They brought Neyo’s cloths and personal effects. .
He looked at me before he stood up to go….. He was about saying something when the policeman hurried him away.
I was led into a cell, it was empty. On getting there… The whole place was so smelly and full of mosquitoes. It was later that i realised how gigantic the mosquitoes are. If one mosquito should hold me on my first ear and another on my left ear, they can lift me up without stress.
After much trouble from this mosquitoes i broke down and cried, yet no one to console me.
The second day came, i got visited by my friend the policeman. He asked if i was hungry. If not that it might lead to something else, i would have gave him an inuendo answer. Hahaha!
You guys kept me there for more than 24hours and yet you are asking me if i was hungry.
Mtchew! Anyway, i soberly told him im starving and he brought me food. I had thought he would bring one nonsense food but nay, my friend brought me a scrumptious Amala and draw soup, as if he knew that was my favourite.
I happily ate the food before i started thinking why he was so friendly to me, but i really don’t know why, anyway thank God, maybe God had forgiven me and have given me an angel to watch over me.
Night came and i was happy i would get freed the second day. I was inside my cell sleeping when i heard clicks on thr lock on my cell.
Some suspects were led into the cell, about three of them. They were badly beaten and one of them was shot at leg. He was carried and dumped inside.
The guy who got shot kept crying and the noise was so much that the policemen on duty came severally to caution him. He kept shouting that they should not allow him die.
I kept my cool at first but i had to shout at him later, but he didnt listen and kept shouting in pains. The other two were beaten to pulp that they cant even move. They were only talking. During their conversation, they revealed that the guy who got shot at leg ruin their operation.

They had went for an operation at a popular area around lagos. They had gotten the money they came for and was about going when the guy that got shot decided to enjoy himself. He fvvcked the rich man’s daughter leaving the rich man free. Unknown to him, the man had gotten hold of his gun while he was busy fuvvking the lady. The man blew his leg.
Funny enough, the others were holding a fake gun and they were all caught.
Have you ever noticed that night is so long? The night was so long coupled with the foul odour, noise and mosquitoes revolution in the cell. I regretted my actions and i made a resolution that night. I will never go against any law that will take me into a cell or prison ever again.
At last i was able to sleep a little.
“Abiodun… Abiodun. ” The call of my name woke me up. I saw my police friend calling me to come out that the DPO wants to see me. I struggled to stand up moved towards the gate and i was let out. I realized while going out that the guy wasnt shouting any longer, well i thought he had finally found sleep.
The DPO is an Ibo, he told me to sit down while he recieved some calls. He later had my chance and gave me the worst look i had ever seen in my life.
” so na you want make your friend fvcck your girlfriend” he asked and i kept mute.
“answer me” He b@nged the table while ordering me to talk.
” you are a criminal, you don’t want to talk abi? I will tell them to take you back to the cell. Do you know that one of the three guys who were brought in there is dead….. I will make you rot and die in here too” i lost my breath immediately after hearing this.
My heart nearly stopped.
“im sorry sir, i will never do that again” i had already started crying.
“mumu, Mtchew
sergeant Jide, come and give him his cloths and let him go”
he ordered.
My cloths were given to me immediately and he told me to check if all my belongings are complete. I checked and realised the dollars in my wallet was missing.
“sir, my i cant find my money” i claimed.
The DPO looked sharply at Jide who was standby, and he quickely went out.
Hmmm, ‘eye communications.
He came back and handed over the money to me. I counted and it was just 15 pieces.
I looked straight into sergeant Jide’s face.
His face was like ‘if you talk, you go hearweenn’. I looked back down and smiled cheaply.
“is it complete?” The DPO asked again, and i nodded in affirmation.
I was on my way out when i saw the corpse of the guy been bundled into a waiting ambulance.
I was out and dirty, smelling and i looked so unkempt.
Next update
I got to my street and people kept looking at me as if i was an alien…
” what are you still doing here”
” i will make sure i make you go through thesame trauma i went through”


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