After my national youth service, I worked for some few years with a firm, and I kept on falling ill. Most times I had to travel back to the east for treatment and I came back healthier but soon fell ill again. I later got a job in Ogun state and moved down to set up my own apartment there. I didn’t blend in, so I was always alone in the house after I come back from work.
************* You remember Aunty Uche, she died during child delivery************
That was the news I heard from home. It was a painful one, but I wished I could see her again to show her what a messed life I was living from one kitty cat to another.
*******You remember Nonso, she is now married. She came to visit us one certain time with her husband************
As for the rest, I don’t really know about there whereabouts*******

I finally settled down in my new found state at Ogun state and sooner or later, I started blending to people around me. I had to go back to a social media to look for girls because I never had chance to talk to any girl. My job was so demanding that I was falling ill most times.
I later found a girl on 2go, few days I went back to the social media platform. Her name’s Treasure and she is from the southern part of the country. We discussed at length most times on phone and we started falling in love with each other.
Then I remember how she came to my house to visit me one Friday night. How we spent a lot of time, eating and drinking. How we finally settled and wanted to have sex at night, she said she can’t have sex on a first date.
“But we are not having a date, you came over to my house to sleep. What do you expect?” I queried. She was even putting on a hot mini-skirt to go along, and the anticipation of what lies beneath, kept making my little man stand so hard.
“I can’t do it” She repeated. The A.c was even on, I have helped her wash her dirty cloths she brought along with my washer machine, I fed her for the night and this is all she had to say to me. I quickly remembered the way Kenny treated me when I refused to give into her advances.
“Alright” I said
“Thank you baby” She replied with a smile, but the smile wasn’t gonna last so long.
“What are you doing?” She yelled and was trying to get hold of my hand, I quickly pushed her aside and continued with what I was doing.
“You can’t do this to me now?” She pleaded “Talk to me. Just because of sex?” She kept pleading.
“Now get the fvck out of here” I said when I finally broke the silence. It was a pleading scene and I was determined to show her I wasn’t a fool as she thought.
“By this time?” She pleaded “Oh yea” I responded almost fast. It was about 1:15am in the morning, and staying in a estate means that she might be assumed a robber if she was found parading the estate street that night.
I remember how she started begging me to even have sex with her. The way she moaned, she twisted her body and the positions she gave me, made me wonder why she was greedy at first.

Few months later, I called her after she begged me for money for her rent and I didn’t give her, I discovered that she had gone back to her village.
I remember the day I gave my life to Jesus, after being invited to a crusade held by a popular church in the country. I attended for attending sake but later came out for altar call. Infact, all they preached about was about me and the life I lived. I was happy being welcomed into the house hold of faith. The pastors kept counseling me, and they visited me at any opportunity they had. I was enrolled as a woker in the church, and by God’s grace, I was growing spiritually.
The Devil was never going to rest. Just when I thought it was all over, my Direct Boss in the office started making advances towards me. She was billed to be married in few months’ time and I wonder what she wanted from me. She kept helping me financially, took me home with her car, and bought me things at the office but that didn’t warrant her sleeping with me. I totally rejected it, not because of it was easy, but because I have found a new life I wanted to continue with. I didn’t tell my pastors about it, so I was bearing the pains alone.
Few months later, I was sacked for no reason. Everybody in my office wept about me, they knew the actual reason why I was sacked but they couldn’t do anything. It was a foreign firm, and my Direct Boss was closer to the GMD than all of us that were junior staff. I bade them farewell and packed my loads out of the car.
I fell ill again, this time I had no money to treat myself. Mummy sent me money, and I had to use it to travel back to our family house. We visited another hospital, and my medical record kept showing malaria. I was treated and after few days, I gained my health back.
“Do you know you are gonna die” The voice said!!! Just then……
I woke up and remembered that I was going for the test, so as to submit to the embassy. Mummy accompanied me, so that I could see someone to talk to. I was still ill, and I was just recovering, so the stress of going alone might be much.

The next day, I woke up early and dressed, alongside mummy. The doctor said we should come by 7, so that we could mail the result to the embassy by 9am. My heart kept pounding as we found our way to the hospital.
“Good morning doc” My mum greeted, as she held on to me tightly. I smiled and also greeted the doctor too. There was a lot of warmly discussion going on, before we finally went to the lab. The needle was painful as compared to the way my heartbeat was. After the test, I and mama were asked to wait outside so that they could process it the way they did.
Few minutes later, Mummy was called inside and I was asked to remain outside. The way she walked, I was already crying, not physically but inside of me. Later I heard my name and I came inside. The doctor was putting on a smile, but I could see that mummy’s eyes were kinda reddish in color.
The counseling
The prayers
The assurances
The hopes…These were all I could remember as tears freely flowed down my eyes. Mummy hugged me tightly till I couldn’t cry again. The doctor kept saying things but I couldn’t just hear him. I knew what lay ahead of me at home.
You remember the voice I heard that made me woke up from my thinking? I heard it again.
“Your time is up on earth” The voice said again. Even though I smiled inside, but I kept crying within.
I know you are wondering the name of the person typing, “My name is Chikwelu Udofia, and I am HIV positive”
Mummy cared for me… Daddy was the best dad I ever met… My two sisters are the best.
I love them so much, and I know they love me too. Kisses!!!

In Remembrance of Chikwelu Udofia (1991- 2016)
Who was diagnosed of HIV AIDS, He died at the age of 25.

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11 thoughts on “DIARY OF A MALE S£X ADDICT…(18+)…Part 55

  1. Very educative and interesting story but ends bitterly. We learned our lesson.

  2. This has to be the best story ever told on this platform…well written, very relatable, full of lessons…
    I was going to ask the writter to write a book before I learnt he pass on…
    R.I.P bro…the good thing is you accepted Christ before you died…

  3. Thank God you accepted Jesus before you die, Woe to Kenny and her friend. Sleep in beloved

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