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Reed was woken up by a gentle tap on his shoulder, he opened his eyes and groaned stretching out his whole body. After what seemed like hours but were just minutes, he looked at around for the figure that had tapped him earlier on but he saw none, after taking it as just a weird feeling he got, Reed groaned as he rose to his feet and then dragged his legs to the bathroom where he took a quick shower and then stormed out of the bathroom door.

Reed staggered his footsteps to a placement where he cleaned his body with the towel he had in his hand and then staggered back to the broad mirror that hunged on the Wall and frowned as he stared back at his pale, frail looking body

“I guess it’s who I am, I may just have to accept it!” Reed squealed in a whisper and then wore a black trouser and a black jacket, then headed for the living room with matching boots and a school bag.

“Morning Mr Handsome!” Mrs Ildy said jokingly as Reed got to the living room
“It’s too early for jokes Mom!” Reed replied as he approached her
“Alright Son, care for some morning Breakfast?” Mrs Ildy asked with a smile
“No Mom, I think am gonna pass, let the warmer have it!” Reed replied and stood his ground

“Look who is woken so Early!” A stoic voice ranged out from a door, distracting their attentions as it revealed Mr Ildy who approached them with a huge morning smile on his face
“You too Dad? It’s too early for jokes!” Reed replied while the whole family laughed it off

“I heard you from the room Son, since you don’t wanna eat breakfast, I might as well as drop you at school right now!” Mr Ildy said while Reed nodded after receiving a morning Peck from his Mom

“Okay Dad!”……..

☘️☘️ REED# ☘️☘️

The drive to the school was in silence, though it actually seemed so quite but I did liked it because it gave me no time to think of what awaited me once we arrive. The thought of it alone made me nervous, nervous to end up been beaten up again, no one ever stood up for me, all I did was endure the pain….. I shook my head.

“You’re scaring yourself!” I scolded myself, maybe they all would spare me for just this one day but who was I kidding? I probably would end up been beaten up again, it’s how it has always been.
Dad tried reaching out to an object that laid beside me but ended up Rolling down my jacket in a mistake, which in turn, revealed my already bandage neck which hurts like hell

“Holly Cowl!!” Dad stuttered and it ended up making me frightened
“What’s this Son?” He added
“It’s nothing Dad, I kind of bruise my neck on the wall mistakenly!” I lied but I knew he wouldn’t buy it that easily
“Are you sure Kid? Cause this wound on your neck says more than that!” He asked with eyes that read through my mind
“Am Okay Dad and besides, Have never lied to you before have I?” I retorted and he smiled and then shook his head

Dad returned his gaze on the road while I rested my head on the window glass and in least than a few minutes, We had arrived at the school where I then waved at Dad and watched as he drove off, of course it was after he had dropped me on the wheelchair already.

Seconds passed and I still stood outside, afraid to face what awaited me on the inner side of the building. By now tears had began streaming down my cheeks but with the last of the Will I had in me, I somehow managed to brush off the tears in my eyes, then hesitated for a little while before storming into the luxurious Walls of the School

Still with a face that held great terror and fear, I somehow managed to walk through the School passages and then halted at a Classroom door, fear gripped me as I planned on pushing the door open.
My soul was willing but my flesh was not but at the last moment, I somehow summoned the courage in me and then pushed open the door while Everyone present in the class all moved their gazes towards me with faces that held disgust

I lowered my head in shame in order to avoid their frightening looks and then pushed my Wheelchair towards my seat.
“It seems Mr Dwalf here woke up too Early that he somehow forgot to greet his Elders!” Louis squealed while the entire class erupted into an overwhelming Laughter, What’s the worst that could happen right now? I thought they all might spare me for today but all it seems was nothing but a wishful thinking

The worst Scenarios appeared in my head and my heart pounded so hard in my chest that it was getting difficult to breath. My hands started to sweat and my head began to spin. I waited for what seems like hours but was likely Minutes, my legs began shaking terribly as I witnessed the shadow of a figure who neared me.

