FIRST TIME FOR VICKY…..(18+)…..Part 10


Vicky couldn’t help but put her
hand on his upper thigh and when he finally let
his finger tips touched the crouch of her
Vicky jumped and put
her hand on his J0yst!ck. Carlo moved his fingers
over her p@nty covered K!ttyC@t and Vicky moved
her fingers over his
pant covered J0yst!ck. Carlo stroked his finger into
the material covering her slit and Vicky pressed
down on his
J0yst!ck. Then Carlo slid his finger under her
and played with her pubic hair and fingered her
slit from top to
bottom. Vicky gasped and took in a deep breath
then pulled
down his zipper and reached in to touch his pubic
hairs and
his J0yst!ck.
Just as they were doing this the over head lights
went out. Finding it difficult to get his finger
under her p@anties, Carlo grabbed the sides of her
p@anties and pulled
them down and Vicky lifted her hips to aid him
and her p@anties were pulled off by Carlo who then
put them to his
nose and inhaled them before putting them in his
Vicky then unbuckled Carlo pants and pulled
them down
with his help. She almost melted into a bucket of
Pour when
Carlo put his finger into her slit and rubbed her
cl!t all at
the same time. Carlo found her to be very tight
and a virgin.
Therefore he did not go in very deep, but played
with her vaginal lips and her cl!t. Vicky slide her
hand up and down
His J0yst!ck until it exploded under the blanket.

Vicky had used
her hand to catch his Pour so it would not get on
the blanket. While they were turning each other
on, they were
talking about the soccer tournament so no one
would take
special notice as to what might be going on
under the blankets. They both straighten up their
clothes and went to
When they arrived at their motel room Vicky
asked Carlo if
he wanted to take a shower, but he let her go
first. When she
finished she came out into the room with a small
towel wrapped around her and hiding very little.
It barely covered her breasts and was only a inch
or two below her
K!ttyC@t. She turned around pretending to look the
suite over and then told Carlo it was his turn.
When he was taking his
shower she put on her hot baby dolly nightie. She
did not put on the bottoms, nor p@anties or a bra.
Since it was late
and they had not eaten Carlo had ordered dinner
to be served in their room. Room service arrived
just as
Carlo came out of the bathroom in his robe. Vicky
slipped into the bedroom while Carlo answered
the door. After the
waiter had left, they sat down to eat a gourmet,
Italian meal.
Vicky was surprised as to how good the food was.
At first Carlo was focused with dealing with his
hunger. As he was
drinking his glass of excellent imported, Italian
wine, he noticed what Vicky wasn’t wearing and
almost dropped his
glass, but recovered enough so he only spilled
some of his
10 year old, red wine.
After dinner they watched a first class late run
movie that was about a young girl tying to
s£duce an older man, her uncle and companion
on a trip.
While there was no sx or nudity in it, Vicky
though the
theme was right on and it planted food for
though in both
of them as they sat so close that they touched.

Carlo held Vicky’s hands and bent his head down
to her hands and kissed the back of both of them,
gently, tenderly. Vicky’s
heart jumped, skipped with anticipation. What a
old world way of showing his affection. Before
they knew
it they were kissing, at first gently with only the
lips, but
as their bodies heated up their tongues
interlocked like two serpents dueling in a mating
dance. The pressure on their lips was becoming
so passionate that their lips were
hurting, but it was a good hurt. Vicky got so
carried away
that she bit Carlo’s lower lip, she meant it to be a
nip but in
fact drew blood.
But, due to the fact that Vicky had a early
morning game they were forced to retire to bed.
Vicky in one of the queen size beds and Carlo in
the other. The beds were in the suite’s one and
only bedroom. Carlo though that if they didn’t
quite fooling around that Vicky would
be too tired to play good soccer. Vicky wanted to
do more
but she knew that Carlo was right. Carlo was so
turned on
by the sight of Vicky’s hot little K!ttyC@t he was
about to
come unglued. He wanted to jack off, but he
wanted to save
himself for Vicky. When Vicky reminded Carlo, as
they la!d
in bed, that he promised to teach her about s
he said he
would start tomorrow when they were alone in
their room.
When Vicky woke up before the wake up call she
saw Carlo’s
early morning hard on. She wondered if he would
like a very
special wake up call, as she pulled his sheet off
his body and
reach down to touch his hard on which was
poking out of
his boxers. She straddled his legs and inhaled his
J0yst!ck into
her hot mouth. As she sU-Cked and moved her
head up and down while holding his J0yst!ck base in
her hands. Carlo started to breath hard and his
hips humped in and out



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