two of his colleagues were on his 4 & 10 O’clock respectively while one was outside that way they kept tabs on the happenings around. mike just cracked a joke and the ladied were laughing. He tilted his head sideways whispering into the collar of his suit.

“check on the Ooni’s daughter. she just went out, towards the ladies ”

“roger that”

a voice replied.
mike had seen the waitress that served the ladies. He knew that face somewhere. he could swear he do. But how? where? and when were the endless questions that tormented him.

Mike was suffering memory loss.
he had been in this condition for six months.

something told him the lady was more than a waitress. he could feel it. she was a part if his dreaded past. a life he lived but can’t recall.

Two minutes later. Its now time for the cutting of cake. The celebrant’s family was called upon. Mike looked around searchingly. It wasn’t long before he saw what he was looking for—–Adeola—he heaved a sigh

False alarm. he thought admittedly.

‘false alarm’

he said into his collar. there was no reply.

Vivian walked together with the Ooni’s family to the stage where the towering cake was. The make up powder she used made her appear exactly as the real adeola. She also wore the same dress as the real girl.
The ooni’s family took several pictures with the cake in company of their friends and family. Of course the governor joined in two of the pics which gave vivian’s opportunity to slip a tracking device on the gov. wrist. It was a magnetic track device.

Meanwhile a fist fight was going on in the ladies restroom. Frank was leading Adeola out of the toilet at gun point when suddenly he was intercepted by an NIA agent. A bloody struggle had ensued shortly afterwards leaving both men bleeding. The NIA agent tried to get up after a heavy kick on the knee. He guessed his knee was dislocated. Frank staggered to pick a gun from the floor. He pointed it at the agent. He shot twice . The agent docked the first bullet, he didn’t have much luck with the other as it buried itself in his arm.
Frank realized his gun was not silenced. He must have drawn attention. He cast a second glance at the other man. He was incapacitated he wouldn’t be of any threat, neither would adeola be because he knocked her out moments ago during the duel when she tried escaping. It was way past the time for this phase of the mission. Vivian should be done by now. He meant to reach her but quickly recalled his line got disconnected in the cause of the duel.
it was time for the final phase of the mission.

Vivian couldn’t believe her eyes. She blinked them rapidly to be sure she wasn’t daydreaming. You can’t possibly be alive. she soliloquized. But the distance between them was too far for mike to hear. Nonetheless he was coming after her. she could swear she saw him speak into a communicating device . She felt pangs of guilt. she swallowed hard thinking of the best thing to do. She didn’t try telling Frank because he got disconnected minutes ago. Vivian dipped a hand behind her waist she slowly withdrew a 9mm pistol. Her eyes still planted on him. She headed for the exit door and mike was taking that direction too.

Mike saw a shiny metal in her hand. A gun! He took out his own gun instinctively.


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