“Are you deaf you freak!” Tyler yelled and before I could raise my head up, a heavy punch which seemed to somehow have the strength of about 20 men landed on my cheeks and then ended up throwing me some meters away.
The impact of the punch was so harsh that I felt my ribs broken due to the harsh landing

“You don’t keep Quite while my sister talks to you you Freak!” Tyler yelled and kicked me so hard in the stomach that I felt blood dripping down my lips
“Just spare him Bro or he’s gonna end up bringing his old Dad to the school!” Louis Moused behind me and I felt arouse in me as the whole class laughed the more
“And who knows if his Dad probably has the STDI Infections?” Erik added while the class only laughed the more as they watched Tyler who plunged back towards his Seat

With the severe pains I felt in my stomach and also with the huge pressure exerted on my paralyzed leg. I groaned as I rose to my feets and stormed my way towards my Seat.
“Hey!!!” A voice pated as I made way to my Seat while I titled my gaze towards it’s direction

“You seat on the Floor Mate, It so much fits beings like you!” The voice added while I felt my heart ripped, It was Erik and he had a smug on his lips as he spoke

“Hey yo, That was really nice!”

“Yeah, It fits Him a bunch!”

“He should sit on the Floor at once, what the hell is he waiting For?”

Several voices filled the air and without wasting much time, I bowed my head in shame and Sat on the Floor with tears that tried streaming down my face but I had to fight them off, crying would only give them more reasons to torment my soul

After quite some time, The door slowly opened and The History Teacher walked out and was quite surprised to see me sitting on the floor with blood stained lips and big sour eyes
“And Anyone Care Explaining to me what Reed is doing sitting on the Floor?” She asked and the room quitened, all having certain smirks on their faces as they watched
“Maybe he like the Floor better Mrs Wells!” Louis replied and the class laughed

“Oh, It’s Nothing Mrs Wells, I was actually looking for my pen on the floor. Found it and I will be on my feets now!” I said and sat on the Chair
“And the blood on your Lips?” She added and I scratched my head
“It’s nothing Ma’am, Just paint!” I said and she chuckled
“Have it your way then Mr Reed” she concluded and I exhaled heavily as she began teaching

After a few Minutes of Teaching, The door opened slowly and the whole class gasped and stood suprise as the spotlight shown on certain figures, all new to the School, About two boys and two girls respectively

“Good day Ma’am!” The prettiest among them all greeted while I stood wowed at her Angelic voice that seem to Pierce through the school surroundings
“Good day to you too Angel and I believe you all are the new students Mr Charles had Earlier inform me about right?” Mrs Wells asked and the prettiest girl nodded
“Okay, Welcome to Epic Empire once again, do you mind Introducing yourself to the whole Class?” Mrs Wells said

“Sure, No prob!” The girl replied and smiled while the whole class waited to hear out their names
“Am Brenda and this here is my friend Kate Martins, The boys here are Mason and Wills respectively and they are both brothers!” Brenda as she called out her name to be replied while Mrs Wells smiled

“Okay then, You all may have your Seats!” Mrs Wells replied while I watched as the two boys took their seats behind me, The Kate girl took her seat at a desk before me while at last, I stared around and then felt goosebumps all over my body as I watched the pretty Brenda who plunged towards my direction and at last, took a sit besides me

I gulp the saliva in my throat and then stared at the whole Class who had angry faces all staring back at me, they all were so angry at why the pretty girl had to sit down with me, after all, no one ever sat down with me and I was use to that.

