FIRST TIME FOR VICKY…..(18+)…..Part 8


As soon as Carlo could pull himself
together, he shut off the water and pushed Vicky
down on
the shower bench, on her back. Vicky, it’s your
turn and
put his mouth over her little K!ttyC@t. At first he
tried to sU-Ck
her K!ttyC@t into his guts, then he started to lick her
slit, prying her K!ttyC@t lips apart. Vicky’s hips
started to buck
gently at first, but when he nibbled on her cl!t
with his
teeth, she started to buck violently, as she had
her first,
but very strong orgasm. He used his tongue to
probe into
her K!ttyC@t hole and to sU-Ck her Pour into his
mouth. Carlo,
couldn’t believe how sweet she tasted. He had
tasted a lot
of different females when he was much younger,
but none
could compare. Carlo, looked at the clock, time
was late,
Vicky had to be home for dinner in 20 minutes, so
they got
dressed and he dropped her off and telling her
what time
he would pick her up this coming Thursday for
our soccer trip to California.
Vicky wanted to get Carlo to teach her how to
make love
during this soccer trip. Conditions would be ideal
since she
and Carlo had to share the same motel room. But,
she was
worried, so she talked to her mom. Mother, what
do I have to do to get Carlo to make love to me?
Vicky dear, there are several things you have to
do to overcome his resistance.
first whenever you get a chance let him see some
flesh. A
quick peek of your breasts and/or your K!ttyC@t
while you are
in the plane, the rental car, on the soccer field
and in restaurants. When you are in the motel
room make sure you
come into the room after you take a shower, with
a towel
wrapped around your Unclad body, be sure it is a
small towel.

Vicky, make sure you let part of the towel slip and
show your Tip, or your K!ttyC@t, but pull the
towel back up. When
you have his full attention and he is hot and
bothered and
his J0yst!ck is trying to drill a hole through his pants,
to lose your balance and drop your towel. When
you fall
spread your legs out and let him see your sweet
K!ttyC@t and
you’re firm, hot breasts. When you get up
apologize for being
Unclad in front o him. When you dress for bed
wear the hot
looking, sheer, baby doll outfit we got you from
Victoria secret. But when you wear it be sure not
to wear the bottoms or p@anties or a bra.
But first and foremost remind him about his
promise to give
you lessons about how to do s*x things, when
you alone with Carlo. The best time is when you
are both getting ready
for bed. Another time is when you have time to
kill and you
are in your motel room resting during the day.
When you
give him a blow job, make him lay down, but first
make sure
he has had several strong drinks to loosen him
up. When you
are sU-Cking on his J0yst!ck and he is getting turned
on big time,
before he knows what hit him jump up on his hips
and take his
J0yst!ck and hold it while you put it into your
and force
your body down his shaft.
Since you are a virgin, be sure he
licks your K!ttyC@t before you give him a blow job.
Just make
sure that you both are hot and juicy. Vicky, dear
it will hurt for a short time, but if you drop quickly
on his J0yst!ck
you will quickly get over it and then it will feel
great sooner. But if you are lucky he will give in
and make love
to you. Tell him how you fantasize about having
his J0yst!ck in
your K!ttyC@t and how you have done so for years.
Tell him you are a virgin and that you have saved
yourself for someone very special, someone who
would make it very special. Someone who is kind
and knows how to please a
lady. The only person I care for who has these
is you Carlo, I want to be your lover. Be sure to
tell him
you are on the pill, this removes a serious
obstacle that
would keep him from making love to you.
Last but not least shave your K!ttyC@t, except for a
nice patch
of designer shape hair above your K!ttyC@t.
wife told me
that Carlo loved her K!ttyC@t shaved. Some girls
have a
heart, some an arrow, etc. I can help you shave
and shape
your hair, or maybe you have a girl friend who
can do it.


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