FIRST TIME FOR VICKY…..(18+)…..Part 6


Guy, those girls were cruisers, Vicky
Is a battleship. When she unloads all her weapons
he will
be blown out of the water.
Vicky and Carlo were dancing in the darkest part
of the floor and were holding each other very
close. Vicky could
fell hard J0yst!ck pressing into her body making her
K!ttyC@t scream out pleasure s£nsat!ons thought
her body. Her
breasts were extremely sensitive from rubbing
against Carlo chest. Her Tips were hard as ice,
but hot as fire.
Vicky was talking intelligently to Carlo about a
dear to him, sailing. she was asking him questions
tactics used in racing large sail boats. Her in
depth knowledge impressed Carlo. He seldom met
anyone who knew as much, and never a person
so young in age. She is
truly a woman, not a girl. He knew he need a
woman, a partner, but this is stupid she is a high
school student and I am old enough to be her
grandfather. I cannot make love to
such a young person, but I did promise to teach
her some things.
Carlo and Vicky were enjoying each other
so much that Vicky, started to think about Carlo
as a man
she could love and live with, not just someone to
teach her
about s*x.
what did mom say about older men? she was so
right. better 20 years with a kindred spirit than a
life time
with some self-centered, immature boy. Vicky did
not want
to wait 20 years or more for a boy to grow up.
Mom, got married when she was still in high
school and she and dad
have a great marriage and her dad was in has
forties when
he married her mom.
Carlo, asked
Vicky what other things
was she interested in.
Vicky said soccer and Carlo i understand you were
a very good striker.
Yes, Vicky, in fact
I still play on a men’s team, most of the players
are closer to your age than mine, but my skills of
mind and foot make
me dangerous in front of the goal.
Gosh, Carlo I got to see
you play, this is awesome. I too am a striker, but I
could sure
stand to learn a thing or two. When are you next
going to play?
Vicky, I am going to play tomorrow at 1:00 p.m.
as marrow field #1. I have a pass in my car that I
will give you
later, ok?
Sure, I love to go, could you pick me up? we are
short of wheels tomorrow.
Vicky, I have to be there by noon, so I can pick
you up at 11:30 a.m.
Carlo, sounds good. then they quit talking and
just held each other and enjoyed the
physical contact as they inhaled the enticing
odors coming off their bodies. Carlo, looked
forward to Vicky’s company
the following day. He wanted to touch her and to
be touched by her. He was so lonely, god he
needed her company!
Vicky went home with her parents who gently
questioned her about Carlo and what she was
thinking. She told
them she liked him a lot and every time she was
with him she
liked him even more.
The next day Vicky watched Carlo play an
amazing game
he did not run all over the place like the young
guys, but
he popped up at the right time to score three
goals. His team
won three to zero. His one on one on one skills
were awesome. He repeated beat defender faster,
bigger and
stronger than he was.
She told him how impressed she was and how
much she learned from watching him play. Carlo,
thanked her and asked if she would like some
lunch. He took
her to his home where he told her they would be
their lunch delivered by the best French
restaurant in town. After an excellent meal, but
not too filling, but
with an excellent French white wine. He had
picked a wine
with a slightly sweet after taste just to please her.
he had picked her up he told her to bring her
swim suit and
now they put their swim gear on and dove into
the pool to
cool off. climbing out of the pool Vicky spread out
on a
recliner and Carlo stretched out on the one next
to her.
she asked him to put lotion on her back as she
untied the
back of her bikini and la!d on her stomach while
rubbed lotion slowing teasing her skin. He moved
down her
body and rubbed her legs, carefully working his
way up the
inside of her thigh getting closer and closer to her
When she did not say anything and her breathing
got heavier, he asked her if she would like her
bottom protected
Sure, Carlo.

As he started putting the lotion on her
bottom, he said it would be easier if the bikini
bottom was pushed
down a bit, so Vicky pushed it down and he
worked on this
exposed area and he asked her to pull it down a
more, a little more until the bottom was down to
her ankles. As he rubbed lotion between her legs
his finger tips
touched her K!ttyC@t lips ever so carefully and Vicky
spread her legs a little wider and when he
touched her K!ttyC@t with
more pressure from his fingers, she spread her
legs even wider. Carlo asked Vicky if she wanted
her front covered.
she rolled over and removed her bikini top. Carlo,
the lotion on he shoulder and arms her lower
stomach and
then carefully around the out side of her breasts.
aren’t you going to do the rest of my breasts?
They are very
tender and burn easily.
So, Carlo started apply lotion to
her Tips and Vicky’s breasts became alive
driving her K!ttyC@t into overdrive. Carlo, working
his way down Vicky’s
body until he was playing with her most private
area. Vicky’s body vibrated under his touch.
Carlo, leaned between her legs put his lips over
her K!ttyC@t and licked her
back and forth, causing Vicky to orgasm for only
the second time in her short life. He keep sU-Cking
her K!ttyC@t
and nibbling on her cl!t driving her into one
orgasm after
another. Finally he stopped and Vicky was allowed
to come
down from her heavenly cloud.
Thank you Carlo that was wonderful, but I owe
you now.


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