“Hi Am Brenda!” She said unexpectedly and offered a handshake to me while I felt butterflies in my stomach as I felt my Heartbeat beating a little bit faster than it’s normal Pace
“I…. I…. I… My name’s… “I tried replying but stopped as I felt Tyler’s grin on the seat opposite mine while Kate chuckled

“Wait, don’t tell me you’re scared or shy, If a girl like me would have the courage to ask for your name then what makes a boy like you so shy in replying?” Brenda asked and I squinted my eyes in shame, I was scared of what the class may do once the teacher was gone

“She’s talking to you Dummy!” The boy called Mason said behind me, his voice piercing so loud in my ears that it gave me the courage to speak
“I… Am Reed, Reed Ildy!” I finally replied and took her handshake and then felt a burden in my chest finally released
“Cool Name!” Brenda retorted and then faced her work
“That’s actually a cool name Buddy!” Mason whispered in my Ears while I smiled at the response of his and then focused on my Work

Tyler’s echo emanated beside me, it’s like he could actually hear what Mason had whispered to me and above all was Brenda, she somehow tilted her gaze towards Tyler and then smirked as she got back to her works

About 30 minutes passed and the History Teacher left our Class which resulted into bringing back my already gone Fears.

“Calm down Reed, your heart is beating quite Fast!” Brenda said beside me while I Only stared at her, either I was hearing things or she was actually Crazy, how the hell could she hear a man’s heartbeat without listening to it?

After quite a long wait, The door finally Opened and Davis Stepped inside, closing the door behind him as he just stood there for a while, studying me with those odd eyes of his before approaching me Slowly.

After getting to me, Davis rested his hands on my desk and looked at the girl in front of him and then back at Mason and the rest. He wondered if they were new students or they had been in the school the whole time but weren’t just noticeable but either ways, he didn’t blame them, he himself had no time to remember people’s faces.

“Guys?” He called
“What’s this Dwalf Freak doing here while sitting to this beauty?” Davis asked and the class Laughed while Mason chuckled

“Maybe he’s just trying out his Luck Davis, we all know his Kind never sat beside a girl ever Before!” Louis replied and the class laughter increased
“Davis!” I called, not knowing while I said that

“Aren’t you tired Davis? Tire of bullying me all days just because I have disabilities, just because am not normal or rich like you kids huh?” I asked and the countenance on his face changed to a mood of anger, Even I didn’t realize I just said that, the class murmured while I had a scare look morphed across my face

“Whoa, It seems like the presence of a girl finally sitting beside Our Dwalf really helped in giving him the confidence to talk back to me.” Davis said and a single snap was all it took as Tyler, Erik and two other boys charged towards me and rose me off my Seat and then threw me on the Floor

I yelled my lungs out as the impact of the crash made things had for me as my leg became worsen, the severe pain on it had increased and beside that was the heavy kicks I got from Davis and the rest of the bullies

I tried popping my head up a little bit and then gasped as they landed on Brenda who stared at me, blood rushing down my lips as our gazes locked. She looked like she wanted to help but something was holding her back.

“You don’t dare talk back to me Next Time Reed, not while I still attend this School, Now beat him!” Davis warned while the ground was coming faster to my eyes as I received fast kicks

“Let him go!”
A voice pated while I rose my head up and then gasped as they landed on her gaze, It was Brenda’s, what was she trying to do? She would just end up in trouble
“What’d you say?”
Davis asked with a scoff, sounding so suprise as he focused his gaze on Brenda who sat still

” You should listen to her if you wanna save your Life, Trust me, you don’t wanna get her angry!” Kate added and the whole class quitened
“Did you just threaten Me!” Davis asked while Brenda chuckled, same with Kate except the entire class who had suprise gazes on their faces

“Who’s that fowl?”

“What do they think they are?”

“Are they been serious?”

“Why are newbies always Stupid?”

The whole class Murmured while I groaned in pains as Davis returned his gaze back to me and punched me so hard in the chest and stomach

“I said…… Let him go!”
Brenda’s voice pated once again while the whole class quitened once again but this time around, Davis and the rest of the bullies frowned and approached Brenda who sat still, still not showing any sight of fear while I wailed, just who the hell was she?

“Go Away Little Girl, I don’t Wanna Hurt You!” Davis warned while Mason Chuckled as he watched the strange Expression on Brenda’s Face

“You should have just listened to her when she told you to let him go, She really doesn’t like the word little girl and now you just Pissed her Off….. ”



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