I ranned out of the compound like a mad
person stampeding on anything on my way.
“Werey, ibo lon sa’ere lo? Ewo bosen gba’eyan
daanu” a lady shouted as I amost hit her while
dashing out. I got out and walked hastily to the
bus stop. I got there in no time, I scanned the
whole place but couldn’t find Joy. “Which kain
wahala be dis na, abi dis babe dey wine me” I
tot. Just as I was thinking a hand tapped me
from behind. “Hey, what keeps u so long” and a
sweet hypnotising voice said. “Hi Joy, sorry I
was delayed by something. So hw are u?” I said
as I grabbed her hand and walked her to my
place. We got to my house and everyone is just
staring at my new found sweet potato.. I
ushered her in no time before dem amebo take
eyes scatter d babe. She sat on my small
as I put on the tv. “You av a nice place” she
said admiring my small apartee. “Thnx dear,
welcome to my small crib” I said with a smile
my face and she also smiled. I brought out the
juice that was already chilled in the fridge. I
pour some inside a glass cup and pour some
me. We both drank and talked and talked. I
grabbed her by the waist and she leaned gently
on me her two soft oranges rubbing on my
chest. “Chai, dis babe go kill pesin o” I tot as I
got a sweet sensation sent down my spine
making my john thomas to begin responding. I
placed my hands under her shirt and played
with the two ice cream balls. She moaned as I
squeezed dem a bit hard. My d’ick is already at
attention like a soldier recruit on parade. I slid
my hand down to the main territory, I rubbed
on the place gently with my twon fingers.
Shawty was wet I tried to slip a finger in and
she shouted hard. I asked her why and she
it’s paining her and that she hadn’t have se*x
before. Not even this kind of romance. I to her
to open her legs for me to confirm, men dis
babe is too tight. “Na which kain wahal be dis
now” I almost said. I wanted to bust it that
same day but she refused me. She said her
pastor told her that if she have se*x with any
man she will die. “Na wetin dey worry all dis
pastors sef. Na so dem go dey lie for fine
like dis” I tot. I told her not to trust that pastor,
and be very careful with him. I also told her to
mark My words, the pastor will ask her for se*x
one day. Since then I didn’t attempt to have
se*x with again if she comes around. We just
play, sit, talk and watch tv. Until one day when
I was sleeping and my phone rang I picked it
up and it was Joy who was crying on the
She told me her pastor told her that God told
him to marry her and that he wanted to sleep
with her.. I told her to stop crying and come
see me at my place.
The next 2 days shawty called me and asked if
was around cos she is planning to show up my
place. I told her that I’m around she can come.
For the past one that she had been coming to
my house I have been very nice to her. No se*x
appeals, no stress or any form of disturbing her
in the name of having se*x. I decided to let her
be till she decide to fork me herself. Guys, how
many of una fit do like that for such type sweet
chicks without forcing her to sleep with u for a
whole month? None of you! Make I no brag too
much. It was 1:15pm or so on sunday when
she came knocking at my door as I was busy
watching premier league soccer. I opened the
door and I was faced with her beautiful sad
face. “Ohh hi, sweetheart” I greeted her as I
tried to hug her. “Good afternoon” she said with
a yet a frown on her face. I sat her down and
tried to console her. She told she was worried
about her pastor who tried to mislead her and
have se*x with her. “Don’t worry sweetie it’s ok.

There’s always some bad and good pastors.
probly one of the bad ones. Not all are bad.
Thank God you’re ok and notin had happened” I
calmed her down. “I will never go to that
church again ever” she promised. “Yes you
should just look for a better church to attend” I
supported. I asked her if she will like to eat and
she told me to prepare indomie and egg for her.
As sharp boy I entered kitchen as I was cooking
the noodles I was also busy wrapping my tiny
joint as usual. I quickly rush to the toilet and
grag a few, kept the remaining and came back
to the kitchen. The noodles is already boiling so
I empty the seasoning s in and also put one
sardine to spice it up. As soon as it was ready I
served her and she ate while I went back to the
bathroom and finished the remaining joint I
started. Took a shower and came back to meet
her on my bed laid down. “Shoo, dis one wey
dis chica go position for bed so, hope say no
problem sha” I was confused as my bamboo
stick rose up to attention. I tried to control it
but the thing got an attitude of its own and
he’d been seeing things. Shwty looked at me
with an eye that says come close to me. I was
only on boxers with a small towel on my
shoulder, I flung the wet towel to one side and
approach her on the bed. She looked at me in
the eyes as I sat right beside her. I place my
hands on her face and started pulling her hair
backwards with my chilled palm. I moved very
close and placed my lips on her lips, I kissed
weller and she kissed my back wellest. We both
romanced each other I didn’t even know when I
pulled of her shirt and revealed the ever fresh
pointed br’easts of hers. I suck dem like crazy,
in fact I think I was crazy for a moment. She
was putting on a short skirt I pulled it down
revealed her light blue panties. I rubbed gently
on her vagyna without taking off her panties.
The geh wan craze as I play with her thing, I
almost suck the stuff up but my spirit no gree
me. I no dey suck toto anyhow oh, unless if
toto get mouth die! Or money for hand, tongue
for hole I couldn’t wait to get in action but
I’m also contemplating how to disvirgin dis girl.
I never disvirgin woman before oh


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