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☘️☘️ #REED ☘️☘️

The worst scenarios appeared in my head and My heart began pounding loudly in my chest, so loud that my head also began spinning, by now, the bullies were all up and standing boldly before Brenda while Davis stood at the frontier, his hands on the desk while his face was just an inch away from Brenda’s……

I tilted my head towards Mason who did nothing but just chuckled, What type of friends were they? I thought amidst myself as I observed their reactions, they weren’t Making any attempts to stop what was about happening. Kate had a weird smile on her Lips as she just watched, Wills as he was said to be called hadn’t said a single word since they all arrived, he had a borny look and a face that meant he wouldn’t interfere.

“You should have just listened to her when she told you to let him go, she really doesn’t like the word little girl and now you just pissed her off”

Mason urged and unannounced, Brenda swayed her hand and it caught Davis head, without even putting any effort or standing on her feet, she twisted his neck and it made a crack and using her other hand, she gave a little push to his head and he fell metres away on a lose cabinet that then broke to pieces.

Immediately, The whole Class quietened as Everyone opened their mouths aghast, Did she just beat Davis without even standing up from the chair or was I just seeing things? I thought amidst myself but either ways, I made a sharp turn towards Mason and the rest but they didn’t even budge, Just what kinda people were they?

“Omg, What just happened!”

“Did she just beat Davis without any stress?”

“Just one push and Davis’s down!”

“She must be on drugs!”

“She’s a freak!”

Different voices with different meanings roamed round the class after Davis’s Crash. Louis had her mouth widely open while Tyler, Erik and the rest of the bullies couldn’t believe their eyes

“She’s just a normal human right?” Erik whispered into Tyler’s Ears
“I don’t know Man, I don’t think she’s one of us!” Tyler replied but their attention got distracted as Davis who had crashed on the cabinet rose to his feets at once and moulted his fist

“Am gonna Kill you bitch….. Get her!” Davis ordered within gnashed teeths and about two other goons charged at Brenda who still sat on her chair
“Davis…. Your Eyes!”
Tyler warned but Davis seized to pay attention to his Red glowing eyes that seemed wanting to burn out of their Sockets, it’s like something was actually taking control over his body.

“Get it all in Man, Mr Charles is gonna be so mad at you if he knows that you revealed the School deepest secret to a bunch of humans within it’s walls!” Grapping him by the shirt, Erik whispered into Davis Ears but he seemed unwilling to pay any attention.
“I don’t care, Am gonna have to teach that human bitch a lesson!” Davis retorted and then charged forward

Meanwhile, using my hands, I cleared away the blood that dripped down my jaw and then managed to crawl backwards and leaned on the Wall. I rose my head up and then gasped as the two bullies charged towards Brenda and made to harm her but unfurtunately for them, Brenda kicked the Desk in a mysterious manner and it went crashing on them.

I tilted my gaze to the left and watched as Davis charged towards Brenda and made to grap her but before he could, she swiftly stood on her feet and kicked him in the crotch while a huge grunt escaped his lip before going on his knees but at the last moment, before he could completely fall on his Knees, Brenda moulted her fist and punch him so hard in the jaw which resulted into a crash

Tyler and Erik on the other hand both charged towards Brenda who looked like she hadn’t done a single thing the entire time and just when they had almost collided, Brenda knee-kicked the running Erik which slowed the rate he ran and using her second leg, she kicked him in the nose with her knee and he crashed on the floor.

I watched as Tyler side toed behind her and made to punch Brenda from the back but she turned swiftly and head-butted his punch with her elbow and then caught his wrist and applying some little Strength, she twisted his wrist and then punched him so hard that he crashed on the Floor.

The whole class had quitened, Silent roamed around the Class as Everyone was shocked at how a single girl had managed to defeat the toughest bullies of Epic College without even breaking a sweat, the rest of the bullies that planned on attacking had retreated back to their sits on seeing what Brenda could do. I sat there suprise, my gaze awed as I stared at her innocent looks, I tilted my gaze towards Mason and he blinked at me, obviously reading through me like an open book.

