CURSED (Last Demon) … (18+) … Episode 38





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It was a Lovely day, the Sky Crystal Blue, the Sun casting it’s golden Rays on the beautiful Garden. Looking out of My Window, I watched as the clear blue Summer Sky transformed into a Sea of Blackness.

The sun got swallowed by the rapidly falling Night and the Sky got freckled by shimmering Stars, it was a beautiful Sight.

Moving down from the Window, I groaned as I dragged my Leg to the Concrete Bench Where I had sat Moments ago and then took a long, deep Breath.
A weirdish Smile tucked my lips as a slight glimpse of her Image flashed through my mind, I could Feel my nerves etching for her, My heart longing for her presence, Her Scent, Her touch and Her Warmth.

Picturing her Image in my Head brought about a great ordeal to My body as I felt the Excitement and Pleasure that I had never felt in a long time, despise the countless tortures I had gone through in my days at Epic Empire, this Perhaps, Was the Most beautiful Memory I had Ever Had, It was the First time someone had Ever stood up for me.

“You know you Can go Meet Whosoever She is Right?” Mom’s tiny Voice interceded from the dark and my eyes got widened, Realization dawning on Me

“That’s Creepy Mom, You scared Me!” I cooed while trying to play dumb to whatever she was getting at, Though Mom might had sneaked up on Me like that but the images were beginning to Crawl up in my head, Two days had passed Already and tonight was the Night of the Sacred Party but here I was, all sited and doing nothing.

“Oh Son, You Don’t try to play dumb on your Mother Alright?, I saw the look in your eyes, the way you stared through your Window All day Long, the way you looked Shackled. Am far older than you Son and I know when a boy is missing someone, so what’s holding you Back!” Mom tiny voice came again while I watched as she emerged from the darkness and sat beside Me

“I don’t know what you are talking about Mom!” I replied and then frowned at the words that came out of my Mouth, Mom was right, She meant no harm.
I knew what I had to do to please My mind but somehow, Something was holding me back, I was scared of what Davis and his Minions would do to me once they rested their eyes on me, I was scared a boy like me had no place in the Sacred Party but among all was the fear of the voice I had heard in my head, What if something probably went wrong during the Party?

“Am Sorry Son, I Was just trying to please you as a Mother. I will let you be right now but…… ” Mom squealed and paused as she stood on her feets, I knew my words had hurt her badly but I didn’t mean to
“But when you do change your Mind, do Come downstairs alright? It’s never too Late to do the right thing!” Mom words reached out to Me while I watched as she disappeared into the thick Darkness

Mom had been gone for quite some Minutes now but still, My heart remained disturbed with my butt Still resting on the Concrete Bench and for some reasons, I felt restless. What if the Voice was right? What if the Sacred Party wasn’t really what it seems to be but something else entirely cause as far as I could tell, Epic Empire was a School filled Pure living Demons in its Walls….. Nothing good Ever came out of it.

The issue Wasn’t something to be trifled [Joke] with but at last, I had made up my mind to go, even though I knew my presence there could trigger a Commotion.
Davis and his Minions were Vicious, Crafty and Troublesome bugs but at least, I had Brenda’s protection and not even Davis could touch me, not after what she did to him.

Minutes Passed and I had taken a quick bath before been Clad in a Grey T Shirt, A Black Trouser and some fitting Snickers to Match.
Grapping the Door Knob, I groaned as I made my way down the Stairs where I Met Mom seating on the Dinning Table with Dad beside her while he read a Newspaper.

On sighting me, She had a sly smile that showed on her face While I hesitated for a little while before Walking towards the dinning Table:

“Dad, Am Ready!”
My Voice came out in a whisper While I had different thoughts all crossing over my mind as I stared at the Bright Circled Moon……. Was this the right decision? What if I was wrong?….


The Moon Shown dimly on the Night, Some Ruffled steps were heard while the School grounds seemed fully Occupied by the Loud Music that boomed from It

Meanwhile, Brenda was in the School Courtyard Lying on a Concrete Bench, Earphones plugged in her Ears, Listening to some cool Jam Music while she seem Oblivious [Not Knowing] to what was going around. At least in that way, she could avoid the Loud Noise that boomed from the entire School.

After a While, She sat up realising she was the only one left in the Courtyard or so she thought untill her eyes rested on Wills Who approached her with his hands tucked to his pocket, behind him came Kate and Mason Who also plunged towards her direction.

