During the breaks I would spy on girls to see if I could catch the glimpse of the girl’s undies.

I loved physical education the best where boys and girls must wear tight shorts and blouses. You could notice girls with swollen and puffy breasts, some small which I always preferred, and some really large. You can watch girls up close and personal with beautiful small and rounded asses or the bigger one.
Sometime if I was watchful I could get a glimpse of the teacher’s sexy knee caps or sometime a bit higher up her skirt. Always on the look out to see sister’s pussy and many times I would look at mother’s pussy barely visible or just some hair sticking from the sides of her panties. That was good enough for me to have nice masturbation.
Once I watched mother for 10 minutes without pants. She was sitting on a low stool doing some hand washing with her legs spread, her pussy lips and clitoris slightly opened, forgetting that I might be watching. Must admit seeing mother’s pussy is one thing that turns boys on and they would never forget the moment and what they have seen.
She must have forgotten that lower part of her dress would fall down, while her front was over her knees, she thought that she is covered. Similarly I have seen many more pussy’s some so hairy that all you see is hairy bush between her legs.
Mother’s sister has two children, her son two years younger than me and daughter some age as me. I did mention her I think in my first story. From early childhood I would be pestering her with my little hands, stuffing my fingers in her pussy and she either did not minded or there was nothing she can do.

But later it would prove that she liked me caressing her pussy. We would play hide and seek as she would come to my hiding place waiting for my fingers in her little hairless pussy. That was going on every time we are together. We both reached the age of puberty. She would allow me to play with her pussy and her now short red-yellow pubic hair, and sometime sticking two fingers inside her vagina.
We both reached eighteen her boobs become rounded small and well formed. I wanted to fuck her but we could never be alone. It was summer time. She already had a boyfriend who becomes her husband. Finally it happened, I come to visit and she was home alone cleaning the house. I sensed that she wanted me to fuck her but honestly I did not have courage and did not know how to go about initiating sex.
She was doing something around the bed, when suddenly she whispered something, to this day I am not sure what exactly she said. I just nodded, I could feel my cock jumping up in my trousers. She lay at the edge of the bed her skirt comes up as she lifted up right leg folding it revealing what I wanted to see for years. First I saw was her fine red pubic hair. Her pussy lips were closed up I could barely see a small hole at the bottom of her pussy lips.
For the first time I have seen her beautiful asshole. Everything was perfect that day. Without taking trouser off I unzipped and pulled out my already erected penis. It did not escape me that she took a good look at my size. The position on the bed was awkward as I was in fear that somebody could walk in on us, one of her legs folded was on the bed while the other was almost touching the floor.
My left leg was between her legs, with the right leg on the floor. Despite the awkwardness of my position I took my cock in left hand searched for the opening and entered her pussy. God I was in heaven so was she.
My cock fully erect I pushed in as far as I could go, I could feel her vagina muscles around my cock tightening I knew that feeling as I felt it before. I started kissing her lips and her neck when she whispered, “Do not kiss me please.” With one hand I took out one of her gorgeous breast massaging her with passion and excitement.
It did not last long, I pulled out without cumming, I just could not. The fear of getting caught and the risks were overwhelming to continue. The price we both risk paying was too great. She has the nicest pussy that I have ever fucked.
We are both alive I am seeing her as we are couple of months away from 70 years old.

She is still a pretty lady, recently I visited her and we spend a day together I started conversation reminding her about our childhood hoping that I could fuck her one last time and I would not mind dying with the full satisfaction of fucking her once more.
I am working on it. I can fuck you know, do not underestimate my ability despite my age. I would be 70 in August.
Note: Cousin’s husband passed away 6 years ago, so do not think you pervert that I would fuck her if her husband was alive I am not “that into the sin.” My wife also passed away, so there you go you little motherfuckers.

°°° THE END°°°

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