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It was Cold, too cold for any Human to be found Wandering Outside their homes. It was a silent Eery Night as Lots of Teenagers gathered in the hall, All sited in different rows with Candles hanging on the tables as they brought about illumination to the Hall, The Wolves sat in a single Row, The Vampires And Witches were also found sited in opposite but different Rows.

The Banshees weren’t as Much as the rest of the creatures, they were little but stood in their own Roof as Well While Brenda and the rest of her Pack all sat in a seperate Row, Wills had a cold face, been a Cayote, a very rare Creature born only in the Cayote Family, he was perhaps, the Last of his Kind.

There was Murmuring around the Crowd when the door pushed Opened and Alpha Charles walked in. There was a displeased Expression on Alpha Charles Face which the entire Hall noticed at once. They all knew what the Sacred Party signifies even though the Ignorant Humans viewed it as just an excuse to organize a Party. It was a lot more than that.

Once in a year, at the night of a Full Moon, A generational curse pass down from the line of Vampires is placed on a certain Vampire which now transforms him into one of the most Lethal and powerful Vampire in the world of Supernaturals.

Throughout the Centuries, All Vampires are Known for the fact of their Hypnosis Abilities to hypnotize humans but this was not the case of the Vampire who bears the Curse, Once the Curse is triggered, their Strength are Multiplied and as well as their Senses, their Speed, their hearing and their Killer instinct.

But what Makes it more dangerous is the ability to not only Hypnotize Humans but other Vampires as Well and so, It Takes controls of More Vampires and Wolves and Banshees and Witches and then goes beyond the limit of controlling them to Kill Humans and drain their blood and in other for this not to Happen, The Sacred Party is been held once in a Year where the Witches creates barrier spells that prevents the Vampire from escaping, then the capable Supernaturals are force to Fight the Vampire and then take it down by all means and then the Witches Cast a spell on the Vampire that then drain the Curse out of it and then comes back to it’s normal form.

And Now, that day was Two days from now and the one to be Cursed wasn’t known yet, all precautions needed to be taken but somehow, Alpha Charles was really looking pissed off.
Meanwhile, Davis who sat at the front Row with Tyler, Erik and Even Louis was looking sorry and when he tried standing on his feets, Alpha Charles growled at him

“Don’t even think about it Davis, Just what were you even thinking huh? You almost risked exposing Our Existence to the humans today by revealing your other eyes to them….. Am so mad at you right now!”

Alpha Charles warned after seeing the gleeful need to plead on Davis’s face. Alpha Charles really was a nice man, he loved Every student he had in his School but revealing their secrets to the World? That, he did not Like.

“Look, he’s sorry Okay? He is!” Tyler pleaded on Davis behalf and the Hall listened
“Don’t do that Man, it’s not like it’s my fault anywhere, if his daughter hadn’t have showed up from nowhere and messed things up for me, I would have showed that human boy some piece of shit and everything would have been Okay!” Davis yelled at Tyler and Mason chuckled from where he sat, why wouldn’t he? They all had Supernatural hearings, well except for the Witches and Banshees.

“Can you even hear yourself out Davis? If my daughter Haven’t had stopped you Earlier, Am afraid by now, the whole World would have known about our Existence already!” Alpha Charles said and it seemed to pissed the hell outta Davis as he rose to his feets with anger that showed on his face.

“You shut up Old Man, you don’t have the rights to lecture me around anymore Okay? Besides, I think it’s time you step down from the School and let another person run it!” Davis said angrily
“Come on Man, stop it, That’s Alpha Charles you are talking to, you are no match for him Davis!” Erik whispered and Davis Scoffed, he was getting too Angry

“How about he come fight me one on one and see who’s gonna Win Or, Is he afraid his dead Wife will come begging for his life Huh?”

Davis yelled in one breathe and that was it, a loud growl Emanated the Hall and in less than a second, Alpha Charles sped towards Davis and snapped his head while his body fell with a loud thud…… He was looking so pissed while Brenda on the other side, gritted her teeths at the words that came out of Davis lips, he had just reminded her of her dead Mom.

“He’s a Vampire, he will survive the Snap…… The Class is dismiss!” Alpha Charles ordered and all Creatures stormed back to their various headquarters
“Erik, Tyler, take Davis back to your dorm, he’s grounded for a Week!” Alpha Charles ordered and the two boys nodded before dragging Davis body back into their dorm

Alpha Charles didn’t know how he got into his Office but he plopped down on the Swivel Chair resting his legs on the desk as soon as he arrived. He groaned rubbing his eyes, hearing the word “Dead Wife” from Davis had brought back painful memories and had made his eyes itchy that tears started flowing down from them

The War between the Crimson Hunters and the Pack of Harrison [his Father] was really a big lost to him as he had lost his Wife in the War and that had affected him so much and had hunted his dreams. He had lose his only Mate and the loneliness and Emptiness inside him was beginning to drive him Crazy.

