D id i mention that i recieved a message from Bunmi?Oh, maybe i didn’t… See my reason.
After the severral romp of kisses Bisi gave to me day she came, we got so intimate. While the kissing operation was still on, she was also busy stroking my pennnis, inside my boxers. I held her close to me, while she was busy stroking my rod with right hand and with her left hand, she was busy playing with my nnipples. I pray for all my male readers that God provide a version of Bisi into your life…. See, Bisi is so good. Just with those cuddling and pre intimacy, Bisi made me shoot my Pour into my boxers, Yet i haven’t even penetrated. I held her so tight when i was shooting my liquid and when i finally let go of her, i felt so weak and just managed to remove my cloths.
I entered the bathroom and washed up the mess. I came into the room Unclad and that was when i saw my ‘Lepa shandy’ . Bisi was unclad, she had only this red pants on her and her jingle bell were dangling before my eyes. Immediately i came out she rushed down and gave me a hug.
“i miss you” she whispered into my ear.
I couldn’t say anything i just carried her and dumped her on mu matrass.
She located my right b0s0m with her tongue and started tickling it. “not again” i whispered so low that she may not even hear.
I immediately got aroused again and needed no time to waste. I pulled her up a lil, i saw her b0s0m and well shooted nnipple and went straight for it. I sU-Cked it that if it were to drip milk, i could have milked her dry. I know the soft g-spot of Bisi, i licked her left ear with my tongue, she shook immediately and i realised some goose pimple all over her body. No need for a prophet to tell me she is ready for me.
While still locked on her ears, Bisi was already removing her pants.
I opened her both legs far wide to each other and was faced with not too shaved K!ttyC@t. I dont know why she always like to leave the upper part of her pussay unshaved, but truly i got hungry of eating that pussay, yet i will never dare that. Bisi hates that with passion.
I slid my strong dd!ck into her warm pussay.
Immediately i had entered into her fully, she draw me so closer. How can i ever stop loving to fvck Bisi. No i cant oo. While i was busy knacking her in a K- missionary style, Bisi kept rolling her waist, making the friction so intense and so enjoyable. Well, i didnt last 15 minutes before i shoot my fluids right into her hole. Yes, no time to wore any condom.
I got so tired that day that immediately i came down on Bisi’s ‘ mount Sinai ‘, i dozed off immediately.
Little did i know that Bisi had gone through all my messages… Funny enough, Bunmi sent a me a message that night.
” send me your home address, i’ve been discharged and will be coming tomorrow.”
The message came in while Bisi was busy checking my phone. She had read it and didn’t mention that to me.
It was when i called Bunmi that she told me she is already in Lagos and was expecting my message. She even said that was why she called me in the afternoon.

I sent my home address and asked when she’ll be coming. She said its not clear yet.
That she wants to recuperate well at her friend’s place before coming down.
That isnt a bad idea though.
Bisi was gone and i still cant imagine why i could have left her to go. I was still nursing the guilty conscience in me when i started dosing off.
I dozed off and recieved a call. I relunctantly picked up the call.
That was Neyo, he wanted us to go out together, and with some of his friends too.
I told him i will be going to work the next day but he wasnt ready to listen. That son of a gun.
He came and picked me up at my house and we drove all the way down at Ajah.
We docked at a popular Bar there and the merrying started.
Neyo and his two friend were all over ladies dancing and partying so hard. I just sat down somewhere, kept my cool and jejely sipping my drinks.
Neyo observed my countenance and he came to talk with me.
“guy wetin do you na” He asked shouting on top of his voice. Maybe the loud blast of music made him shouted that much. I told him to sit down, while i narrated the story of what ttanspired to him. He laughed so hard at the part where i got locked up, i had to supply a knock on his head before he came back to his senses.
” o boy, you too stingy with ladies sha, why you go dey lie say money no dey your hand, na waa for you ooo. Serves you right sha”
I gave him this bad look and he mentained his gentleman again.
“guy i never even tell you that story finish sef”.
Who won’t want to hear such stories, i paid rapt attention immediately.
He adjusted his seat and started.
” guy, that white lady nearly put me for gobe ooo.
You know, after that day i started avoiding some contacts with her. I don’t texts often again. I was only been careful. Im sure she would be followed by some secret service agents that will keep she and her sister under stiff watch, like those Hollywood movies.
I can’t imagine myself been deported because of a white girl K!ttyC@t. Should i be deported back to Nigeria, i will be just go and be selling pawpaw inside traffic. In order to avoid my fear, i just have to avoid stories that touch the heart.
She noticed all this and called me one day to meet her at a hotel not far from my place.


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