DIARY OF A SINGLE MUM…..(18+)…..Part 9


i felt so bad leaving the village amidst my father’s protests. My mum feared that i had fallen into wayward ways judging by all the stories she heard about city girls. i told her about Ben and she said he should come to the village and pay my lobola. am sure my uncles will succeed in scaring off his family with the huge and ridiculous amount that they were going to put on my head when that time arrive.i felt that my life was back there with Ben and even if i had returned to the village, what more was left for me? I knew with Ben we had dreams and promises that were yet to reach maturity. i prayed for his success in life everyday because i knew i was included in his life #sharedblessings. whoever said behind a successful man, there is a woman sure knew how to choose sweet and befitting words. i always thought men are the heads sure and true enough but women are the necks that drive the heads
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i wasn’t able o communicate with Ben for the whole time i was in the village because of network problems. come on, in this time and age should we still break our heads for such things? i returned home and found a message on my phone saying he had gone to Blantyre for a job interview. i prayed to God to look upon him with His eyes of favor. the world is becoming a fast competition ground and you need to have God beside you no matter what but not as a spare wheel only in needy when you only have a flat tire.
I went to see my besties and catch up for the lost time. we planned several outings to dance our sorrows away. Norah had a stable boyfriend of three years while Emmah was always on and off with her boyfriend who i heard so much of yet never got to meet for all the time i had known her. if you ask me, i would say they were friends with benefits.
Ben came back and i was so happy to see him. there was a remarkable change about the way he looked. he told me that he had been offered a job as a site engineer and will be working in Lilongwe. wow i was weak at my knees, not believing what God had finally made for us because after so many years he was finally going to walk in the line of his career. i couldn’t point out how this divine grace had befallen us because i couldn’t say we had righteous and perfect lives.

Just as he promised me, after receiving his first salary, he gave me money to pay for my school fees at a local secondary school to attend weekend classes. i was over the moon. i started form 1 and my results were extraordinary i guess it was because i had it in me to get educated. Weekend classes meant our couple-time was limited but any spare time that Ben could find, he dedicated it to me. some times he spent nights at my house and when it was time to go in the morning, its when i realized how much more i wanted him in my life.
I passed my Form two Junior Certificate of Examination with flying colours and was determined to pass my Form Four with good results as well so that i could go to the University and study Journalism. i didn’t get discouraged by endless stories of low paid reporters but i got fascinated by stories how criminals and citizens who don’t abide by the law get exposed.
i had just wrote my form four examinations and was waiting for results with a baited breath. i knew my university dream was just few weeks away and i couldn’t wait. i wrote to my mum constantly keeping her afloat what was happening in my life and she couldn’t hide her admiration for me because she had been married off to my father at the age of Fifteen because her parents couldn’t afford to feed both her and her eight siblings. i don’t understand how people keep bringing many children in this world when they cannot afford to take very good care of them. her dreams of becoming a nurse died a painful and instant death.
One day after work i received an SMS from Ben…
‘we need to talk’ it was as simple as that. normally he didn’t like sending me messages unless it was something he found it hard to tell me in person.
My heart raced…


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