Governor Pete knew from experience that it wasn’t wise to move about in this electioneering period. However this wasn’t an occasion he should miss. It was the 75th birthday of the Ooni of Ife. he was personally invited by the traditional ruler. Pete felt it was a good opportunity to harness votes from the people of Ife. He recalled vividly the poor votes pulled from this particular area in the election that brought him to power. He was so determined to win their hearts this time. Speaking of security, the governor felt save with the degree of security waxed around him.
In no distant time g arrived M&T events center. A famed center for occasions and events in ile-ife. this was where the Ooni chose to celebrate.

“your entrance permit, please” a uniformed man repeated the same words he’d used on every car that entered the events center within the last 35minutes. the only diference was the use of ‘ma’ or a ‘sir’ when required . This time his request was directed to a young couple. The man at the driver’s seat, supposedly the husband took out a green card from his br.east pocket flashing it at the other man who’s nod was in the affirmative. Frank drove off to the car lot he stole a glance at his “wife”, vivian. They both smiled. There were lethal agents[\b]

Vivian turned on the car light. she clicked a button on the facet below the dashboard. she took out what she needed and closed it back by pressing the same button she pressed earlier.
She’d picked a pair of earring which doubled as communication chips, a ring serving same purpose and a tracking device. Frank watched her exit the car lot before stepping out

Vivian was dressed in a blood red gown whose length was a little below her knees, on the top the gown was sleeved and round-necked, completely encasing her cleavage.
This was exactly the dress code for the waitresses at M&T. She headed for the kitchen. It was two pavements to the east of the hall where the event was being held. she could her sounds of meriment as she walked down the pavement .

The kitchen door opened slightly. Vivian walked in. slowly. the movements of her eyes were faster than her legs. In few seconds she had gotten a full view of the kitchen . The chefs and kitchen attendants barely noticed her presence until when she made clanging sounds while removing a tray from its stock.
a few attentions were diverted to her. she smiled wyry, luring them away.

“more cocktails are needed” she said to the man she thought was the bartender.

” those trays aren’t meant for cocktails” replaid the man.

The celebration was going smoothly. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Vivian noticed it was the “moment of brief entertainment” so they called it. If the order of program was anything to go by, then cutting of cake was next on the list. She went about the hall with the demeanour of a waitress holding a tray of cocktails.

” care for some cocktails, ma’am?”
she asked the Ooni’s daughter and her friends.

” is it flavoured?”
one of the girls asked.

“yes ma’am. vanilla flavoured.”

“i’d prefer apple but…..” the lady speaking paused to take a glass off the tray.
Her friends followed suit including the Ooni’s daughter. Vivian was careful enough to guide the Ooni’s daughter in taking the one she wanted her to.
Vivian glanced her watch after she left them. The time was 06:57:03 she was late 3 seconds late. It wasn’t allowed.
she spoke into her ring “done” and then exited the hall
What vivian didn’t know was that she was being watched.

Five minutes after she tasted the cocktail, she felt a familiar churn in her abdomen. she knew holding it meant embarassing herself because the nauseating feeling was unbearable. Adeola, the ooni’s daughter excused herself without letting her friends know what was happening to her. Her drink was tipped with an emetic, a drug that causes its victims to vomit.

Mike was one of the of the four special agents from DSS assigned to protect the governor. He sat in the southern half of the hall, two ladies whom he met today were with him on the table. He was having fun with them while doing his surveillance work. It was a blend he enjoy so well


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