FIRST TIME FOR VICKY…..(18+)…..Part 4


Carlo, put the auto pilot on and took Vicky back
into the eating area of the boat, which also served
as extra sleeping
bunks. he took Vicky in his arms and kissed her
gently and
her tongue came out to duel with his. the longer
they dueled the more passionate it became.
Carlo, started kissing
Vicky up and down her neck very gently and then
nibbled on her ear and put his tongue tip into her
ear. his actions were making her so hot she
couldn’t hold still, her body
vibrated like a string on a violin. he then kissed
his way
down her body to her breasts, where he kissed,
sU-Cked and
licked her Tips until she thought they were
going to become so hot they were going to burst
into flames. turned on by his sensitive touches,
Vicky’s K!ttyC@t was forcing her
hips to rotate, side to side, back and forth. Carlo,
kissing his way down her body, putting his
tongue tip into her belly button making Vicky
gasp, then Carlo kissed his
way down the inside of her thighs down to her
delicate feet
with her painted toes and cute toe rings. Vicky
could hardly bear the tingling shooting down her
legs to her K!ttyC@t. He took off her bikini bottoms
and then kissed her sensitive areas of her thigh
with his
lips and licked his way up to her K!ttyC@t where he
kissed and
licked the areas around her K!ttyC@t. Vicky’s body
was on pins and needles in anticipation, waiting
for him to kiss her virgin,
hot box.
to Vicky, Carlo was taking forever, so she told him
to put his mouth on her K!ttyC@t, I cannot take it
any longer, lick me now! Carlo, found it difficult to
say no to Vicky, so
he slid his tongue into her sopping K!ttyC@t. He
licked from the
bottom to the top, then sU-Cked on her hole,
inhaling the
juices that she was pumping out of her K!ttyC@t, the
quantity was so huge he had a hard time
breathing. He moved up to
her cl!t where he kissed and nibbled it gently and
bucked so hard she knocked Carlo backward
away from
her body and she screamed so loudly it hurt
Carlo’s ears.
Carlo, left her sprawled out, dead to the world,
and went
back to the steering wheel. when Vicky finally
came out
of it, they were about to drop anchor at the island
of Carlo’s friend, Alberto Rizi. Al Rizi was extremely
wealthy and had retired to this island. no one else
could live on the
island since al owned it lock, stock and barrel.
Vicky, helped Carlo drop the sails and the anchor.
they are dinner with al and his wife Gina. Gina
cooked an
incredibly delicious meal of spinach lasagna which
included buffalo milk mozzarella cheese and veal.
everything was made from scratch or was
imported. al served an outstand imported Italian
red wine, a 1996 Brunello. It was so good that
even Vicky, who did not drink,
liked it.
After dinner Vicky and Carlo got back on his boat
and sailed home. On the way, Vicky again teased
Carlo by making
sure her t-shirt got wet so Carlo could see her
breasts. They were so firm, some might think she
had implants, which gave her an idea. Carlo, do
you like what
you see? do you think they aren’t real?
Vicky, Carlo said,
they look good but i cannot tell by looking. Carlo,
do you
know of any way of telling?
no Vicky I don’t.
Carlo, I can
think of one, said Vicky.
you do. who is it? Vicky pushed her
breasts into Carlo’s back firmly and put her arms
around his waist and said you will have to put the
boat on auto ? pilot,
first then I will tell you. Carlo did so and turned
toward Vicky. Vicky quickly pulled her wet t-shirt
over her head and grabbed him around the neck
and kissed him. At first he resisted but as her
tongue pushed between his lips forcing him to
open his mouth, his tongue met hers and danced
back and forth. She pulled back grabbed his
hands and put
one on each of her breasts and looking him in the
eye with
a beautiful smile radiating from her face, she said
feel them.
do you, can you feel any implants, Carlo? Carlo,
gently, very gently felt around each of her b0s0m
and gently started to kiss and sU-Ck on each.

This is exactly what Vicky
wanted, she was so turned on.
Then Carlo said to her, Vicky
I cannot feel any implants, so yours are god given
and they
feel so good and look even better.
Carlo, you are so nice and have made me feel so
good. What
can I do to make you feel good? Not waiting for
an answer
she reached down and gently held his J0yst!ck. His
J0yst!ck was
already semi-hard before and now was rock hard.
she undid
his belt, pulled down his zipper and pushed his
shorts down to the deck. his J0yst!ck was trying to
drill a hole through his
silk, imported, form fitting underwear. Vicky,
quickly, but
gently pushed his underwear down to his ankles
and stroked his J0yst!ck, which was acting like the
safety release
valve on a steam engine, which was about to
burst. Vicky,
dropped to her knees and started to lick his J0yst!ck,
Carlo was
trying to push her away. his mind said no, but his
body said yes. once she had started to lick his
J0yst!ck his mind gave up and gave in, Carlo, I have
never done this before, please tell
me what to do, you promised to teach me, to
help me.
keep doing what you are doing but open your
mouth and put
my J0yst!ck into your mouth and start sU-Cking on it
and at the
same time use your hand to move up and down
on the base of
J0yst!ck. hold my J0yst!ck gently while doing so and at
the same time lick and sU-Ck my J0yst!ck. move your
head up and down while you are doing this also.
in a few minute I will Pour in
your mouth and don’t worry it does not taste bad.
girls like the taste.
I will try to let you know when I am
coming, so you won’t be surprised. You have a
choice to make
you can spit it out or you can swallow it. It will not
make you sick, and most men think it is very s*xy**
for a girl to swallow. It is a big turn on. So Vicky,
an excellent student
did exactly what she was told and soon, too soon
Carlo, felt himself start to come and told her so.
she didn’t say anything, but was determined to
please him and pushed his
J0yst!ck into her throat and swallowed as best she
could. He
was incredible, she though she would die before
he stopped.
she felt like she was wetting her pants when Carlo
coming in her mouth. After they both calmed
down, she told
him about that.


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