DEEP AFFECTION … (18+) … Part 10



Richard slumped on his bed heavily feeling tired and weak both mentally and physically, everything happening to him recently had really bring him down, he was now very ripe for marriage, he had the money and was ready to settle down with a woman he love, but when he had thought he would be a family man at last and become responsible, everything just turned to a heartbreak, when he thought he had found the lady he truly love, she suddenly vanished into the thin air after the first day they met, now he found a guy who he got attracted to, who he was willing to help, to share his problem with him, treat him like a brother, make him happy, and look he was kidnapped because of me, because of me he was kidnapped ooo, God why na? i just exposed the young man life to danger, if i hadn’t knock him down with my vehicle he wouldn’t have good through all this things he is passing through now, i have to do something about his disappearance or else my conscience would never let of rest, that boy cannot be suffering over there why i stay here enjoying my life freely, he switched on his phone, he clicked on that message and read it over again,

“Could this be from Dr Mike?” he asked himself, that was the only person that knew more about Cole’s condition, even that blood in his office may be Cole’s blood maybe he was beaten before taken away, he called the number that sent the message to him but it was not going, he layed there thinking of all the events,
One question he cannot answer is why Cole was kidnapped, the man does not look like a thief or cultist,
Why would they kidnap him, there is something Dr Mike know about this, and i must make sure i hunt him down, he was the one who took Cole out of the hospital,

He must have planned with the kidnappers to bring him out for them to easily catch him, i’m going to that hospital first thing tomorrow morning, he checked his time and it was 1:am,
He went into the shower took his bath and layed down on his bed for a cool sleep

He woke up the next dy feeling tired and exhausted due to the sleepless night he passed through yesterlnight,
He looked at the wall cloclk hanging on the wall and quickly sprangeld up from his bed, the time was 7:29am and that day was Saturday, he was supposed to be in the market so as not to miss his customers who always come to buy goods from him on weekends,
He rushed into the restroom to take his bath and do the other necessary things, after some minute he was done,
He went to the kitchen to find something to eat, that was how his life had been since Clara dumped him for his best friend, go to shop, eat, and sleep, he was not the social type so he had always stayed in the house bored
If it was when Clara was there for him they would always chat and crack joke happily, she does almost all the cooking for him, sweeps his house on regular basis,

He had stayed all day recently thinking on what his friend used in charming her that she had just suddenly forgotten about him not minding to call him or know his present condition or what he is passing through, she had just broken his heart to pieces and left him to bleed to death, He dished out a much quantity of the cooked rice he had bought in bulk, he walked into the dining to devour it, not long after, he was done, He wore his best outfit which was a red long sleeved
entered his vehicle and left,

Sandra hid the diary again and layed on the bed forming tears on her eyes for it to look as he she was crying, her step mother knocked on the door as she found the door locked,
“Get out of here you witch, i hate you, you are such a digusting human, you are so heartless, get out!!” Sandra screamed from inside the room, but before she could utter any other word the door gave way, she was so surprised as she never knew her step mother had a spare key to her room, with the speed of flash a resounding slap from her step mother landed on her cheek, the pain in she felt was so terrible that she felt like crying, her lips was dripping out blood as a result of the slap, she was still trying to bear the pain of the slap when another one landed on the other cheek,
She speed off from the room trying to run away, but as she came nearer to the sitting room, she jammed one of the soldier, she tried running back but it was too late, as the soldier had knew what she want to do, he grabbed her on the hair and threw her on the bare floor of the sitting room, just immediately her step mother stepped out

“Thanks for holding her, call your colleague, both of you should rape her to death now, i don’t want anybody to put me into trouble, you guys should just end her life, i don’t need her anymore, she is capable of exposing me” her step mother said without mercy
“Haaa, thank ma oo,
I was even asking myself this question why you leave this girl to still stay alive, you no sey if she mistakenly she leave this place we are all in trouble” the soldier said happily,

Sandra stared at her step mother
shock, as what she just said rang through her head like a bell, tears clouded her eyes making her sight blurring, dying was not the main problem, but dying through rape was something she had never dreamed off, “Why are you staring at me that way ehen, there is no need of you being alive, your only brother would be killed this night, so you have to follow him please, let me just rest abeg” her step mother said operating her phone
“Which of my brother!” Sandra said very surprised

“Why are you shock, don’t you know you have brother?” her step mother asked less concerned
“Seriously, i don’t know the brother you are talking about, i’m the only child my parent bore” Sandra said
“That is your own cup of tea, your wretched mother gave birth to the boy before you, she had hid him from me for so long but she doesn’t know i will later get him, like i told you before, i’m a very clever human who get what she want no matter what it would cost her.after i had killed the both of you then your parent would be forced to come out from their hiding place” her step mother said
“What!! you mean they are not dead?” Sandra asked totally shocked with the revelation

“I’m even surprised that they are not dead, but be rest assured that i would kill them he i set my eyes on them” her step mother said and stormed out of the sitting room,
“Oh God what type of confusion is this, what does she mean by those word she said, or was she just trying to pull my leg” she thought deeply,
“Hey, go to your room and wait for me, make sure you are unclad before i gets there” the soldier said.
Sandra rushed to her room,and immediately ran a call to the man that came earlier,

“Please answer your call na” she said as the phone rang without anyone picking it, she called it severally but there was no answer, she kept crying and beging God to make him answer the call but all to no avail, she was about calling it the 26th time before she heard a footstep walking to her room, she hid the phone and Spranged up immediately thinking of what to Do but no idea came in.
The door gave way and the soldier came in,

“What did i told you” he said and rushed at her with a heavy blow which sent her on the bed,
“After i’m done with you today i am very sure you will not leave to tell your story” he said and climbed on Sandra’s belly, tore the gown she was wearing completely, widen out her leg..


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