Suddenly, the door pushed Open and Alpha Charles frowned as Brenda and her pack stepped inside.
“I said I wanted to be left alone!” He snapped and Brenda and the rest of her pack found themselves bowing at the aura that Emanated from him, well, except for Brenda who was also an Alpha.

“Am sorry Father but this Can’t wait any longer, it’s the solid reason why I came back to the School, you need to hear me out!” Brenda replied gleefully and Alpha Charles cleared away the tears that welled up in his eyes
“What’s it Daughter? What’s so important that it can’t wait till tomorrow?” Alpha Charles asked while the pack rose to their feets and gritted their teeths at the words that were about coming out from Brenda’s lips

“It’s the Crimson Hunters, the most deadliest among all, They are back!”…..


Mr Glamora Verah, The leader of the Crimson Hunters sat on a Swivel Chair and rested his back on it. He had a huge Cigarette Wrapped in his lips while he smiled at the huge smoke that popped out of it.

Seconds wavered and the door opened and about a handful of Men tumbled Into the House while they lowered their head in shame. Mr Glamora Verah who received quite a pleasure both from his Cigarette and from the ladies that sat around his torso frowned his face after seeing that he had been interupted.

“What the heck is it this time around!” He veered while the air seized as the Men made to speak.
No sooner had he asked the question, Mr Hambora Verah, a brother to Mr Glamora Verah, tumbled into the House, his eyes looking wearily as if searching for some figure untill they landed on its target and swiftly, he approached his Brother.

“I see you are having quite a good time Brother!” Mr Hambora said while his brother, Mr Glamora chuckled on hearing his Words
“You know you are quite free to join the League Brother!” Mr Glamora replied and puffed out the smoke that Emanated out from the huge Cigar

“Am afraid now is not the time Brother, you need to come with me, It’s the Werewolves, They are Back!” Hambora dropped the bombshell and the countenance on Mr Glamora changed as he pulled the ladies away and stood on his feets, he maybe the type that love ladies a lot but when it came to matters concerning the Supernaturals, He was damn too ready to take them down and burn them

“Lead the Way Brother, What the fuck Happened?” Mr Glamora asked as both his brother and he himself took a sharp turn that led to a dark passage where the ground thudded as the men behind their backs stood protective of them
“Remember the batch team I deployed to go burn the bodies in the Woods huh?” Mr Hambora asked and Glamora nodded.

“Yeah I Remember, did they Mess up again?” Mr Glamora replied while trying to find a cogent reason that would Explain what his brother was trying to say
“The answer is yes and also No, They succeeded in burning off the bodies but discovered something huge in return!” Hambora replied while Glamora furrowed his eyebrows, he was getting confused

“After burning the bodies, Our Men were attacked by a pack of Wolves, None survived but hopefully, Cornor survived and crawl back to the Headquarters but he’s at the brink of Extinction, I will Lead you to him!” Mr Hambora Explained as they stopped at a door, after taking some few steps inside the door, Mr Glamora Verah frowned his face at the sight of Cornor whose his body was covered in bandages while he bled furiously.

“What Pack of Wolves could have been so powerful enough to defeat three Armed Trucks filled with train Men?” Mr Glamora thought within himself as Hambora neared Cornor.

He called and Cornor Rose his head up while he lowered his head back in shame on sighting Mr Hambora and Glamora Verah.
“Do you mind Explaining to Glamora the same thing you told me?” Hambora asked while Cornor nodded his head. Meanwhile, Glamora was getting tensed, he needed answers

“That Night, We had arrived at Yuri Falls, We succeeded in Burning off the bodies as you instructed but no one knew that a pack of Wolves would trace our Scent and attack us, We tried fighting back but they were too strong, They killed Everyone, I was the only one Who survived” Cornor Explained and it seemed to infuriat Glamora Who stood within gnashed teeths

“And you aren’t ashame of it, They were three trucks Cornor, three damn trucks loaded with Armed Men. What More? You had guns, Fibre Wires, Harpoons, Kunai knifes, Decoys and you just did what? You all lost to a bunch of puny Weak Wolves!” Mr Glamora yelled

“You don’t Understand Mr Glamora, They weren’t Just Wolves Okay? Our Men tried fighting them but we were no match for them. They had an Alpha, it was thrice the size of a Lycanthropy [Lycan]. They also had a Cayote and it was almost at it’s peak and they had a Banshee, it’s voice alone had damaged our Trucks and killed off our Men, I still don’t know how I Survived.. ” Cornor retorted and there was fear in his voice, Mr Hambora too was dumbstruck, Cornor hadn’t told him this part yet.

