FIX ME – Episode 11







“Can you…. sleep here tonight?If you want to…that is. I just want you to know that I won’t force you into anything again, I can wait until you’re ready to accept me”He stuttered like a teenager.
I nibbled my lips.
He doesn’t picture me ever leaving him.
And I almost did today.
He’s comfortable with me because he thinks I’m the only person who wouldn’t think of crushing him.
What am I going to do?
I don’t want to hurt him more than he already is.
I smiled trying to cover up my inner meltdown.
“I will spend the night here but I have to change”
“Change into something of mine.If you go to your bedroom,you might change your mind”He retorted.
I’m starting to feel hot……hot for him.
I nodded.
“The dressing room is that way”
I walked into the dressing room and looked around.
He has so many clothes.
Oh…I seem to forget he got me many too.
I’m yet to even wear half of it.
I went through his clothes….. marveling at his intoxicating scent.
It was hard to find anything that would fit into my body.
He’s heavily built and his clothes are big too.
I finally found a T-shirt and a boxer with an elastic band on the waist.
I walked back in to see him shirtless.
Oh man.
I badly wanted to feel those muscles.
His mouth fell open when he saw me.
“What is it?”I asked.
“You…em…. seeing you in my shirt is bearable enough but in my underwear too…. Fvck! It’s got me all hot and bothered”
I snickered.
“Stop being silly”I sat on the bed trying to pretend I’m not hot and bothered too.
He smiled and lay down on the bed.
“It’s late,you should get some rest”I coaxed lying beside him.
He nodded.
“Thank you, Sophia”
“For what?”
“For making me feel okay”He muttered,sadly.
“Thank you for opening up to me and for all the things you’ve done for me too”I replied.
I thought about what might cheer him up.
Though,I was curious to know everything about him… I know he was keeping some things to himself but I didn’t want to press on for now.
It clearly wasn’t easy for him to reveal this much to me.
I wanted to take his mind off his hurtful past.
“What do you love doing?”I asked turning sideways to face him.
“Staring at you”He replied.
I frowned.”Aside staring at me”
“Watching you eat”
“Watching you paint”
“I mean,like an hobby,is there anything you love to do aside staring at me?”
“I don’t know.I’ll figure that out later”
I snickered, shaking my head.
My eyes caught my paintings again.
“I didn’t know you love artworks”
“I didn’t know I love them until I saw your paintings.I’m your biggest fan,nenem(baby).”
I felt heat rising up in my cheeks.
Who doesn’t love being praised?
“You really think I’m good?”
“You’re amazing. I mean, sometimes,I wonder how you can paint all these and make it look so real…so natural…so beautiful.I wouldn’t even know what to do with the canvas or mix colours.Does red and white give you purple.”
I laughed at his silliness.
“Of course not.”
“I love it when you laugh.It’s my fault you don’t do that more often”He murmured, ruefully.
I badly didn’t want to see him sad anymore.
“Jokes could help.You can tell me jokes”
“Jokes”He said more to himself as if thinking of something up.
“Well, I think I heard this somewhere,I don’t really remember how it starts or ends but the punch line is…’Get lost,you old cargo’!”
I grimaced.
“So am I supposed to laugh to an half joke?”
He pouted.”I’m an hopeless joke teller”
I couldn’t stop myself from laughing not because of his half joke but because of how hopeless he looked.
Like a cute puppy.
My cute puppy.
I think spending too much time in Damien’s room is starting to get to me.
“At least, I’m not that hopeless after all,you laughed.”He pointed out, smiling.
I stared at him.
He looks so handsome when he smiles.
Not so dark and dangerous.
But warm and nice.
This man had gone through so much pain.
I suddenly wanted to make him smile more often.
What is wrong with me?
I’m thinking of making another man’s happiness my priority when I’ve got Raul.
I’m starting to be the complicated person here.
Out of the blue,a thought crossed my mind.
“You said it’s only my touch that you don’t shriek to.Then how do you have s£x with your past women?”
As I asked this question,I felt bile rising in my throat thinking of him with other women.
“I tie them up.”He replied.
That’s a little shocking.
He took my hand and ran it through his chest.
I used that opportunity to feel his taut muscles.
Gosh…they felt good.
Now I wanted to put my lips on them.
“I love the feeling of your hand on my body,docura(sweetness)”He said, closing his eyes.
I found myself wanting him to hold me.
And he did.
I closed my eyes feeling so cozy….so special in his arms.


