FACEBOOK BABY … (18+) … Part 4



After a while, he broke the wall of silence and we chatted and laughed for quite a long time.
I decided to question Jeff about his younger brother.
“Did he resemble you?” I asked.
He responded, ” A little bit but he was more handsome than me and still schooling. My brother want to become an actor like Ramzy Noah or Majid Michel.”
“Oh, I see.”
I realised he said he has only one sister but he told me earlier that his younger brother was staying with him. Could he be telling lies? Maybe I should ask him for clarification.
“You told me you have a younger brother but now you said you have only one sister. I don’t understand.”
Jeff laughed out loudly and said, ” it’s true I said that. What I was trying to tell you is , I have a younger brother but I also have one sister, meaning I wished my parents will give birth to another girl but for now , I have an only sister in addition to my younger brother, the only girl among us two boys. She was staying with my mum.
Ok.Ok. I got it. So in all you are three. Two boys and one girl?
I asked.
That’s right, Caro. He said.
After settling that issue, we watched a Nollywood movie titled “MY TRICKY HUSBAND
In the movie, Stella had an issue with her husband whom she suspected to be cheating on her.
She bought a new SIM card and created another account and called herself Lucy. She then sent her husband a friendly request on an online dating site.
As expected her husband accepted the friendly request because she used another lady’s picture (Mira
belle) as her Displayed Picture.
They started chatting on the dating site and eventually arranged to meet in order to formally know each other in real life. She told Marcus to meet her in the Golden Tulip Hotel the next day at 8.00 p.m. Stella made an arrangement with Mirabelle to meet her husband so that while they entered the hotel, she would catch them ‘ red handed.’
That evening, Mirabelle went to the hotel to meet Stella’s husband.
Stella waited for 15 minutes before entering the hotel estimating that if they use 5 minutes to kiss and fondle, then within the next 10 minutes they might have gotten closer to the ‘real game.’ She was full of smile, imagining how her husband will be shocked when she caught him in action.
She went to the hotel and was rather shocked. Her husband had not turn up at the hotel as scheduled. Did Mirabelle warn her husband? She doubted it.
Disappointed, she went home only to see her husband watching TV. He was laughing at her. Stella felt embarrassed.
she was been beaten at her own game. Then it ended with the couples living happily ever after.
There is a popular saying that appearance can be very deceptive. Jeff was a very handsome guy but was he deceiving me about his family and his own profile? The more I questioned myself about Jeff, the more my skeptism about
him deepened but my love for Jeff had superimposed any logical deliberation or meticulous analysis of the handsome guy in front of me. Come to think of it. Is it by coincidence that the movie we watched had been titled ” MY TRICKY HUSBAND?”
Could my Facebook boyfriend be a tricky boyfriend?


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