DEAR PEPPERONI (Just Thongs And Bras) … (18+) … Part 2


I sat on a pouch chair watching Aunt Lola and Gigi pick clothes – revealing clothes. They just love spending money!

“Don’t you want anything, pepper?” Aunt Lola asked.
I shrugged.
How can I want more clothes when my closet is filled to the brim and most times, I don’t know which one to wear cause they’re all good!

“Oh! You should see the design Gabby sent to me!” Aunt Lola beamed.
“Where’s it?” Gigi asked.
“In my phone…oh! Shoot! I forgot my phone in the car” Lola groaned.

Oh, I know what this means😪

“Pepperoni! Please go to the car and get me my phone” Lola said.

I nodded and got up.
I fixed my headphone 🎧 back on my head and with my hands on my pocket, I left the Hot girl clothing section.

I was busy listening to my favourite jam.

“Roxanne Roxanne
All she wanna do it is party all night.
She think that am a player
Think that am an a*shole…..”

I gasped when I bumped into someone.
My phone fell from my grip to the floor
It’s broken!
The screen already had an ugly scratch.

I removed the headphone and stared at the guy who just ruined my phone. He was putting on a mask.

“Are you blind?” I rapsed.

He scoffed

“I’ll pity you cause am in a good mood” he said and tried to walk away.

I stopped him and reached for the phone in his pocket. I ignored the breathtaking features of the phone and threw it on the floor. I stepped on it.
geez, why is it not breaking??

I started jumping on it with the tip of my snickers. The phone had scratches already but didn’t break.

“What’s wrong with you???” The other boy yelled. He looked a bit younger.

Suddenly, three men approached us and grabbed me…

He removed his mask and am able to see his face.

He damn looks familiar.

“Oh my God, Pepper!” Aunt Lola and Gigi yelled running to us.

The guy picked up his phone and stared at the screen quietly

“Let me go, scumbags!!!” I yelled flinging my legs in the air.
They were so huge and strong bodied.

“Am so sorry Oscar. Please forgive her” Lola said.
They know this guy??

“No, she’ll pay!” The handsome idiot Oscar rapsed.

I shuddered.

Can’t he pardon me?

Anyways, aunt Lola and Gigi are wealthy, so what?

“Pepperoni, apologize!” Gigi rapsed.

“Never!!!” I retorted.

“She’ll have to pay for the damages” The younger boy said.
“20000$” he added.

So expensive.

“Fine” Gigi said and brought out her phone. She handed it to the boy and I watched them do the transfer.

Aunt Lola and Gigi doesn’t look happy.
I hope they’re not mad at me.


“What were you thinking Pepperoni???” Lola yelled at me when we got home.

“He deserved what he got” I muttered.

“That guy Oscar is a top celebrity!” She rapsed.

“I just used the whole money in my account to bail your a-s Pepper” Gigi said.

I rolled my eyes.

I thought they’re extremely wealthy.

“We’re just taking you out all the time so you can feel comfortable and stop feeling the pains of being an orphan” she said.

I scoffed.

“You crazy girl, you still have the guts to scoff?!!! You know what, we’re initiating you into our business.

“It’s time you join us to make this money not minding if you like it or not” Aunt Lola said.

I gulped.

What are they talking about??

“Strip, Roni” Gigi said and my jaw dropped.



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