I got to work at around 2:06pm and i wen straight to my desk.
“guy, Wetin happen” Maxwell asked.
” bros, na long story”
My phone rang and i almost freezed after seeing who the caller was. My boss.
“come to my office” and the call hung up.
I went straight to my boss office. On getting to the first room where the secretary is, she gave me a look that indicated to me that all wasn’t well. Well, i ignored that saucy young lady…. I know God will give me the masterkey to herpussay one day ( i had always wanted to fvvck that girl ).
I knocked his door and went in. My boss is a tall man and moderate stature but a potruded belly. I developed a cold feet as soon as i moved into his office, seeing him scampering his table looking for something. Guess he didn’t see it.
” sit down ” He ordered and i did.
” you didn’t come to work yesterday, and you came late today. Why”
” sir, i was on my way to buy food on Sunday when i got whisked away by security operatives. They didn’t allow me use my phone, not until today when their area commander came and was asking why they arrested some of us. Their was no concrete thing said against me that was why he ordered my release. I got released some hours ago sir. Im very sorry” He looked at me for a long time while stroking his long moustache…. At the end he spoke.
” i know you to be a hard working guy and someone who won’t abscond from work for no reason, yet, the management have decided. Im sorry too.” He turned back to his computer, im sure he was sending a message to that Chinaza girl at the admin. It wasnt long after before she walked majestically, catwalking
into the office. She was busy shaking her bumbum. I swear that girl has a thick yansh.
I really don’t know why those Igbo ladies that are blessed with ukwu always have it thick and always succulent. I remembered the day she recieved a call from her sister that she finally gave birth to a girl. She got so happy that she jumped up and threw herself at me. I held her so as not to allow her fall, the good news there was that my hand was holding her from downwards. That was the day i respected an Igboish yansh, abeg yoruba’s own dey lie ni jare…..
I was still lost in my thought when my boss handed a white envelope to me. I recieved it with the hope that i will beg him the more. I couldn’t wait any longer as he was already even set to go out. I followed suit and went out to my office.
I got to my seat and sat down.
” how far ” maxwell asked.
” bros hin be like say dem don sack me ooo ”
It was like an autoroam as my eye quickly scanned through the pages of the paper to the heading. “TWO WEEKS SUSPENSION WITHOUT PAY”
A quick sight of relief dawned on me as i saw this. I immediately jumped up my chair.
” guy Wetin happen sef na” maxwell inquired again. I ignored the question as if i didnt even hear him speak.

I was in my way out of the gate when something ticked in my heart to go and change the dollars i have in me to naira. My mind quickly flashed back to when i boarded the keke napep, my mind quickly remembered those guys that entered the keke with me. I began to feel that they had taken my ‘hard earned money’ . I immediately dipped my hand into my pocket and i started searching for my wallet. I couldn’t find it. “ha im doomed! ” i said to myself, i got out of the company’s building down to my, thank God my house is not far. In no time i was home.
My door was still locked from inside, meaning that winch girl was still inside. I b@nged the door violently…. In my heart i was very disturbed and couldn’t think straight…. Ha! the money i had to stay in jail for. God forbid it get lost.
The door swung open and i rushed in without delay… I had already started seeing my mensuration. I went straight into my laundry basket, and it was all empty. Ha, once again im doomed. I asked Bunmi where my dirty cloths are immediately. She told me she had it washed already.
” what are you looking for ” she asked laughing. I told him i kept my money in there and i need it immediately.
” your money or my own, is it not thr dollar you collected from your friend just for him to fvvck me “? Bunmi asked me. I just kept looking at her like a dummy. She hissed and went to her bag.
“take your money oo” she gave me the dollar and i snatched it from her. I counted it and it was complete, 150$ .
I was still visibly angry at what she did to me. I charged out of the room, i already had the intention of visiting ‘Alade market’ to change the money. Abeg i cant wait!
As i was getting out of the gate, something came into my mind. I thought in me why i should still allow this girl to stay in my room. I went back inside and met her dancing. The music was so loud that She did not even notice i came in.
” please, i don’t want wahala…. I want you out of my house before i come back.
she did not even answer me and was still balling hard to the music. Yet, im sure she heard me.
I went went out and visited the popular market. I successfully changed the money and i was given 66,000 naira. I felt good within myself. I was already accompanished. Im now sure i won’t feel the suspension. Moreso, i have many ladies on my waiting list. Now i will have enough time to rest and sample all those who successfully scape through my waiting list. Well, Bunmi just have to go.
I was on my way back home when i had started feeling some pity for Bunmi. I realized she wasn’t even at fault at all. It was my fault not to have carried her along .
I had given it enough thou


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