“The Harrison Pack!”
Mr Glamora mumbled within himself after hearing Cornor’s Explanations
“Interesting, And what makes you so sure Glamora?” Hambora taunted with a smug
“It’s Harrison Pack Hambora, during the Fatal War, not Everyone died Remember and besides, It’s only the Harrison Pack that will have a Mixture of Supernatural breeds within a Single Pack!” Glamora Replied and Hambora nodded, he knew better than not to get on Glamora’s tail whenever the Harrison Pack were mentioned, his Wife had been killed during the Fatal War and ever since then, his grudge for the Harrison Pack had only deepened.

“Does Father Knows about this yet?” Glamora asked after a long Wait of Silence and a second after Hambora had given him a No no sign, Mr Glamora pulled out a revolver from his body and shot Cornor in the head

“Good and I want it to remain that way, I will handle Harrison Pack Myself!” Glamora added and dusted his gun while Hambora smirked mischievously.
“Okay Brother, What happens Now?” He asked

“The Full Moon is two days from Now Brother and until then, Some Puny little Betas are gonna lose control and wander into the Woods, then am gonna hunt them down and get some answers out of them and then am gonna Kill Every last one of them, Just like how they killed my Wife!” Mr Glamora replied and tucked a Cigarette into his lips, then smiled at the huge smoke it created while his Cold steps could be heard as he walked into the dark Passage……


“It’s the Crimson Hunters, the most deadliest among all, They are back!” Brenda’s Lips quivered and Alpha Charles gritted his teeths as anger surged through his brains
“Don’t Mess With me Brenda, What Makes you so sure about that?” Alpha Charles asked with rage

“Brenda’s only telling the truth Alpha Charles, We saw it ourselves!” Mason chipped in, he had to protect his Alpha
“Am not asking you Mason, am asking my daughter….. What makes her so sure?” He asked again, this time staring right into her eyes

“Why don’t you think about it Dad? What makes you think I will travel all the way from Yuri Town to the School? What makes you think I’d come back after 3 years huh?….. What makes you think I will joke around with the same People who laid such a burden on Me….. ” Brenda jeered and then paused, She was beginning to cry as past memories flowed through her brain, something really bad had happened to her on the Night of the War but in someway, she had always kept it buried to her heart

“It’s Okay Darlin, Don’t cry, I just needed to be sure Okay!” Alpha Charles cooed and cleared away the tears that streamed down his daughter’s eyes
“Now tell me What really happened out there?” He added and Kate who stared at Brenda made to speak:

“It was late, We caught a faint Scent of Supernaturals and we followed it. We got led to a place but it was covered in a pool of blood. We knew there had been some sort of struggle over there as there were signs of Arrow heads and fibre wires Almost everywhere!”

“The Scent came again but this time around, It was stronger. We followed the scent and it led us to the Woods but we were too late, they had all burned the bodies. Brenda got infuriated and we attacked, We killed Everyone!” Kate Explained and the room quitened

“It really is the Crimson Hunters after all, They really are back for sure.”

Alpha Charles said after some few seconds of silence, after hearing the word “burn” from Kate, he knew for sure that the only Hunters capable enough to burn the bodies of Supernaturals after they had been killed was no other than the Crimson Hunters, the most deadliest among all other Hunters, Hunters with inhuman features.

“Were there any Survivors left?” Alpha Charles asked
“No, we made sure of it!” Mason replied and Alpha Charles Nodded
“What do we do now Dad? I like to know what happens next…. ” Brenda asked after getting herself for a While

“We do nothing, it’s a good thing you left no Survivors behind. They know nothing about the School and the Creatures within it, that way they won’t suspect anything and it’s gonna be left that way Okay?” Alpha Charles replied and Mason nodded but somehow, Brenda was still looking mad.

“So we just let them go? Just like that? They are thousands of them out there Dad and the moment the find out about the School, they are gonna come searching for us!” Brenda jeered with venom in her voice

“Brenda’s right, we should do something before they find out about our Existence!” Wills said making sure to lay more emphasis on the word “Existence”
“Nobody is doing anything Okay besides, the Full Moon is two days from now and we still don’t know who the Cursed one is gonna be. All attention needs to be focused on the Sacred Party not the other way round!” Alpha Charles ordered

“But Dad, They…… ”

“I meant what I said Brenda, No one’s gonna do anything and until I say so, no one is telling the School anything….. You all should go get some Sleep!” Alpha Charles said cutting Brenda short while the door made a pop sound as Alpha Charles walked out of the office.

“He’s right Brenda, Your Father is just trying to keep the School safe even though it hurts bringing back his painful Memories, you should Listen to him!”

Wills assured Brenda while the room quietened as they all stared into the bright Moon that shown outside the Open Window……..



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