“Told you you should have listened to her!” Mason laughed and stood on his feets, the same act also repeated by Kate and Wills whose frown never left his face, he seem so naturally grumpy and full of evil instincts.

The whole class watched with curiosity as Brenda and the rest of the newbies all veered towards the weak Davis and the rest of the fallen bullies. Up till now, Even Louis found it hard to say a word that she couldn’t even lift up her lips just for one bit. I watched as Brenda got to Davis and howered above him, What was she planning to do? I asked myself.

“I really really hate you a lot for bullying the weak, I might as well as just go ahead and beat you into a pulp but despise that, I don’t care about the grudge you have with Reed or with any other student in this school but as far as we are here, this should be the last time you ever try to Bully the weak, if I ever hear that you bully the weak again huh, Am gonna have to come for your head and it there won’t be mercy This time around” Brenda warned and next was the sound of the School bell that indicated that it was time for School Lunch

“Good Timing, anyone else need a refill or is it just me?…. Damn, Am so hungry I can eat a whole chicken right now!” Kate elucidated while Brenda and the rest laughed in a low tone before heading out of the class.
“Uh…. Than….. Thank you for Saving Me!” My lips pated and she halted, obviously seeming like she heard me, I thought within myself and then watched as she slowly turned to face me.

“And you Reed, You are a young Man I presume so stand up and fight like one, never give them a reason to bully you again!” Brenda squealed in a tiny tune and with that, they all walked away while leaving me behind as I thought over her words, How I wished it was that easy to fight for your right but I guess it wasn’t, at Least not for someone like me……..

☘️☘️ #AUTHOR ☘️☘️

The school was on a break, Some student were seen sitting in the Library, some were seen playing in the school grounds, some chatted with friends, some had their lunch while some made out on the Hallways.

My Class was dead silent as only a few students stayed in class, the pain I felt had lessen, I sat there on my seat with thoughts crossing all over my mind to head outside the class but the feeling I got restricted me from doing so. I was scared, scared of the devils within the school grounds and what they could do, all I could do was sit there on my seat and await the final lessons for the day.

After what seems like hours but were just Minutes, the door finally opened and Davis stepped inside, he had an angry look on his face as he scanned the Class and at last, our eyes met and I could see the anguish that were hidden in them.
Without giving it a second thought, Fear Spranged to the surface as he began marching towards my direction, in least than a minute he had gotten to my desk and had laid his hands on them.

“No one left around to save you Now Huh?” Davis said and began pulling his face towards me but the low thuds that emanated on the cold Floors diverted his attention as he turned to face the door he left opened.

It was Brenda and her friends, each one of them all staring at Davis who faltered with fear for a little while before putting on a Scowl look. And gritting his teeths, he took one last glance at me before heading out of the Class while I smiled at the fair scent of a narrow escape

The worst Scenarios that might have possibly happened if Brenda and her friends hadn’t come to my rescue played in my head and my heart began to pound. Little Sweats tripped down my face and raising my head to stare back at the door I found Brenda and Mason standing before me, she looked at me like what seems like admiration but I wasn’t sure.

“It’s the second time We have saved you so far Reed, I really admire you for your lucks but among all, you need to pay me back some other day in the future!” Mason said with a smile while I only blinked
“What? So you are also gonna remain mute with me too?” He added and I sighed before concluding to speak

“Than……. Thank You”
I stuttered and he smiled before tapping Brenda’s shoulder and Crossing the distance between us, he placed his arms around my shoulder and pulled my face a little closer to his
“You are Welcome!”
He added before removing his arms from my shoulders and going back to his seat. For a moment there, he made me think otherwise, made me think he was gay but at last, he proved me wrong and gave a relief to my already pounding heart.

