DEAR PEPPERONI (Just Thongs And Bras) … (18+) … Part 4



Everything was set and I overhead a man tell the strippers not to dance tonight meaning I’ll be the only one performing tonight.

“Go to the stage and strip” he said again and I stood like a statue staring at him.

“I should do what??!!” I asked.

He grabbed me by my arm and gave me a hard push. I scuttled into the main stage and came to a dead stop finding myself before people.

Just Men.

Some sat in circles while some sat alone.

Oh my God.

Slowly, stares began landing on me and am just grateful am wearing a mask.

So many men got their eyes on my exposed hips.

A soft music began playing and I didn’t need anyone to tell me they were waiting for me to dance.

I remember aunt Gigi’s words.

‘These are high and wealthy business man. Give them your best, who knows, maybe you’ll get all the money tonight and won’t have to come anymore’.

I shook my head regaining consciousness.

Am so shy.

I rubbed my left leg against the right slightly not knowing where to begin with.

I have to do this.
I stepped back a bit and slowly took my hand to the back of my bra. I unhooked it and I could hear faint noises of gasps and mouth ruffling.

I removed it and starts to shake my butts a bit. Only heavens know am at the point of breaking down.

Suddenly, a paper flew from the men resting beside me. I glanced at it.
Oh my God!
One million dollars!
You have to be fuc*ing kidding me.

I stooped to a crouch and grind my waist up and down, back and forth.
I was expecting loud screams from the men but I guess they’re all civilised and let their money speak for them.

I turned my back and rested my left palm on the floor. I let my big butts move to the music. Am not used to this hut impressing them was kind of what I want to do right now.

I kept moving and twerking hard, my whole body vibrating – Did I say my whole body?
My firm bo*bs also dangled bouncing up and back.

A crazy seductive smile appeared on my lips as I knew what next to do.

I got up and slowly rest my chest on the floor so my lower body is up on my knee.
My butts are puffed out at the backside and the whole view can be seen.

I noticed more cash drop on the stage.

All this can get me a car of my own.

I starts to jingle my butt and that’s when I started feeling pains around my hip.
I did a move that’s not used to my body.

I got up and took ny bra, then I turned to the men to realize, most of them weren’t around.
I looked at the far end and saw two men going into a room with women.

Oops, I made them all hard.

I left the stage and quickly wore my bra.
A lady went up the stage and gathered all the money I got.

Seriously not fair.

I returned to the make up room and didn’t find anybody.

Soon, the weird man who had pushed me earlier showed up.

“Nice job Kiddo” he said with his mean stern look.

I rolled my eyes.

“Well, you have two men who wants to have you tonight” he said and I froze.


“No! The deal was just to strip. Am not going to bed with anybody” I retorted furiously.

“They’ll pay you billions Girl” he said convincely but I wasn’t buying it one bit.

I stormed out of the room looking for my aunt. Where the hell are they!?

Suddenly, a white handkie covered my nose and someone suffocated me with it until I inhaled the scent going into a deep sleep.


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