DEMON’S FATE … (18+) … Part 22



Grey was seated on his bed staring into space, he has being like that since Ariel was captured by demon’s yesterday, he has not slept or eat anything or even say anything to anyone
His mind was constantly on his soulmate, he knows she was not faring well because he could feel her pain which makes me him very weak
He stood up from the bed and head to the window, he stare outside
Please be Alright, he whispered
Be strong for me, he added
He heard a knock on the door but he did not even make a move to open the door or ask the person standing outside to come in, he just remain quiet
A minute later he heard the door opened and he sense his mother’s presence, but he did not turn to look at her
Son, Anna called out as she moved closer to him
Grey remained silent as he continue to stare outside
You need to eat something, Anna said
How can I eat? Grey whispered
I don’t even know if she has eaten, Grey added
I know son, but you need your strength, Anna pointed out
Grey shook his head, I will not eat anything until she comes back to me
Anna sigh, she knows it’s hard to convince her son
Please Grey, Anna pleaded
I can’t mom, Grey whispered
I just want her back, he whispered
I can’t live without her, he added
If anything happens to her, I will Kill myself Grey said sternly
Anna flinched at her son’s word
Don’t say that, Anna said quickly
Don’t ever say that, she added
Ariel will return back, Anna said confidently
Grey remained silent as his mother hold him in a tight embrace
Let’s go downstairs, Anna said after a minute
Grey nodded his head as his mother lead the way out of the room.
Ariel’s eye’s was closed but she was not sleeping,
she was so weak from all the beating she has received her body was sore, she tried to sit up straight but a little scream escaped her lips,
She heard the door clicked open, and she open her eye’s slowly to see who was coming in, she hissed as she saw the person

Hello there, Erna said with a smug look
Ariel glared at her
Look at you, Erna said as she slapped her hard on the face
Ariel shut her eye’s tight as she absorb the pain
I don’t even know why josh wants to wait before killing you, Erna said
I will just do it now she said and I will make it look like an accident, she grin at Ariel
Ariel’s eye’s widen in shock as she stared at Erna’s eye’s which is now red
Erna stepped closer to Ariel and wrapped her hands around her neck and tighten her hold on her neck,
Ariel gasped trying to struggle out her grip
But she was lucky when the door brust opened and josh came in, he pushed Erna away from Ariel
What the hell do you think you are doing? Josh shouted at Erna
What! Erna barked at him
Just kill her already, she shouted as she stormed out of the room in anger
Josh followed her immediately out of the room
Ariel was breathing very heavy, as she was trying to control her breathing
Grey was seated in the living room with Ariel’s family When he suddenly gasped
Anna turned to her son with concern,
What is it Grey? Anna asked quickly
Grey was struggling to breathe as Anna squeezed his hand tightly
The entire family was looking at Grey with concern as they watched him struggle to breathe,
They knew its was coming from Ariel which made Elena sob in her husbands shoulder
Grey suddenly started breathing well and his breathe became even
Ariel, he whispered as his body shook and a tears flowed down his eye’s
After a minute he clam down and stood up immediately,
I can’t just seat here and wait for them to kill her,
I will go look for her he said making an attempt to move but Raguel stopped him
Sit Grey, He said
Grey wanted to protest but Raguel shook his head at him
Just sit Grey, he said
Grey finally sat down waiting for Raguel to speak
I know you are worried about Ariel, so are we too Raguel said motioning to everyone in the room, but we need to think things through
Grey nodded his head in understanding
Where do you think your brother will take Ariel to? Raguel asked
I don’t really know, he said after thinking for a minute
Josh is a very cunning person, and I’m sure my uncle is not the one that sent them to attack us, if not Ariel would be be dead by now, Grey said quietly
Grey shut his eyes tight trying to think of anywhere, but he could not think about anywhere
Anna stood up from the living room and head to her room, Grey watched her leave and wonder why she was in such a hurry, he averted his eye’s from his mother, he just has his mind occupied with his soulmate
Raguel pace around thinking of any solution and Elena was not faring well she was sob quietly
Anna immediately came downstairs, and stood in front of her son
I know where Ariel is, she said
Grey looked at his mother with a confuse frown
What? Grey said standing up
I know where she is, she said again
How do you know? Grey asked
Now is not the time to ask question we need to save Ariel first, Anna said
Grey agreed with his mother, he will definitely bring up the issue another time but right now Ariel is very important
Where is she? Raguel asked
Anna motioned for them to sit, and she told them the place,
Grey does not have any idea where the place his mother is talking about is and he makes him wonder how she knows the place, seeing she has never left the demon zone before they came here
He shook his head and concentrate on what his mother was saying
When Anna was done speaking, Raguel stood up and pace around for a while,
I think we should leave now he suggested
Yes I agree, we should not waste any more time, Grey said as he stood up

Michael nodded his head, we should definitely go now
Maria turned to her husband
I think you should follow them, she said
No I can’t, I won’t leave you alone here, Samael said
Our granddaughter needs you, I promise I will be fine, Maria said trying to convince her husband
Maria silenced him with a soft kiss on his lips
Please… She added
Elena will be here with us, so there will be no problem, she said
Samael was still feeling reluctant to go, he trust in his daughter’s ability to take care of her mother and Anna, he later agreed his wife’s request
Okay, he said softly
” Thank you”
Let’s leave now, Raguel said as he flashed his wings
Take care of yourself mom, Grey said
I will, Anna said
Be careful, she added as she kissed her son’s forehead before he left
Ariel was trying to set her hands free from the rope,
she was very weak and her body was sore, she just hopes she get out of this situation, as she was struggling she sensed a familiar presence close by, her eye’s widen in surprise
“Grey” she whispered
Suddenly Grey appeared in the room along with the Angels
Grey’s eye’s suddenly found Ariel,
Ariel, he whispered as he rushed to her side
Are you alright? He asked
He shook his head when he saw the condition of Ariel’s body,
he does not need her to answer his question because he could definitely see that she is not alright
“Josh is a dead man”, Grey said with anger
He quickly loosen the rope on her hand,
immediately he loosed it, josh barged inside the room with demons along side him
“You” Grey barked pointing at Josh
Did you come to take me home my love, someone said from behind Josh and Grey recongised that voice very well
Did you miss me? She said
I should have killed you when I had the chance, Grey said
He wasted no time as he lunged for josh, the other Angels in the room started fighting off the other demons
Ariel had her eye’s on Erna, seeing her soulmate has given her strength,
she stood up and lunge forward aiming for Erna, who was not expecting the attack,
Ariel drag her and shoved her hard against the wall making her scream
Erna was no match for Ariel, she struggled to get out of her grip but Ariel held her strong
Grey is “MINE”
She said sternly as snapped her neck and dropping her lifeless body on the ground before she fell to the ground herself
Josh and Grey continue fighting, and Grey quickly hold onto Josh’s neck he was about to snapped it when his eye’s connected with his soulmate,
she shook her head at him
Grey sighed and reluctantly let go of Josh and knocked him unconscious before he rushed to Ariel’s side
Grey, she whispered
Grey smiled widely at Ariel
“I miss you so much” he said
” Me too” Ariel said
“Let’s go home”
Grey said picking Ariel up as he vanished alongside with the Angels


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