DEAR PEPPERONI (Just Thongs And Bras) … (18+) … Part 3



i watched the clock till it turned.
oh God.
am doomed.

I gulped as the door opened and both my aunties came in with shopping bags.

they emptied the content – clothes on my bed.

“pick the one that’ll make you s-xy enough” Lola said smirking.

Oh God…
What do they want to do to me?

Where are they taking me?

I ran my hands on the clothes.

Huh…just thongs and bras??

This can barely cover my body properly.

I took the red one that matched

“Good. Go to the bathroom and put them on” Gigi said looking at me with scorn.

I know they’re mad at me.

I have to set things right by doing what they ask of me.

I went to the bathroom and removed my clothes..

I don’t wish to be rude and too crazy.
I just despise people belittling me.

That Oscar guy made my phone fall and I thought I would do nothing about it.

I sighed as I stared at the mirror.


Everywhere is exposed.

My cheeks turned red staring at my killer hips.

Aunt Lola and Gigi are heavy too.

I guess it runs in our family.

I left the bathroom to my aunties waiting.

Lola smirked. “Perfect”.

I tried his number for the fifth time.
I had barely given up.
Oscar, he’s been ignoring me.

What did I do to him for him to break up with me so sudden?

We began dating last three months at an award event.

I thought I had the famous Oscar to myself but yesterday, I got a text from him saying its over.

I f-cking need an explanation!

I was quiet as aunt Lola and Gigi drove me to god-knows-where.

Are they going to sell me to a mafia?
I laughed.
That’s insane.

They don’t hate me that much..

The car stopped infront of a club feeding my scrutiny.
A club!?

We got down from the car and aunt Lola and Gigi walked to the building which was quite bigger than normal clubs I’ve seen in Los Vegas.

They kept murmuring some things and I just stared at them like a lost goat.

Then I looked around the premises.
Flashy cars here and there.

This is no ordinary club.
It must be for rich folks.

We walked in and I couldn’t help but take my eyes to the stage.

A girl was there dancing with the revealing clothes she was putting on which are much worse than mine.

She shook her butts…everything to the rhythm of the beats.

Men laughed pointed and did other naughty stuff they do to women who half nude.
I took my eyes to my right and I flinched.

A girl was down on her knees inbetween a man’s legs.
Doing what exactly?
I looked closely.

Oh heavens!
She’s s-cking his c–k.

I batted my lashes.
I really don’t want to be here!

“Pepperoni!” Lola called and I looked at her.

“Follow me” she said and I obeyed while Gigi went her separate way.

We got to a room, more like the backstage.

Different costumes aligned.

I felt a hard slap on my butt.


I quickly turned abruptly angry.
It was a man with beards.


“Is she the new chick?” He asked Gigi.

“My niece. I want her make up outstanding and only the wealthiest man in this club will be able to lay a finger on her” she stated and the man nodded like a lizard.

I just hate him for hitting my bu*t.

“Welcome se*y. Have a seat” he said and helped me sit on a chair before the mirror.

Now I know what this is about.

They want me to do something obviously dirty to pay my debts…
I don’t like this one bit.


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