I found myself blinking my eyes out of tension and when I finally rolled them up, they met with her dazzling brown eyes. Her voice, her Scent, her touch, the warmth of her body, all filled my senses and made me unable to think clearly. Before I knew it, she[Brenda] was closing the gap between us, and then sat beside me which made me a little nervous

“You can relax your mind now Reed, it’s not like am gonna Eat you or something!” She said and Kate Chuckled, Mason and the rest of her team included, it’s like they could actually hear us from where they sat
“Wha…..What?” I asked, my gaze narrowed as I had little knowledge on what she meant.

“Dummy, I meant your Heartbeat, It’s beating pretty fast!” She replied and I only stared at her, she actually did it again for the second time, it’s either I was hearing things or she was really Crazy, how could she hear my Heartbeat without even listening to it…………. Finally, She laughed and I gave a little are-you-crazy kind of look

“Anything Funny?” I asked and she stopped, closing her books as she turned to gaze on me
“Don’t be suprise Reed, it’s called the phenomenon of touch, one doesn’t have to listen directly to one’s Heartbeat before knowing the rate at which it’s beat, a little touch will do it all but that’s if only you have good sensitive ears” She Explained and I became awed, it’s like she could actually see through me and know exactly what I had in mind.

“How did you know it’s what I had in mind?” I asked
“It’s just a hunch Reed, just a hunch!” She replied
“You are really good, Biology right?” I asked and she nodded with a smile before getting back to her books.
“Uh…. Thanks a bunch for Earlier, If you haven’t had interfered, I would have been a burned offering” I said, turning around and facing my own books before she could say anything while I could feel her hot smile beside me

“Why? Why do they hate you so much that they torment you to that instant?” It was Kate this time around, she asked after what seems like she had listened to our entire conversation but still, I remain muted, not uttering a single word as I didn’t wanna share my burdens with them, thy had done enough for me already and telling them my problems would bring them down.

“You should stop hiding your burdens to the people who wanna share them with you, Things aren’t done that way!”

What? Did he just talked and actually knew what I had in mind? Wills, he had just talked for the first time ever. His words replayed in my head and I turned around to confirm my thoughts, though his cold looks were still there but he actually did talked.

“I…..I….. They do…..!”
I stuttered and then stopped as I felt a warm touch on my hand, It was Brenda’s, she had place her palm on mine and had helped relief me of my fear. I stared at her eyes and couldn’t avoid they look of certainty that they had in them….. They were so nice to me, I needed to tell them the truth, at least to repay them or something.

“It’s okay Reed. Tell us about you, we just wanna help!” She said and I nodded
“I…..My name is Reed, Reed Ildy, I actually got here by chance but ever since day one, my life here had been a living hell. They all tormented me because of my disabilities, those who had tried to help me were beaten to a pulp, no one stands in their way.”

I said and Laughed hard “Just yesterday, I was beaten so hard that I had ended up in a hospital, Never knew who brought me there or paid my bills but one thing I know for sure is, Epic Empire is really a School that is hunted by demons…. ” I added and then stared at her, I could see they look in her eyes, the look that seem like she could burn Davis and his bullies alive, not just hers alone but Wills and the rest.

“And you never tried fighting back huh?” Mason asked and I sighed
“Tried that on my first day here, it really isn’t a memory worth remembering, I was beaten into a pulp, all I could do from then on was to succumb to them or else, I could get beaten up again” I replied and then lowered my head sadly.

