As if she knew what was going on, Bunmi took off my boxers and gave me a blow j*b. She was had given me a massive erection. She mounted me like she was mounting a toilet sink. She Forked me while all i did was to m0an in joy. In no time she got tired, i changed her from the top and assumed the position. I dont know where this powerful strength came from. I b@nged the hell out of her.
Her pussay had became dry but i was not in any mood to allow her go.
I still continue drilling her without mercy. I felt for her when she started pleading we take a break. What break, I’ve not even release.
I was still banging her hard when i heard a knock on my door. The door b@nged again and i yet i couldn’t answer nor say anything until the door flew open.
The person I saw at my door mouth shocked me. Niyi!
What a useless he goat, i jumped up wrapped bunmi up with the bed spread.
Neyo apologised and left the room. I got my clothes on and followed him. Well, he came in good fate. He had only wanted me to hang out with him before he moves back to thr state.
Neyo my man.
I told him about the lady inside and he was surprised.
“how could she pull such stunt”
he asked.
Well, that is a bygone. We were still reminiscing on how we are going to miss each other while he’s gone before Neyo gave me a story i would never forget. I remembered i owe that guy.
Aunty Bosola was our lesson teacher, she is a lady of around 24 – 25 years when Neyo and i were 14 and 13 respectively. My dad has always complained on how i play too much, yet Neyo was no difference. We play together and nothing was up there.
Mummy Niyi employed this Aunty Bosola to always give Neyo coaching every week day after school. So she had broken the ties between my best friend and i, i was lonely.
Dad on seeing Niyi had started lessons with a teacher, he enrolled me too under the teacher.
Aunty Bosola will come and teach us at home and sometimes we will go and meet her at home too, depending on what her mood dictates.
She lives on the third street to ours. I think she just ffinished her ND then, im not too sure as i was still too young to know what OND is.
I had not been going for lessons for like 2weeks. I wasdown with a fever. Aunty Bosola had suggested that Niyi comes and take his lessons every day at her house since she wouldn’t come and teach only one person at our place. Dont forget Niyi and i lived on thesame street.

It was after two weeks when i had gotten better. Neyo and i went for our lectures. I was only doing my exercise( work ) when she said i should go and get her a cane. I got afraid, im sure Neyo was too. She gave me some money and i dashed out. Still afraid of been lashed, i took my time and i came back only to meet the door to our teacher’s room locked from inside. Well, i had made up my mind to tell her i saw no whip. I knocked and no response. I sat out there and i heard the tick from the door, that was our teacher opening the door. Neyo was sweating but Bosola wasnt. I guessed Neyo just served a punishment.
“Where is the cane i told you to buy” aunty queried.
“no cane ma” i was expecting a slap but what i got was her asking for her money. I gave that back to her and she said we through for the day.
On our way home, i asked Neyo if Bosola had given her punishment, and he said ‘no’.
“but why are you sweating”.
He then told me to promise him, something if i want him to tell me what happened. What else could i have promised than maybe a biscuit or half of my pocket money. I told him i promised but nothing definite. He narrated that he has since last week been washing the ‘plate’ of our teacher. Maybe you don’t understand, Neyo was always giving our aunty a mouth action every day since i’ve been down with sickness.
I asked how that feels to him and seems that idiot
was cool with it, but i wasnt.
In my mind i wouldn’t do such nonsense, i would rather perform that action i always see in blue films i watch. Not that nonsense of licking a pussay. Well one day god answered my prayers….
We had gone there on our normal lesson class when aunty Bosola told two of us to come and sU-Ck her. How did she know im aware of the nonsense she’s always doing with Niyi. Maybe it was Neyo who told her himself, that im not sure.
She was so certain i wont form ignorance.
Neyo who knew his job raised her skirt up, she wasn’t wearing any pants and i took the b0s0m side.
Neyo, was still battling the pussay region when i was already tired of the whole thing. Bosola didnt know anything, she was busy m0an!ng.
I took of my trousers and told Neyo to remove his head. I don’t even know what came over me that day, i inserted my penisss into her before she could open her eyes. She opened her eyes and was surprised at what she saw.
Enough of what happened that day, but that was the day Neyo and i got disflowered.
That story was still fresh in my head but the aspect Neyo was hitting remains a unclear still.
“guy, you owe me and i love to bang that girl inside your room” Neyo said.
I looked at him as if i just heard him speak chinese.
” wait Ooo, that thing you said those white bitches gave you that day, was it cocaine” ? i asked before i remembered he said he didnt take it.
” guy, 200 $ if you could arrange it”. He threw another shocker.
I was about saying something before my mind finished calculating 200$ into naira. Ha, see money! I swallowed what i was about saying and asked him to make it 250 plus the 50 he earlier promised.
Wetin concern me, i wan


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