FIRST TIME FOR VICKY…..(18+)…..Part 3


Saturday morning at 8:00 a.m. Jean, dropped
Vicky off at
the dock and waved hi to Carlo then was gone.
But on the
ride over to the marina asked her mother for
some tips
on how to s£duce Carlo.
Well dear be sure to make sure you
touch him accidently as much as possible. Sail
boats don’t have much space so it will be easy to
accidently rub your
body against his. The second most important
thing is to let
him see bits and pieces of your body and again
Don’t wear a bra and let your white t-shirt gets
hit by sea spray. It is interesting to watch his face
when he
realizes he can see your breasts, as if you have
nothing on.
Pretend you don’t have a clue as to what is going
on. When
you anchor the boat put your bikini on and then
you go on deck and ask Carlo if is ok for you to go
topless, if
there is no one else around. When you are scuba
diving make
sure your bikini bottom is pulled up tight between
your lips and try to get ahead of him while
swimming underwater. this will give him a good
view and don’t be afraid to bump into while
making a lot of flesh to flesh contact.
By 8:15 a.m. they were in the channel headed
out to sea.
Vicky wearing short, white shorts and white t-
shirt and
deck shoes. She followed Carlo instructions
without trouble
and found the system that handled the sails we
the best
and easiest to use that she had ever experienced.
Before they
knew it all the sails were rigged and the boat cut
through the sea like a knife. The sea was perfect,
just enough wind to
drive the boat but not enough to make the sea
After four hours of sailing they came to a cove north of Seattle
where they dropped anchor. The cove was
isolated and could not be seen from the ocean.
Carlo asked Vicky if she
wanted to swim before they had lunch. She said
she did and
both of them went down to their separate rooms
and changed.
When she came out she asked Carlo if it would be
O.K. if she went topless. Carlo’s face got red and
Vicky said
that no could see her, Carlo said what about me.
Vicky said you don’t have to look if you don’t want
to. Carlo said
O.K. but you swim on one side of the boat and I
will swim on the other. So Vicky took her top off
while Carlo had his
back turned. She dove into the water and
proceeded to dive
under the boat and came up under Carlo and
pulled him down. As he came down Vicky slid up
his body, she was facing him and rubbed her
breasts on his chest and wrapped her arms
around his body and Carlo struggled to get free
and then
Vicky slid further up and wrapped her legs
around his neck
and let him push her out of the water. When she
was out of
the water she stood on his shoulder and dove
back into the
water, then treaded water laughing with Carlo
who started to swim over to her when he
remembered she was
topless and proceeded to swim to the other side
of the boat.
Vicky climbed back on the boat and waited until
Carlo started to climb on to the boat and she
stood above him and
offered him her hand, making it impossible for
him not to stare at her breasts. Carlo was not too
sure what part of him had
the most blood his J0yst!ck or his red face. Vicky ate
her lunch
across from Carlo so he had to look at her hot,
s*xy** body.
After lunch they put the sail up and pull the
anchor and
were up to speed in no time. Vicky left her bikini
bottom on
and her top off, and Carlo did not change back
into his sailing
gear, also.
Carlo could not keep his eyes off Vicky’s beautiful
They looked like they were carved out of
alabaster. Firm,
proud and no sag. They were the perfect size for
Vicky, not
too big or too small. Vicky was a real beauty, slim
waist, nice tight butt0ckz and hips that were perfect,
thought Carlo.
Vicky made sure that Carlo could see her tits as
much as
possible and in profile seemed to get his attention
the most.
Carlo had a constant hard on. He tried to will it
down and
had no luck thanks to Vicky. Carlo as captain of
the vessel
was at the wheel steering, when Vicky asked if
she could
steer the boat and Carlo being a nice guy said ok,
but I have
to be behind you in case of any sudden trouble.
So Vicky
steered the boat with Carlo standing not too close
her. Vicky, thought to herself this is not working
so she
pretended to slip and lose control of the wheel
thus forcing Carlo to move up against Vicky so he
could grab
the wheel. Vicky pretended to fall back against
Carlo and
felt his hard J0yst!ck pressing between her legs.

as she fell backwards she put her hands behind her
to catch herself,
but instead she ended up grabbing Carlo’s swim
suit with one and pulled it down and then his
J0yst!ck with the other hand… holding it until he
moved her to the side, but holding her up with
one arm and steering with the other hand.
As soon as Vicky caught her balance she moved
back to steer the boat and leaned back into Carlo
who could not resist
and moved his hands over her breasts.
Vicky’s breasts felt like they
would explode they were so hot and this heat was
her K!ttyC@t wild. Vicky tried to reach back and
grab Carlo’s
J0yst!ck and he knocked her hands away. But, he
kept his hands
on Vicky’s hot breasts. Vicky was so hot she was
dripping on the
deck of the boat.
Carlo had pulled his swim suit back up and Vicky
never got
a chance to look at his J0yst!ck. She wanted to look
at it, but
even more so wanted to get her hands on it.
Carlo, I am like a different person when I am with
you. what do you mean Vicky, asked Carlo? well
when I am with boys at
my school I am shy and backwards. I am too
scared to even
kiss them, but with you I am not at all shy, don’t
you agree.
yes, Vicky in fact I find it hard to believe you are
shy with
boys at school. Carlo the fact is I don’t even like
the boys
at school. they treat us girls as dumb stuffed,
displayed models.
Carlo, one of the reason why I am so backward is
I know very little about s*x. I am afraid to tell
of my class mates including my girl friends.
Vicky, I am sorry to hear about your problems. I
can appreciate how
difficult school must be for you. you need
someone that
you can talk to and explain these things to you.
Carlo, do
you know anyone who could help me? I need an
older man who would not hurt me.
no Vicky I don’t know
anyone. well Carlo, I just though of someone. bet
you cannot guess who it is.
Vicky, you got that right I don’t have
a clue. well it’s you Carlo. come on Vicky, no way
are you going to talk me into this. Vicky starts
crying, tears flow out of her as if a dam has
broken. Carlo, if you don’t help me
I am going to become a total outcast. I will flunk
out of
school. I need someone to help build up my self-
esteem. Carlo, you are the only person who can
help me. please, as
she continued to cry. poor Carlo he was torn in
two. he wanted to help her but he know this was
wrong, but his
hands and the rest of his body did not agree?
well maybe
I can help but I will not have s*x with you. I will
only show
you what should be done prior to having actual
s*x. Vicky
stopped crying and threw her arms around Carlo
and kissed
him hard on the lips. O Carlo, you are such a
wonderful person, you are so kind. you won’t be
sorry I will do anything you ask and will not give
you any problems.
this has to between the two of us. you are a
young girl and
a lot of people including parents would not
understand and i do not want to go to jail. Carlo, I
will not tell anyone.
promise, cross my heart.


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