DIARY OF A LEKKI HOUSEBOY (Another S£X Story)…..(18+)…..Part 40


I Got back home feeling like a celebrity because of the way people
were looking at me . Waited for hours to eat my meal and
voila, I found myself sitting close to Faith on the dining but I
didn’t say a word to her, she was talking about her cousins and
all other craps.. Oh! I came to meet Uncle Daniel and Esther
home, no idea if they came together tho.
Someone called Abigail and I could bet my fingers that it was
Asamoah because I sent him her number some mins back so she
had to excuse herself from the table.
Immediately I finished eating, I called ANGELA and made sure
Faith heard me because we were both seated with Uncle Daniel
watching Tinsel. Although I left for the room, I had to make sure
she knows I was talking to a girl.
ANGELA was another girl with a killer sense of humor as we
spoke closed to 20minutes saying funny things to each other, we
mentioned something about Banku(I spelt well?) Which I told her
I got to know through wizkid’s Azonto song.
I told her Banku
means Pussay and she laughed as she told me it was a food
(shey I nor know b4? ), she promised to teach me the Azonto
and she promised to give me Banku to eat .. *I don’t know
about you, but that Banku to me was her Pussay
10pm at night, I went to bath and was reading my Use Of English
Textbook which by far isn’t my favorite, I got bored and
wondered what the girls at home would be doing by now so I
went to the sitting room and guess who I met there? Faith!!!!
I sat down looking at at the TV with a “IDGAF” face. I guess she
also had the face as she was pressing her phone, which
definitely meant she was tweeting!. I brought my phone out and
went back to my poo as I opened twitter, straight to her handle to
see her tweets and hell!.. What I saw weren’t that friendly
“He thinks I give a Bleep?”…. “And the kid is seated, grab your
pop corn”… “Lol! Die already please”!!.. *her tweets*
It was annoying though(especially the kid part), but I just held
myself. I wanted to retweet one of her tweet but my mind

“Call Angela!!!!!!!”.. My mind finally thought of something aside
anger as I called Angela, omo! Come see flow and laughing , I
now invited her over to my house the following day as she will
teach me the azonto she promised me. Of course Faith heard it
and tweeted that I was making fake calls .. After the call, I
went to my room. Stayed awake till 1am thinking someone would
come find his/her p@anties again but who sigh?
Dem nor come
It was on saturday 29th, everyone was doing their own personal
chores as the Estate management were doing the cleanups. I was
the first to finish but later got more work .. I pressed my
Uncle’s and Joyce’s clothes which I learned were wearing to a
wedding ceremony of their colleague.. I pressed with happiness
as I knew Angela will come and spend any time she wants to.
Hours after the chores, I waited for my Uncle and Wife to go, and
then Esther said she was going to the movies to hang out with
some friends, I was now asking her why she won’t take Abigail
with her , that she hardly goes out and bleh bleh bleh.. Yup! I
was trying my best so it will be just me and my Faith … Well, I
sU-Ck-seeded in cajoling her as Abigail smiled and told me thank
you with a wink(Moomoo didn’t know I wasn’t doing it for her
Immediately they left, I increased the volume of the home theatre,
called Angela that the coast was clear and she said she was
coming in a Taxi … TAXI ?
*Y’all thinking what I was thinking? I swear I nor get 3k to pay
Taxi ohhh!
Sha, an hour later, she called me to say she was at my Gate but
I nor gree come out on time . Even when I came out, the first
thing I looked for was the Taxi and it wasn’t there . I come
begin dey form say I be wan pay the taxi, say she for nor allow
am go .
I wanted to continue my lies but it came to a stop when I saw
this girl standing in front of me all set, I madt!!!!!…She was
putting on a lepoard skinned Leggings and a shirt that exposed
her stomach for me to see the piercing on her navel(Yeah!
Imagine those girls in Wande Coal’s The kick or Skuki’s Silifa
), her lap like that of a Cow , A$$ set and her b0s0ms
packaged with ease.. Then finally, the thing that drove me crazy,
I could see that TINY p@nty line that pops out from the hips when
a girl is wearing a Geee-String. .. Hell! I could see her fat
pussay lips tru the leggings
“OBOY! Another Ghanian!!!! This one na over everything”.. That
was my D*I*C*K talking as I felt it wake up!..


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