“And back Came the Devils!” Brenda taunted while removing her Earphones from her Ears the exact moment Mason and the rest of the team got to her
“Ahhhhhhh, My Ears!”
Brenda yelp painfully after realizing that the Music that boomed from the School had hit her Ears and hurt them pretty bad.
“A-ha!, I knew it, Karma got you right where you belong!” Kate laughed while Brenda on hearing her words punched her lightly

“You all are the Worst, Really? Not Even a Single Sympathy for my Ears huh?” Brenda whined While Mason chuckled as he sat across the Bench
“On a serious note Brenda, you really are the Worst Alpha there is, you know that right?” Mason moused gaining the team attention
Brenda replied touching her Chest with her right Palm while staring at Mason with those baby eyes of her hers

“Am serious Okay, You made me worry when I didn’t get to see you at the Party since it began!” Mason Explained
“Yeah, He’s right Brenda. I had the idea your body was been feasted upon by the Blood Sucking Vampire who’s
gonna be Cursed today!” Wills Chipped in, clearly the fourth time he had actually spoke Since he arrived

“Really Wills, you too ? Do you seriously believe I can’t take on the Cursed Vampire in a Combat Huh?” Brenda asked grimly
“What can I say Alpha? It’s pretty Strong you know?” Wills replied
“Yeah, And so am I Okay So Adios!” Brenda said while she relaxed back on the Bench

“What are you even doing here Anyways? There’s a Sacred Party going on in the School right now!” Kate’s voice pated
“Like I Care, You know I hate Parties Kate and besides, It wasn’t my idea to throw up such a boring Party Anyways!” Brenda Complained while wanting to put back her Earphones on her Ears

“Reed, You Know You invited him here Right and judging from the Scent I just got, I think he just arrived at the School!” Wills Summarize while Brenda widened her eyes, realization dawning on her….. Brenda on hearing his words sniffed the air and wrinkled her noise with Excitement

“I don’t think I need to remind you on this Brenda but I think you Know what Davis and the rest are gonna do to him Once they find him Wandering around the Sacred Party alone right?” Mason asked while Brenda gritted her teeths and stood on her Furs
“Not on my Watch!”
Brenda interceded and just before another Word could be heard, some sudden thuds sounded followed by a gush of wind while diverting their attentions as it revealed Alpha Charles who stood before them.

“I thought I made myself Clear that Everyone were supposed to be inside the School Walls, not out here in the School Courtyard!” Alpha Charles roared while Brenda pouted her Lips
“Sorry Dad but I needed some fresh air and besides, Am not a Fan of School Parties!” Brenda retorted while earning a hard Glare from her Father

“It’s not a School Party Brenda, It’s much more than that and You all should know that better than anyone here.” Alpha Charles snapped
“Yeah, we know that Dad and as a matter of Fact, there aren’t any Signs of the Awakening of the Cursed Vampire yet!” Brenda squealed and Next were the sound the thunder made as lightening flashed above the sky while the tiny drops of rain began dripping down on the School ground.

“You were Saying?” Alpha Charles taunted while Brenda swayed her hand and handed over her Earphones to Wills
“Fine. I guess that’s the first sign of the Awakening Dad, What do you need us to do right Now?” Brenda asked

“It’s Simple, It’s obvious We weren’t really favoured by the Moon this year and so we have absolutely no idea on Who the one with the Curse is yet. So, Am gonna get a Witch to cast a Barrier Spell over the School to prevent it from escaping but in the meantime, I need you all to head back to the Sacred Party and behave like nothing has happened yet, it’s just the first sign and there’s no cause to be alarm yet Okay?” Alpha Charles Explained while Brenda and her pack nodded and made to head back but halted on hearing Alpha Charles’s words

“And Oh, I want Mason and Wills to keep a close eye on Davis and his Minions, there’s a big Chance one of them might just be the One we are looking For……. “……


There was Darkness Evolving all round the Chain Woods as several drops of Rain fell on the fallen leaves and solid ground.
The sky rumbled while a low growl Emanated the Woods. The growl came a little lower than a normal growl while it seemed to be in a lot of Pain as it’s cries could Clearly be felt around the Woods

After a While, the ground thudded the exact moment a Painful Howl Sounded in the depths of the Woods and in almost a sudden, some Ruffled steps were heard and then came the hefty looking Men who approached the Woods while one of them smiled at the huge smoke that puffed out of his Cigar.

“He was Here!”
Mr Glamora said, he was kneeling on one Knee while he held the big Cigar in his right Hand, an inch from him kneeled Mr Hambora who bent at a 90 degree angle as if proposing to his brother

Mr Glamora blew away the soil in his hand and studied the almost non Existence Footprints that occupied the ground. Been the Leader of the Crimson Hunters, he had the best skills in tracking down a wounded Supernatural be it at day or Night. Seconds passed and He smiled after studying the ground but the smile couldn’t last for long as it got replaced by a frown after what seems like he got something else..

“He wasn’t Alone” He said standing on his feet while another huge smoke Emanated out from his Cigar and filled the air
“Another Creature was Here, two to be precise and the other seems to be helping out the other!” Mr Glamora said within gnashed teeths

Hambora who kneeled at a 90 degree Angle squinted his eyes as he studied the non Existing Footprints on the ground, a Scowl on his face
“You are right Brother but it’s a rare sight. If the other Creature is helping out the other then it only means our chances are little…… What do we do now?” Hambora asked as he stood on his feet and faced Glamora Verah who smiled watching the smoke that puffed out of his nostrils

“How about you think about it Brother, There’s a trail of blood all over the ground which means our arrows caught one of them, besides, One is wounded and If the two Creatures continue travelling together then it will only slow them down….. “Glamora Explained while Maintaining a Calm look.
“But they are two Creatures out there Glamora, One might have fallen for our trap but the other didn’t. Who knows how many Creatures are waiting for us out there on the other side of the Woods? We might be Outnumbered!” Hambora snapped While a low chuckled Emanated out from Glamora Lips

“They are two Creatures Hambora, Two puny Weak Creatures, there’s nothing there to be scared about and besides, our Traps have covered almost the entire region of this Woods, All we need to do is stay at alert and follow the trail….. Now let’s get Moving!” Glamora Veered while Hambora sighed as they all trailed behind Mr Glamora who ventured into the Woods.