My eyes slowly open.
I stared at the wall clock.
It was 5:14am.
Wait…. it’s morning already?
I didn’t wake up in the middle of the night to inject myself?
I…. I had no nightmare!
This is incredible….
For the first time in years,I slept soundly.
How is this possible?
I looked down at Sophia.
She was still asleep.
My Sophia.
This woman is like a miracle to me.
I smiled…. I could really actually sleep.
I slept well.
I need her more than anything now.
I’m never letting her go and I’m going to do anything I can to make her happy.
If she could do this for me…. I don’t know if the nightmares would ever resurface but I know with her by my side…I’ll be okay.
I leaned down and kissed her forehead.
‘I cherish you, Sophia.’

Taking in how she looks in my clothes made desire sizzle down my spine, frying every nerve ending in its path.
She looks so sexy….sexier than usual.
I wanted to devour her… claim her.
I can’t wait much longer.
Feeling pressed,I slowly stood up from the bed to ease myself.
But when I came back.
She wasn’t on my bed.


I had woken up when Damien kissed my forehead.
I know he had been staring at me before he left to the bathroom.
I had waited till he slept off…. thinking I would calm him down if he has any nightmares but he didn’t.
He didn’t scream….he slept like a baby.
Was that perhaps because of me?
Again, I’m in awe of how much effects I have on him….and how much he needs me.

I had gone over to my bedroom.
Maybe I could think less of him in here.
I was burning up all over,my skin was damp with perspiration as I padded to the French doors and flung them open.
The early morning’s air was sultry, wrapping around my heated body like a lover’s embrace.
Closing my eyes,I stood on the balcony as my blood pumped hotly through my veins.
Suddenly,there was low,rough knock at the door.
I spun around,my heart vaulting into my throat.
I didn’t have to wonder who it was.
My body had been calling out for him since last night.
And now,he had come for me.
Before I could stop myself….not that I could have….I rushed across the room,unlocked the door with trembling fingers and swung it open.
Damien loomed in the doorway,his shoulders nearly spanning the opening.
His eyes blazing fiercely in the shadows.
His chest and feet were bare.
We stared at each other.
No words were spoken as he stepped forward, cupping my face between big hands and crushing his mouth to mine.
Gasping with shocked pleasure,I threw my arms around his neck and pressed my breasts against his hard, powerful chest.
His hungry mouth devoured mine in a deep, scorchingly erotic kiss that left me aching with need as wetness dripped from my pvssy.
I whimpered his name,my hips writhing feverishly against the huge erection bulging from his trousers.
Parting my lips,he plunged his hot,silky tongue into my mouth.
I captured it and sucked it hard, making him groan hoarsely.
He backed me into my bedroom and kicked the door shut behind him.
I was on fire.
I had no rational thought.
My only thought was for him to take me.
He sucked hungrily at the soft skin just below my ear.
Oh! if only this felt so good….how would it feel when he makes love to me?
“Dues… baby”He couldn’t catch his breath long enough to say what he wanted.”I always swore when I made love to you,I would savor you for hours. I told myself I would take my time touching and kissing every inch of your body.But I swear,if I don’t get inside you soon, I’m going to explode”
“Fast is good”I panted.”We can do slow later”
“Thank God”He captured my mouth with his. “Sweet…so sweet.I’m going to take you, nenem.I’m going to take everything you have to offer.If you don’t want this,tell me now.I’ll stop.It’ll kill me but I’ll stop”
I stared at him.
My hands traced a line from his temples over his face and to his jaw.
And then I heard myself saying.
“Take me”



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