“Damnit, I knew I should have beaten them a little more than that, Can’t believe Father let this freaks out of control!” Brenda said and I sat startled, What did she mean by freaks and Father?
“Am really sorry Reed, Can’t believe they had put you through so much already!” Brenda added and I flashed a smile
“It’s alright Brenda, Though there’s been a lot dark days behind me but I manage to pull through, Have gotten used to their routines already!” I retorted and she nodded
“Don’t worry Reed, Now that am here, No one’s ever gonna bully you again Okay? You can call me big sister….. ” Kate assured and before I could say anything else, the door pushed open and the Biology teacher walked into the class just the same moment when the bell was rung……

It’s been Minutes, Reed tried to ignore the annoying looks of Tyler and the rest and tried focusing on what the teacher taught in the Class. He glanced at Brenda the same time she glanced at him. Their eyes met and he looked down immediately, he felt shy. He tried reaching out to her but the looks from Louis and the rest told him otherwise

“You know you can tell me what’s bothering you right?” Brenda said and I felt relief in her words but the looks from Tyler still scared me a little.
“Ignore them!”
Brenda added after what seems like she knew What held me back from speaking.

“Okay. Uhm….. Wills, Why doesn’t he talk much? If I am correct then I guess he only talked once since you all came” I asked and she sighed. I spun my back around and ignored the angry looks on Davis and the rest, my eyes landed on Wills but he was cold, cold as an ice.
“He’s broken!”
Brenda words interupted my thoughts and I turned to stare at her
“What?” I asked but my question never got the answer it deserved as the door to our Class suddenly went open and Mr Charles Marone walked in.

After several minutes of speaking with the Biology teacher, she finally agreed for him to make a speech in which he smiled and approached the stand. He’s the owner of the School after all, he doesn’t need to negotiate before he speaks but he still did, that’s so genuine of him, it’s actually the one thing I liked in him.

“First, A lot had been on my neck asking me about when the Sacred Party is likely to take place but we all know that the Yearly Anniversary of the School had never been missed and so, it is to my place to announce to you all that, The Sacred Party takes place two days from now so let’s remain cool and relax and there won’t be any Classes tomorrow as…….. ” Mr Charles announced and the entire Class began booming with Cheers, he raised his palm and the class quietened once again.

“The last but not the least, A lot of you have asked about my family but you all know my Wife’s fate, she’s no more. But, am happy to announce to you all, that my daughter has finally joined the School already and I know you’ve met her already……. Say hello to Brenda Marone!” Mr Charles said and the whole class Froze, Davis, Louis and I Included, no wonder she had the boldness to face Davis without any sight of fear.

“No way, Don’t Tell me she’s the daughter of Alpha Charles!” Tyler whispered into Davis Ears
“Omg! We just faught an Alpha!” Erik added and Davis scoffed
“Whatever, Imma gonna have to deal with her sooner or later!” Davis said with a grin
“Are you out of your mind Davis, didn’t you hear, she has the strength of her Mom. You are just gonna end up killing yourself…….”

Mr Charles had long been gone, the same act with the Biology teacher. I sat there suprise, I don’t know how long I was sitting, immersed in my own thoughts but eventually, the warmth of Brenda’s approach broke my reverie and I regained myself.

“Reed? What are you doing?” She asked, breaking the tension that had arouse in me
“What do you mean?” I asked
“You have been behaving cold ever since when my Dad revealed I was his daughter, you really need to chill kid.” Brenda said and I sighed, she was Right even though the word ‘kid’ sounded a lot funny.
“You should come!” She squealed and I narrowed my face in confusion

“What’d you mean?” I asked.
“About the Sacred Party Dummy, You should come!” She replied and my countenance changed, I was really scared on what Davis might cook up for me if I were to be there.
“You don’t have to be scared Reed, you don’t need to be afraid of them anymore, Mason and the rest will take care of them!” She said and stood on her feets

“How about this, If you somehow manage to come, Am gonna tell you the secret behind Wills coldness”

She moused and before a word could come out from my mouth, the bell to School closure rang and I watched as Brenda and the rest of her friends walked out of the Class while leaving me behind as I thought over the Sacred Party.

And As I tried thinking of What my decision would be, I heard someone call my name. I sat up in a deadly silence, trying to hear the strange noise again. It came again but then I realized it with a jolt that it was coming from inside my head…… It was Davis, though it seems strange but he seems like he wanted to warn me, Why do I get this feeling that the Sacred Party was gonna change my life, Forever?……..



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