Meanwhile, Some few Metres into the depths of the Woods came Some heavy thuds that landed on the ground while the rain swept away the Footprints.

Chest heaving, Emotions reeling and still buzzing with Energy, A teen Boy Was seen running into the Woods While he groaned weakly as blood Spluttered out from his wounded Tummy, behind him came another Girl who ran pass him at immense speed….. The evidence was vivid, his wound was slowing him down.

While running, He Stepped on a trap and he growled weakly as needles Shut out from the trap and penetrated into his Leg while he winced painfully as the trap caught his leg and hanged him upside down, his head now facing the ground while the blood from his leg dripped on the ground.

The Strange girl on seeing that her brother had been Caught halted and then ran back at him at a great speed. With tears streaming down her Chins, she tried cutting the rope that had caught her brother’s leg but retreated back as it shocked her, smoke emitting out of her hand.

“It’s of no use Anissa, it’s binded with Mountain Ash and some kind of Electric Flow, you won’t be able to Save me. Just leave me alone and go, Save yourself!” The boy said
“Just shut Up Henderson….. Am.. am gonna save you, I won’t leave you alone!” Anissa cried and tried pulling out the needles but couldn’t as her brother’s cries filled her Ears, it was too late, the needles had cut deep into his skin and was beginning to burn his Legs

Meanwhile, Not a minute had passed and out of the darkness came a bunch of arrows that sliced through the air and shot towards her direction, but with the help of her inhuman eyes, She tried dodging the arrows but let out a cry as one caught her in the shoulder.

“Am gonna be Okay Anissa, Now go….. Go!!!” Henderson yelled while Anissa Cried as she ran into the Woods while leaving her brother behind.

Next, Some Ruffled steps sounded and Henderson who was left hanging upside down growled as Mr Glamora and his team approached him…. A vicious grin on his Lips.
“A Werewolf? Just what type are you?” Glamora Vented while he seethed with anger. Mr Glamora who signaled one of his Men smiled and puffed out some smokes as Henderson yelled his veins out after been electrocuted by some kind of device.

” A beta!”
Hambora squealed after noticing the Yellow eyes that surged out of Henderson Eyes, somehow, the device used on him had activated his Supernatural eyes which now revealed him to be a young Werewolf, a beta to be precise. Mr Glamora on the other hand approached him and wrapped a Fibre Wire around his neck, his huge Cigar still wrapped in his lips while he smirked as the Fibre Wire started burning Henderson’s Neck.

“You obviously don’t look like a beta who can’t control the effect of the Full Moon….. ” Glamora paused while he tightened his grip on the Fibre Wire.
“Tell Me where the Harrison Pack are and I won’t have to decapitate your body into two halves!” Glamora Snapped while Henderson gulp, the pain he felt was becoming immense.

“I don’t know what you are talking about!” He defended, sweats dripping down his Neck.
“Oh boy, I think you know and you are gonna tell me, trust me, you don’t wanna taste my patience Boy!” Glamora said angrily while Henderson yelled as the Fibre Wire cut a little bit into his flesh
“Los Angeles, they are all in Los Angeles. 3 days ago, Our Pack was raided by some Hungry Vicious Vampires, they left none alive, I survived only with My sister!” Henderson stuttered while Glamora only tightened his grip
“Come on Boy, there’s More, Now give it all to me!” He yelled

“Words got out that the Pack Of Harrison were Alive, My sister and I left our Pack in order to go find them and Seek shelter from them but we were caught before we even got there, by You. I swear I don’t know anything else, I don’t know where they are, please let me go, let my sister go too!” Henderson replied fearfully while Glamora grinned and then puffed out the smoke of his Cigarette into Henderson’s face

“You did well Kid!”
Glamora Whispered into Henderson Ears and by Multiplying his strength on the Fibre Wire, He pulled the Fibre Wire out while it cut through Henderson Neck and decapitated his Neck, his Head rolling on the ground while it left his body hanging lifeless on the Trap.

“It seems Cornor was right after all, The Pack of Harrison really survived and are back in Los Angeles and I will do everything in my strength to hunt Every last one of them down!” Glamora said standing on his Feet while he threw away the Cigarette in his hand and placed a new one on his Lips
“What do we do with this body?” Hambora asked

“Burn it!”
Glamora replied and tried walking away but then Halted while he turned to face his brother
“And the other girl, Hunt her down, I want her head brought to my desk, We can’t let her live!” Glamora added and disappeared into the darkness while Hambora who had just burn the lifeless body went ahead with his team to hunt down Anissa……



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