FIRST TIME FOR VICKY…..(18+)…..Part 9


Mom, I have a better idea, why don’t I get Carlo
to do it. Didn’t you tell me he was an excellent
artist. Yes, dear
he has a great eye and very sensitive hands.
Mom, I think it
would turn Carlo big time for him to touch me
between my
Vicky, I think you are so right, well other than
just the right amount of perfume and make up,
all I can say
is good hunting and good luck. By the way Carlo,
Chanel #5 perfume. If it is right for your body
chemistry it
will turn him on big time. I bought you a bottle
last week
just for this special occasion.
Vicky, runs up to her mother
and throws her arms around her and hugs her.
Mom, you are
the greatest.
When Carlo came by to pick up Vicky, she was
dressed up in
a sweet looking dress that while not real short,
showed off
her legs and hot body. but at the same time
made her look over 20 years old. Her hair was put
up in a sophisticated style and she wore elegant,
medium high heel shoes that were hand made in
Italy. Carlo’s eye’s popped out of their
sockets and he whistled just loud enough so Vicky
hear him.
Vicky, what is going on why aren’t you wearing
your sharp team sweats?
Well the girls got feed up with
wearing them while traveling and so the coach
and team
mom said we didn’t have to wear them, but that
we had to
dress up and look sharp. We all have to wear
dresses, no
slacks, jeans or tennis shoes, etc. So I gather you
like what
you see.
Vicky, you look great, in fact if I bumped into you
by accident don’t think I would have known it
was you,
you look so grown up.
Carlo, I am not a little girl I am a
woman, and it is about time you recognized that
you have grown up and I didn’t realize it until the
last couple of weeks, yes you are more of a
woman that many who are a lot older than you
are. It is for that reason I
have been looking forward to out trip to California
Oh Carlo that was a very nice thing to say, and I
have been looking forward to this trip because
you are so
mature and manly.
As Vicky and Carlo drove to the airport, Vicky sat
as close as possible without making it noticeable
to people in other
cars, just in case a friend of theirs saw them
during the drive. She put her hand near his leg
and when he
did not say anything she pulled up her dress just
enough so he
could see her thighs. She told him to look at
something on
her side of the car, but off the highway and when
he looked
he saw her incredible legs; her thighs were so
lovely he could not keep his hands off them. He
put his right hand on
her left thigh and Vicky put her left hand on his
right thigh.
when Carlo started to stroke her thigh, Vicky
started to
stroke his right thigh. They did not talk, but both
seemed to
be holding their breath. Vicky was starting to
cream her
black silk, high cut, lacy p@anties. Her breathing
seemed to
start and stop and Carlo’s breath became
irregular also.

By the time they got to the parking structure at
the airport
Carlo was about to lose control of his body and
the car. While they checked and went through
airport security
Vicky made a point of touching Carlo every
chance she had.
She would bump into him, put her hand on his
arm, touch his
hand. When she had to talk to him she made it a
point to get
very close to him and whisper into his ear and
breath into his ear and just lightly touch his ear
quickly with her the tip of her tongue. When Carlo
did not seem to mind her touches, Vicky put her
hand next to his as they walked through the
airport and made sure their hands touched
frequently. It wasn’t too long before Carlo, gently
her hand in his as they walked. Vicky was so
turned on by his
touch, that she wanted to drag him into some
private place
and French kiss him.
When they were seated together side by side with
her team
mates in the same general area, Carlo asked the
stewardess to bring a couple of blankets for the
two of them along with pillows. Carlo put the
blankets over their laps and told Vicky that later
when the lights went out he would pull them up
to completely cover Vicky and him.
thought to herself that would be cool, they could
around if Carlo could be motivated to do so. She
had heard
about the mile hi club, but for her first time she
wanted to
do it in a romantic place, like the motel they
would be
staying in. It was a first class, beautiful place,
Carlo had
told her. He had stayed there often on business
trips. Once
the plane had taken off and things had calmed
down, Vicky
noticed that Carlo’s thigh was touching hers and
then he
moved his leg up and down hers very slowly and
gently. Vicky’s leg responded in kind and after
what seemed to Vicky to be forever, Carlo put his
hand under Vicky’s dress
and gently rubbed her upper leg and slowly
moved to her
inside thigh, he was making little circles on her
skin. His
fingers moved slowly and carefully. He was
teasing Vicky
to a fever rage in her K!ttyC@t.


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